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Theme: Paradox of Plenty

This event occurred on
October 31, 2013
8:00am - 5:00pm CET
(UTC +1hr)
Oslo, 03

The topic for this years event is the Paradox of Plenty. And what does this mean?

An abundance of resources and possibilities gives us an infinite amount of choices. What does this mean in terms of how we shape our future – at the human level, in the organization and society as a whole? How do we maneuver the paradox of plenty – to actively evolve by making choices, when there are so many options?

The TEDx program is designed to give communities, organizations and individuals the opportunity to stimulate dialogue through TED-like experiences at the local level. This is exactly what we have focused on this time. We have brought together both Norwegian and international thinkers and doers from various disciplines to shed light on the fantastic opportunities ahead of us, to explore what’s next.

Dansens Hus
Møllerveien 2
Oslo, 03, 0182
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Iffit Qureshi

ffit Qureshi studied Social Anthropology and has many years of experience working with issues related to multiculturalism and integration. She has written extensively in the Norwegian media on issues regarding racism, discrimination, terrorism and Islamophobia, and participated in panel discussions. She has also held talks at various colleges and universities in Norway. Iffit stopped writing after the 22nd July bombings and has since used photography as a form of expression. Her popular photo project Humans of Oslo on Facebook, which she runs voluntarily, is her attempt to document the reality of the people of Oslo and to create a space where there is no room for categories and man-made constructs to define us. After taking several hundred images and interviews over the span of a few months she has learned about deep human interaction and how to better communicate with people. She has also learned about the people’s loves, hates and beliefs. Total strangers have revealed things about themselves they haven’t shared with anyone else. Through working with Humans of Oslo, Iffit Qureshi has used the project to confront her own fears and prejudices and interacted with people she otherwise would never have spoken to.

Miriam Goldstein

Miriam Goldstein is a marine biologist and science communicator, and is currently spending a year as a Sea Grant Fellow in the United States Congress. Miriam holds a Ph.D. from Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego California, where she studied the ecological impacts of plastic debris in the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre. Miriam’s research focuses on the true nature of the Garbage Patch – tiny pieces scattered over vast areas of the Pacific ocean – and on the ways in which ocean life interacts with this plastic pollution. She has appeared on CNN, CBS, NPR Science Friday, and the BBC.

Jo Røislien

o Røislien has a PhD in statistics and works in medical research. He had his own mathematics TV series “Siffer” on national broadcaster NRK1, and was the first Norwegian presenter on Discovery Channel. He will talk to us about the dangers of datamining and what large datasets can and cannot tell us. They can trick us into seeing things that are not there, and the paradox with large dataset is that we need to be more critical to our findings than in smaller datasets. In other word he will show us new sides of big datasets.

Sunniva Rose

Sunniva Rose is a Norwegian physicist and has her own blog. She doing a PhD in nuclear energy at the University of Oslo, where she is currently focusing on the use of Thorium in nuclear power stations. In her spare time she is blogging about nuclear energy, research, fashion, interior design and her daughter. This year she also was representing the student candidate for the Presidents office at the University of Oslo. We are proud to invite her on stage. The topic she will be talking to us about is how media´s coverage of the risk of nuclear energy is wrong.

Rick Falkvinge

Rick Falkvinge is the founder of the Swedish Pirate Party, which has representation in the European parliament and has spawned Pirate Parties in more than 60 other countries. His interests lays in fighting for the net’s core values, the ability for everybody to publish their ideas and creations, and how these industries drive us towards a Big Brother society. Because of his successes in cost-effective management and changing policy, he has been named a Top Global Thinker by Foreign Policy magazine, as well as shortlisted as one of the world’s most influential people by TIME Magazine. When not making policy, he is keynoting about cost-effective management, or exploring technical subjects in detail.

Hulda Holtvedt

Hulda Holtvedt is 14 years old and attends 9th grade, but is already involved in politics. The last year she has been a commentator in Aftenpostens Si;D , as well as a diverse range of publications with her passion around politics and social topics. She is active in the party Grønn Ungdom and her main intrests are school politics, gender politics, climate and animal welfare. The reason we think she is great and are looking forward to hear her speak is that she will talk about all the different ways that youth are engaged in these topics and that the normal way of being an activist is not the way today’s youth are going about it.

Thomas Hylland Eriksen

Thomas Hylland Eriksen is Professor of Social Anthropology at the University of Oslo and the author of many books in English and Norwegian. His research has focused on the cultural dynamics of complex societies, and he has published extensively about globalisation, ethnicity, minority issues and nationalism. He has also written a series of books about the unintended consequences of modernity (in Norwegian), ranging from information technology to happiness and rubbish. Finally, he is an amateur saxophonist and novelist as well.

Mari Stølan

Mari Stølan is a communication designer and co-founder of the Norwegian clothing label SØLV, founded in 2010. With a slower approach to fashion, SØLV offer pre-order only collections, letting their customers discover the value of anticipation and at the same time avoiding over-production completely. SØLV is part of a global makers movement reinventing retail by erasing the originally huge and costly gap between maker and end-costumer. Through the use of internet and innovative funding options like e.g. crowdfunding/pre-ordering, makers are able to create high-quality products with specific users in mind. By doing so, taking part in a sustainable route in retail, creating longer lasting products with an open and often more local value-chain . In 2013 SØLV was nominated for Best Norwegian Designer by the award “Nåløyet”, and the “Young Talent Award” hosted by The Norwegian Design Council.


Aris Theophilakis represents a different perspective on the Big Data – trend that is engulfing all topics in society from health, public policy to decision making. He is questioning how this sharing behavior is changing our society and our individual behavior and thinking. Do we really know what will happen to a value we held a long time ago and will we still stand for it it years later?

Johanne Borthne

Johanne Borthne is an architect and partner in the firm Superunion Architects. Before starting her own company she studied in Oslo and Copenhagen. In 2008-2010 she worked in Rotterdam where she was a project leader for several international projects and competitions, from private villas to masterplans. In 2010 Superunion was established by architects Johanne Borthne and Vilhelm Christensen. The office has had commissions in various scales including urban planning, public space, programming, studies, housing, interior and graphic design. Additionally, the they are engaged in exhibitions, competitions and teaching. In 2011 Superunion Architects won the open competition to redesign Asker Square, and in 2012 the office won the competition for Ruten in Sandnes in collaboration with Space Group. The office was in 2012 nominated for Norsk Form’s Prize for Young Architects and the Iakov Chernikhov International Prize.

Arne Krokan

Arne Krokan started Norways first MOOC and has had over 600 students that follow his course on Technologdevelopment and societal changes at NTNT. His students become bloggers, twitters and they are sharing through Facebook as part of the learning environment. He will talk about the digital revolution that is happening within education and how it will change access to education.

Anne Dubrau

Anne Dubrau is one of the founders of Epleslang, a company run by social entrepreneurs who produce and sell natural apple juice from “the neighbor’s garden”. They create a job for people with disabilities by harvesting the city’s apple orchards. The company was founded in 2012, when they picked 6 tonnes of apples! Anne is a fruit enthusiast, an expert on apple cakes, has a master’s degree in political science and extensive experience in project and non-governmental organizations. She has a passionate commitment to the company and participates in the entire process – from apple picking to bottle sales.

John Wood

John Wood has over quite a few years dug deep into the idea of metadesign. It touches upon the paradox that design thinking/design industry has evolved as part of the economic system that is causing much of the problem concerning climate change and biodiversity, yet design thinking is important to make change possible. John Wood presenting his topic.

Rannveig Revhaug

Rannveig Revhaug is a copywriter with the market and communications department at Westerdals Høyskole. Her videowork “Realtime”, a documentation of search terms entered in a Norwegian search engine through 24 weeks, was exhibited at the 2011 Høstutstillingen. In Revhaugs first book “IRL”, (Flamme Forlag, 2010) a keystroke has dissolved the boundaries between everyday life, computer games and imagination. The young woman finds herself in a world where alligators roam free in the streets, fruit platters exceed decoration and playing Solitaire is a day job as good as any. Rannveig is going to preform digital poetry on stage together with Ole-Petter Arneberg.

Ole-Petter Arneberg

Ole-Petter Arneberg has written short prose and poetry where the experience of new-media and video games has had a central role, working on the expanded or reduced freedom imposed on a human being connected to an interactive screen. His debut MEPÅNO (Flamme Forlag, 2008) is a collection of coming-of-age-stories, and his electronic literature piece “LIFE 2.0” (Flamme Forlag, 2012) is a poetry-game where the player can form a narrative of words related to the primary functions of a human being. Ole-Petter is going to preform digital poetry on stage together with Rannveig Revhaug.

Erlend Apneseth

Erlend Apneseth is one of the top young hardanger-fiddlers in Norway. After years performing folk music in competitions and concerts, he has in the last years established himself in the contemporary/improvisational music scene, doing collaborations with dancers, musicians and poets. Erlend received the prestigious Grappa debutant award in 2012, and is releasing his debut-album “Blikkspor” in october 2013.

Bendik Hovik Kjeldsberg

Bendik Hovik Kjeldsberg will perform at TEDx with his new musical project “Hit Me Like White Noise”. Kjeldsberg is currently studying music composition at the Norwegian Music Academy, focusing on electronic music. He writes music for dance and theatre, tour with the german electronic music artist Pantha du Prince and produce and play drums for various norwegian bands, such as Shimmering, Bendik and Synne Sanden. At TEDx he will preform a short electronic live set on a variety of percussion and electronic instruments. He will be joined by live visual artist Sigurd Ytre–Arne.

Stefan Ibsen Zlatanos

Stefan Ibsen Zlatanos is a professional pianist, with a M.A. from the Norwegian Academy of Music with additional training from the Hans Eisler Hochschule für Musik Berlin. He started playing the piano when he was 5 years old and has focused on music ever since. Today he works as a freelance musician who is widely requested for his talent and versatility which spans from classical music, jazz, contemporary music, folk music from different countries, as well as more popular genres. He also composes his own music, makes arrangements of existing pieces and is a gifted singer.

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