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Theme: Disruptive Innovation

Amman, Jordan
June 8th, 2013

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Confirmed Speakers

  • Imad Malhas
    Mr. Malhas holds a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin, USA in 1984. He started as an IT manager in several Jordanian companies and served as the Technical Advisor to the Director of Public Security in Jordan. He later founded IdealSoft producing successful large-scale software solutions. He was one of the founders of National Health Insurance Administration Co. in 1999, the first company to use smart cards for health claims adjudication in the region.
  • Qamar Al-Tarawneh
    Qamar received her bachelor's degree in Mechatronics Engineering from A-lBalqaa Applied University – Faculty of Engineering Technology, Amman on June 2012. Qamar co-founded and headed the ETC "Engineering Technology Club", the first student club in the Faculty of Engineering Technology in 2011/2012.
  • Dema Zaidan
    Dema received her bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from AlBalqaa Applied University – Faculty of Engineering Technology, Amman on June 2012. Dema worked earlier as a software engineer in one a software development company, she is currently working as a lab engineer at Al-Zaytoonah Private University of Jordan. Dema's professional society membership included IEEE and JEA.
  • Bashar Humaid
    After working for 8 years as a journalist at DW (Germany's international broadcaster) and as an editor specialized in energy and environmental issues at The Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research, Bashar Humeid decided with the help of friends and relatives to start a nonprofit enterprise called Meezan. Since 2011 Meezan’s team developed a system called “The Freedom Machine” which combines renewable solar energy production with urban farming on rooftops. Till now Meezan installed 7 machines in Jordan and abroad. Meezan’s aim is to convert all rooftops of Jordan and the region into productive spaces and considers that as an essential infrastructure for freedom.
  • Mohammad Herzallah
    Mohammad Herzallah is a Palestinian cognitive neuroscientist and physician. He his TEDx fellow and founder and director of the Palestinian Neuroscience Initiative at Al-Quds University, which aims to build infrastructure for research and train the next generation of Palestinian neuroscientists. His work is currently focused on deciphering the cognitive correlates of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)–a disease with a prevalence approaching 36 percent in Palestine–and the administration of antidepressants. He hopes that studying MDD in Palestine will address the unique environmental, familial, and clinical aspects of the disease among Palestinians, as well as ultimately help to advance the understanding and clinical treatment of MDD worldwide.
  • Zein Hussami
    Zein G Hussami is an entrepreneur with over 20 years experience on an international level. Although initially coming from a hospital administration background, he jumped over to new verticals seeking pioneering achievements with a positively high impact on society. From leisure and entertainment to logistics and life support, and from nationwide IT implementations, Telecoms and corporate management consultancies, Zein has been intimately exposed to many industries and cultures in the region where his main legacies revolved around the success of the people around him. Zein has relinquished the ideas of linear education and profit without giving. A lover of people, animals and the environment, he has taken it upon himself to work within domains that change ecosystems for the better. He now spends his time designing, incubating, and partnering technologies with dire social needs as opposed to luxuries.
  • Yarub Smarait
    Born in 1988, Amman, Jordan. Yarub's talent became apparent in the first decade of his childhood. He began his violin lessons at the age of four, at the National Music Conservatory (NMC) with well known violinists and teachers. He Joined the NMC orchestra at the age of eleven. Since then he has taken part in most of the orchestra's performances and was recognized as a talented violin player.
  • Abdulrahman Asfour
    Abdulrahman Asfour, born in 1988 is a fresh graduate in Design and Visual Communication, from the German Jordanian University. His love for desert adventures in 4x4 cars and the relevant work that is constantly carried on the body and engine of his old car gave him the idea of mixing that with what he studied. He loves to work with his hands and away from a desk! He designed and made furniture using scrap automotive parts.
  • Khaled Kalaldeh
    Khaled cofounded ketabTM in 2003 with a devoted innate drive and virtually zero capital along with an exceptional team. Today the company is recognized as a category defining leader and a leading Arabic brand in interactive educational products, solutions and services. In pursuit of building a global learning entity, the two founders of ketab envisioned and laid out a roadmap for a series of disruptive innovations for education and, therefore, have assimilated a group of business units to commercialize these innovations.
  • Tawfeeq Saad Eddin
    Tawfeeq cofounded ketabTM in 2003 along with his teammate Khaled A. Kalaldeh, Tawfeeq is a great believer in social equality in education and carries a lifetime slogan to benefit the masses with innovation and technology. Lead by a vision revolving around empowerment of the masses; Tawfeeq’s philosophy and leadership seeks to change the way learners and educators interface, share and communicate knowledge whereby transforming the way learning happens for a brighter future of coming generations.
  • Mahmoud Shattel
    Mahmoud is a renewable energy entrepreneur, he established Taqetna company; Renewable Energy Company specialized in commercializing his invention; Reyah (Arabic word for Wind). Mahmoud’s invention (Reyah) is an Efficient Vertical Wind Turbine and generates power from wind (4) four times more resourcefully than the common turbine (four Watts verses one), and has the ability to generate power from low speed winds; an important advantage in this part of the world where wind speeds are low in most countries. The size of the turbine, about one meter high, helps ensure that it can be easily and safely used in homes, shops, and any other open space.
  • Empty Chair
    Empty Chair is a rock band that formed of three self developed talents who came from different countries and met in Amman, Jordan in January 2011.

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Sheraton Amman Al Nabil Hotel
Fifth Circle

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