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Theme: Life.Learning.Process..

Tel-Aviv, Israel
April 22nd, 2013

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About this event

Experience LIfe-Learning Experiences

Confirmed Speakers

  • Daniel yahel
    Performance, or live art, is a type of art happing in front of the audiences eyes. The performer Yahel presents“The Manifesto of the Teaching Performance”, a tongue in cheek talk on the Israeli educational system , and making the live performance part of it.
  • Moshe Rein
    A strong believer that mathematics can be beaten. Not only beaten, but use the victory to change the course of life from a young age. Rein attempts, through age-gap bridging meetings, to enable children to take reasonability over their lives and discover challenge in a field that is commonly considered under adult, “wise” authority- Teaching maths to other children.
  • Eyal Feder
    "Emotional Score" is a unique method which was developed by ARTEAM in order to categorize the different books, in over 16 languages, available at The Lewinsky Garden Library community-cultural center in south Tel-Aviv. Eyal Feder, director of the library, will talk about the unique system and the place where it comes to life.
  • Moty Brecher
    Remember how you used to talk with your toys and share your inmost secrets with them? Dr. Max will talk about the ground breaking method of therapy he developed: Treatment through puppets.
  • Eden Levite
    Was only 17 when she made the bold decision to leave school and not look back. she wasn’t running from education, but changing direction: Instead of counting on others to teach her, she turned to teaching herself and others.
  • Joel Josephson
    From the UK, Josephson is an innovative educator that works in the largest educational program on the planet, the European Union Lifelong learning program. Joel is involved in changing education for future with holistic education projects funded by the european union
  • Dr.Roey Tezezana
    In his research Dr. Tzezana examines future aspects of human enhancement, nano-technology, genetic engineering, and other disruptive technologies. He's also a magician and a father.
  • Dr.Uri Meir Chissic
    A food historian and expert of local nutritional traditions, but none of his academic work prepared him for his wife’s revolutionary proposal- embarking on a life-changing year’s mission of consuming local food only.
  • Renana Raz
    The term “The world is a stage” is at the foundation of the website Youtube. In a world in which anyone can upload videos for the world to see, the choreographer and dancer Renana Raz can reuse them to recreate. Youmake Remake is an interdisciplinary, first of its kind, show, which combines different arts and creates interaction between the internet and the stage.
  • Prof. Mel Rosenberg
    Dr. Mel Rosenberg is Professor of Microbiology in the Human Microbiology Department, Sackler Faculty of Medicine, and the Maurice and Gabriela Goldschleger School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University. He holds honorary appointments at the Eastman Dental Center (University of London) and the University of Rochester in the US. He is aso a musician, a children's book author and a barker for life.
  • Daniel Weil
    Social entrepreneur and the CEO of Machshava Tova since its inception. Daniel tells the story of his personal journey from being a youth instructor who is afraid of technology, to the manager of an organization that transformed the lives of thousands of people through the use of technology and how dealing with personal fear has become an opportunity to create social change through technology.
  • Alon Metrikin gold & The ANAT ansemble
    connetcting a spoken word artist with one of Israels ground braking creation incubators, to sum up the event in a never seen before way, in the KCE college spirit of community and creation.

Venue and Details

KCE Dance Arts Hall
149 Namir rd

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Roi Shternin
Tel-Aviv, Israel

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Lionel Mitelpunkt
Tel Aviv, Israel

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