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Theme: The Health of A Society

This event occurred on
April 6, 2013
12:30pm - 6:00pm EDT
(UTC -4hrs)
Buffalo, NY
United States

For the last few years, the health of a nation has been in state of the fluctuation and unease. Economically, are we still in a recession? Fiscally, can the government stop spending? Financially, are students offered a job once they graduate? Will the government ever forgive our student loans? Will the Social Security Administration run out retirements benefits for our parents? What about clean energy? Will we ever see car run 50 miles per gallon in the city? Can we stop pollution and greenhouse gases before it’s too late?

TEDxUniversityatBuffalo 2013 is a conference to discuss these challenging issues where it affects our daily lives. We will invite professors whose field of study includes Economics, Business, Education, Psychology, Communication, Media to talk about the current state of the health of our nation but also what the future holds for us.

Knox 110, North campus
Buffalo, NY, 14221
United States
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Will Kinney

Will is Associate Professor in Department of Physics, University at Buffalo, joined UB in 2003. He has a Ph.D. in Physics, University of Colorado and his main areas of interests include Inflationary cosmology, Accelerating Universe and Dark matter / Dark Energy. Dr. Kinney will discuss the aspects of clean energy and its impacts on the health conditions of the human kind.

Douglas Levere

Douglas has been capturing life in images in all its individuality and eccentricity for over two decades. From the kings of Wall Street to theatrical drag queens, and many faculty and students in-between. Levere will talk about his book project New York Changing: Revisiting Berenice Abbott's New York published in 2004. This work involved capturing the changing landscape of New York City in generations, reveling details, contrasting Berenice Abbott's images from the 1930s to identical views 60 years later. When these works are seen side by side, they reveal much about the city and the nature of urban transformation. Perhaps more than anything else, this work powerfully suggests that in New York, the only constant is change. Levere has a B.A in Design Studies ’89 from University at Buffalo.

Amanda Nickerson

Associate Professor Amanda Nickerson holds a Doctoral and Master of Arts in School Psychology from the University of South Carolina, and a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Bates College. Her research focuses on violence prevention and intervention, with an emphasis on bullying. She has also researched the critical role of parent and peer relationships, as well as strength-based assessment and intervention approaches for students with emotional and behavioral disorders. Dr. Nickerson's talk will focus on enhancing the social-emotional health of children and adolescents, emphasizing the critical strengths and skills needed for success. She will also talk about how schools and families can promote these strengths.

Davina Porock

Dr. Porock is the Associate Dean for Research in the School of Nursing and the Executive Director of the UB Institute for Person-Centered Care. Her research focuses on the care of elders with life limiting conditions and also on person-centered care outcomes in a long term care setting. Her talk throws light on the importance of understanding dying as a transition that is similar to other transitions in life and that knowing the person is key to making that transition healthy.

David Schmid

David Schmid teaches courses such as crime fiction, cultural studies and celebrity culture at UB. He is also the author of "Natural Born Celebrities: Serial Killers in American Culture" and many articles in major literary and cultural journals in the U.S. and Great Britain. He is currently working on two books, “Murder Culture” and “From the Locked Room to the Globe.” He has provided expert commentary for local, national and international media sources on the impact of crime literature, television and film on our perceptions of safety and danger. David Schmid will throw light on what it means to create and maintain a healthy culture.

Beth Tauke

Professor Tauke is affiliated with the Center for Inclusive Design & Environmental Access (IDEA), the leading research center on inclusive design in the built environment in the U.S. where she studies sensory issues in the built environment. She is the co-founder and editor of Universal Design Education Online, the primary website for UD education. She co-edited Universal Design: New York with Dr. G. Scott Danford, and is currently working on two books-- one on diversity in design and another on inclusive and sensory issues in housing. Professor Tauke's talk will address the human body as an important site for design in the 21st century.

Thomas Ulbrich

Tom's professional career gives him a skill set that reflects over thirty years of education, communication, management and public service experience. He possesses a demonstrated record of success as an entrepreneur and is CEO of Mow More Supplies, an e-Commerce company. He is a vocal advocate for small business and speaks frequently on subjects related to entrepreneurship and the importance of small business to the economy. He will talk about living in a world of rapidly increasing exponential change and how it is critical that we instill the transformational principles of entrepreneurial thinking throughout our entire educational system. Building an educational culture that attracts, motivates and incents young entrepreneurs is at the heart of beginning to tackle the healthcare crisis and other “wicked” problems we are faced with today.

Timothy Ulbrich

Tim graduated from Ohio Northern University with his Doctorate of Pharmacy and completed his residency training at The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy. Tim is heavily involved in various state and national organizations that are identifying ways to maximize the use of a pharmacist in today’s complex health care system. Tim is the President and Founder of PharmForward; a company that is working with employers to control health care costs by providing medication management and wellness services. Tim is a passionate educator and practitioner that is focused on training a workforce that will design, implement and evaluate cost-effective patient care services. He will speak about the evolving role of the pharmacist and how pharmacists are playing a key role in addressing our nation’s medication crisis.

Paul Zarembka

Paul teaches courses such as Macroeconomics and Economics at UB. He is also the editor of Research in Political Economy Book Series. Working in the field of economics for over 4 decades, his research interests include the U.S. Labor History, Economic Development and Marxist Theory. Paul will share his insights towards the current U.S. economic situation and what kind of policies, actions and systems might help in the economic development of the country.

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