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This event occurred on
November 1, 2013
10:00am - 4:00pm CDT
(UTC -5hrs)
Lincoln, NE
United States

Seeking Brilliance and Pioneering Change

Live at NET Nebrfaska
1800 N 33rd
Lincoln, NE, 68501
United States
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Ashley Canas

What I have discovered is that there is some poverty in privilege and some privilege in poverty. There is poverty in beauty, poverty in thinking, and poverty in lack of perspective. My several encounters with poverty have led me to believe that this is not about judging, but merely an observation of what I have witnessed.The most important thing that I learned in life is to never give up. Canas grew up in Cozad, Nebraska, in poverty with a single mother, but then was the first person in her family to receive a college degree and completed graduate school with a 4.0. Not bad for such humble beginnings. She believes that the ability to pioneer change starts inside each one of us, through increased awareness, perseverance and strong, caring actions. We must be resilient and desire to be more.

Ars Nova

Ars Nova is a select choir from Lincoln’s Southeast High School which focuses on jazz and pop numbers. Their presentation was “Lorde’s song - Royals.

Ann Chang

Often it doesn’t matter if the goals are small and self-centered or big and noble. The absence of a big dream or goal doesn’t make ones life less worthy or less meaningful. By pursuing the next immediate step and then the next of any goal or brilliant idea, the journey can produce excellent results, and a very fulfilling life! Ann Chang is an active soloist and lecturer in the U.S. and Europe. She is in demand as pianist and teacher, and her recent appointment as a Fulbright Faculty Scholar in Belgium (Brussels) has given her an opportunity to expand her expertise in Classic Performance Practice. She is also Artistic Director of the Lied Center for Performing Arts in Lincoln, Nebraska. In addition to her busy career as a performer and presenter, Dr. Chang is Artist-in-Residence and Associate Professor at the University of Nebraska School of Music. Leveraging her extensive knowledge in arts presenting and management, she also is Director of the University’s Music Entrepreneurship Program where she helps the next generation of musicians think creatively and thrive in the performing arts.

Lincoln High Poets

This group of Slam Poets just started working together as high school students in 2012 and ended their year as state champions. Members Lillian Bornstein, Charlie Curtis-Beard, Reagan Myers and Paul Schack, make a big splash on the stage as they perform their poem “Pause”.

Sarah Hove

Hove was never into performing or the arts until she joined her high school speech team. She ended up writing poetry of her own including the poem “Something Beautiful.” Her slam poetry reached thousands of people in Lincoln, teachers started showing it in their classes. About a month after the talent show I was asked to perform my poem in front of my entire school and the local news at a “Stand for the Silent” anti-bullying rally. Hove was on the stage at TEDxYouth@Lincoln and was invited to participate in the adult TEDxLincoln as well. She says, “People are so beautiful and unique. I think we often forget that being beautiful is not simply defined by our looks. Being beautiful is so much more. In fact our differences, are what make us brilliant.”

Dr. John Fulwider

Dr. John Fulwider is an executive and career coach for growth-oriented business and nonprofit leaders. One of his specialties is helping people excel at work, so they can invest more time with their families. But.... he had a difficult time building his own family. At TEDxLincoln he talked about the emotional roller coaster and devastation of infertility. His story is rarely heard because of the stigma tied to the subject and the strength it takes to speak out.

Pam Dingman

The source of knowledge, leadership and skill that women in our state bring to the table at this moment in time is wildly invigorating. Nebraska is one of the last unconquered frontiers for women in entrepreneurship, technology and engineering. Pamela Dingman left her comfortable job as a senior project manager and stock holder in 2003. She joined Engineering Design Consultants (EDC), opening the firms Omaha office. That same year she took over management of the firm and by 2006 she had acquired the firm in its entirety. She’s been honored locally and nationally with several awards, and has even raised two boys as a single mother.

Clint! Runge

Clint! Runge is the founder and Managing Creative Director of Archrival, a youth marketing agency in Lincoln that connects brands such as Red Bull, Adidas and Oakley, with young consumers. Clint! is plugged in. He’s connected with everything and everyone. And he’s willing to give to get. But as he’ll note in his presentation, he’s been wondering if there is something missing? Has he gone too far? Is there nothing else? What’s left?

Milo Mumgaard

In an historic change lost on so many leaders today, a poor child in almost every Western country is now more likely to move up in life than a similar little boy in Lincoln, Nebraska. The land of opportunity still exists, but every year we move the starting line further back for too many. But as we have done this to ourselves, we can and should undo it. This Mumgaard reinforces our shared belief in economic mobility, and encourages action on how American public life must make it a reality for all, just like generations of Americans before. Mumgaard, a (nearly) lifelong Nebraskan, has over twenty-five years experience as a public interest lawyer and entrepreneur. He has represented migrant farmworkers in Texas, family farmers in Walthill, welfare moms in Lincoln, and meatpacking workers in Lexington. Now he daily finds great satisfaction in helping develop new opportunities for greener, more sustainable communities.

Dr. Brad McLain

Learning changes us, sometimes deeply. When it transforms who we are and who we want to become, we call it “inspiration.” With personal stories and scientific research, Dr. Brad McLain provocatively explores the elusive psychology of inspiration and its implications for education and the journey of life itself through the lens of experiential learning theory and the power of narrative to effect deeply rooted changes in our sense of identity — nothing less than the keys to change our lives and ourselves. Brad McLain is an educational researcher and co-director of XSci at the University of Colorado Denver. XSci is the Experiential Science Education Research Collaborative and produces both projects and research based on experiential learning theory and the field of identity construction. McLain’s research focus is on science identity construction and the role of narrative (storytelling) in the transformation of knowledge into understanding and personal meaning making.

African Dance

Thomas Radke was a professional dancer before he became a Yoga instructor and co-owner of a Yoga studio in Lincoln. He has traveled to Africa to study local dance and says anyone can do it. Accompanied by Gary Hermann, Radke and several others offered a rousing African Dance for our audience.

Mark Zmarzly

Mark Zmarzly paints an entertaining and profoundly moving case for why every fiber of our being and the minutia of our daily lives are designed to keep us from finding deeper purpose in work and life. Until one day, we find a way.

Pat Leach

Pat Leach is the director of Lincoln City Libraries and is also known as Lincoln's Most Passionate Reader. Each year she makes it a practice to read all of the titles on the American Library Association Notable Books list. Her book reviews today are chosen from that list. At TEDxLIncoln, Leach reviewed Joyce, Rachel. “The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry,” and Boo, Katherine. “Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, Death, and Hope in a Mumbai Undercity.”

Shelbi Bretz

Shelbi Bretz is a young woman on a quest to dialogue and connect with people whose experiences, ideas, and world views are vastly different from my own. She believes that living fully requires intentional interaction with differences, and I want to reinvent the way that interaction works. As she entered college, she was thrust into a whirlwind of new ideas, philosophies, and world perspectives. Bretz discovered that her ideas matter, and so do the ideas of everyone around her. She learned that some of the most valuable time she will ever spend is sitting in a coffee shop with her professors and others whom she has met, listening to how they got to where they are now.

Derek Dibbern

Derek Dibbern discovered his love of dramatic and musical improvisation at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Pasadena. After traveling the US for many years with the touring road show of Sesame Street Live, he returned to Lincoln with his wife, and opened a creative movement studio called Studio Nia Lincoln. Dibbern’s talk highlights some of the key skills in improv, and shows how they can be applied to many of the challenges of today’s hyper-connected culture.

Scott Donkin

Sitting too long or too wrong creates weakness in individuals, organizations, and society. One key element of transformation includes shifting a weakness to a strength. Shifting sitting from a weakness to a strength transforms us. Scott Donkin, DC, DACBOH is an internationally published author, chiropractor, lecturer, and consultant who has been in private practice in Lincoln, Nebraska for over thirty years. He speaks nationally and internationally on numerous ergonomic, health, wellness, longevity, and quality of life topics.

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