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Theme: Great Ideas for a Bright Future

Tarfaya, Morocco
May 4th, 2013

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Confirmed Speakers

  • Julio Barbosa
    This is the largest wind farm in Africa at the edge of Tarfaya which aims eventually to make independent Morocco in energy. Discover the exciting talk Julio Barbosa, engineer on this mammoth project.
  • Sabine BLANC
    The first Hackerspace of Morocco Tarfaya. But in fact, what is a hackerspace? Sabine BLANC, web journalist went through Owni.fr and specialized hacking, DIY, security and digital education will talk about this emerging phenomenon.
  • Ghizlane ECHOUDAR
    The Neuro-Marketing. The science of manipulating and influencing consumer. Ghizlane ECHOUDAR has made it his specialty. She'll tell us what would happen if a city like Tarfaya apply the latest discoveries of the science of the brain to its promotion.
  • Mrabihrabou CHAIBATTA (Sadat)
    There are already several years Mrabihrabou CHAIBATTA (Sadat) - Coordinator Local Agenda 21 - and his friends photographed and documented the architectural heritage of Tarfaya and passed this information to the relevant authorities. Today he wants to go further: to save the memory of the airmail. He will explain to us how.
  • Salek Aouissa
    Salek Aouissa share with us his vision and the project of responsible tourism for Tarfaya it develops within the Akhnifiss association for cultural tourism and environment protection. Discover the exciting talk from Salek Aouissa, President " Akhnifiss association for cultural tourism and environment protection.
  • Françoise BASTIDE
    More than twenty years of research, a full trunk read books about Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, research in different documentary holdings all over the world worth to be today Françoise BASTIDE certainly one of those most educated on the history of Saint-Exupéry. she share with us 5 things unknown about the author of the most translated and most read in the world.

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Organizer 176032

El Wali El Alaoui Mohamed El Mostapha
Tarfaya, Morocco

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Organizer 159123

John Toutain
Casablanca, Morocco

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Mohamed Salem El Wali El Alaoui
Project Coordinator
Mustapha Damnati
Scene Director
Hassan Ofane

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