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Nova Gorica, Slovenia
April 7th, 2013

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Confirmed Speakers

  • Denis Pavliha
    Denis Pavliha is a researcher at the Laboratory of Biocybernetics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, where he is involved in the development of advanced information technology for planning a cancer therapy with electrochemotherapy. This is a local method to treat cancer, which was rewarded as the best innovation of the University of Ljubljana in the year of 2012.
  • Tanja Španić
    Tanja Španić is a young researcher at the Veterinary Faculty, University of Ljubljana, where she is working on her PhD from the field of neuroscience. At the age of 26 her life was faced with an obstacle - diagnosis of breast cancer. She used her medical knowledge, hint of science and years of training modern ballet to fight and finally overcome this obstacle. After her treatment she joined a Slovenian association for fight against breast cancer - Europa Donna Slovenija, where she leads section for young patients. With joy she admits that illness changed her -- the experience enriched her and gave her much more than it took away from her.
  • Gregor Andreluh
    Gregor Anderluh is the leader of Laboratory for Molecular Biology and Nanobiotechnology at the National Institute of Chemistry in Ljubljana, where the scientists are among other researching the structure and functions of proteins. They are also cooperating with their industrial partners in development of new generation of biological medicines and advanced delivery systems.
  • Jože Dolmark
    Jože Dolmark is a film publicist, screenwriter and dramaturge, professor of art history and comparative literature. He writes essays, critiques and theoretical articles about film, photography and other visual arts. He is one of the most acknowledged writers from that field. He got involved in that kind of thinking in 70's and with his work he contributed to the reform of critical thinking. He is an author of selection of Film Writings I-III (Filmski spisi I-III), the first part - entitled Weaving Views (Tkanje pogledov) - was published in January this year. With his work he wants to bring the art of film closer to the people.
  • Vilijem Ščuka
    Vilijem Ščuka is a paediatrician, psychotherapist and also a lecturer. Recently he has been devoting most of his time to young people, helping them with personal development. The seeds of his work are described in his book entitled Država v megli (State in the Fog), which has been published lately.

Venue and Details

Gledališka dvorana - Gimnazija Nova Gorica
Rejčeva ulica 1 B
Nova Gorica, 5000

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