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Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
February 27th, 2013

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UTN Buenos Aires
Medrano 951
Ciudad de Buenos Aires, C1179AAQ
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Event Type (what is this?) TED2013 Simulcast (TEDxLive)

This event occurred in the past.
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Organizer 217605

Gustavo Agustin Perez
Ciudad De Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Organizer 205384

Aldano Pelusso
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Guillermo Oliveto
Dean, Organizer, President
Agustín Campero
Secretary of Science and Technology, Organizer, Institutional Vinculation Manager (TEDxUTNLive Member)
Gustavo Agustín Pérez
Student, Organizer, President of Team Organizer, Administration Director & Sponsorship Coordinator (TEDxUTNLive Member)
Tomás Fernández Nuñez
Student, Organizer, VP of Team Organizer & Communications Director (TEDxUTNLive Member)
Aldano Pelusso
Student, Organizer, Attendees & Volunteers, Social Media, IT & TEDxLab Coordinator (Project Leader TEDxUTNLive)
Nicolás Sugino
Student, Organizer, Translations Coordinator
Cristian Tenuta
Student, Organizer, Activities Director & Speakers & Institutional Relations Coordinator
Matias Callara
Graduate, Organizer, Speakers Subcoordinator
Gustavo Trucco
Student, Organizer, Speakers Subcoordinator
Camila Velasco
Student, Organizer, Public Relations Coordinator
Joaquín Ormaechea
Student, Organizer, Technology Director
Francisco Mauro
Alumnus, Organizer, Audio & Music Coordinator
Marcelo Fernández
Student, Organizer, Simulcast & Streaming Coordinator
Mauro Segovia
Student, Organizer, Design Director & Graphic Design Coordinator (TEDxUTNLive Member)
Marlon León Rodríguez
Student, Organizer, Graphic Design Subcoordinator
Daniela León
Student, Organizer, Ambientation Coordinator (TEDxUTNLive Member)
Santiago Davel
Student, Organizer, Video Coordinator
Javier Moyano
Student, Organizer, Budget & Logistics Coordinator
Johanna Fleitas
Student, Organizer, Logistics Subcoordinator
Federico Pacheco
Professor, Organizer, Advisor & Coaching Subcoordinator
Florencia Counyo
Assistant of Secretary of Science and Technology, Organizer, Assistant of Institutional Vinculation

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