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Theme: Where Innovation Begins...

Hong Kong Science Park, Hong Kong
May 25th, 2013

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About this event

Innovation, like a water droplet it splashes into the surface of thought, rippling across, spreading its impact near and far. Innovation spreads, like a vaccine to a troubling disease, carrying the cure to the world's problems. Innovation is a new approach to an old situation, a new thought, a new method; originality. It is through innovation that the world can be bettered and that others can be uplifted as it is not one person who innovation affects, but many people. This is "where innovation begins..."

TEDxAmericanInternationalSchoolHK will through a series of inspirational talks, present innovation in its many forms. We will give an insight into the perspectives of many successful innovators and show how the act of one can make a difference. Our international and local speakers will share the challenges they faced and rewards they gained from their experiences.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Mr. Teddy Lo
    “Planet LED” - Mr. Lo brings us a personal view of his new book to be launched in October called “Planet LED”. LED can take many forms - from a simple on/ off indicator to a light source used by doctor's during surgery; to a street lamp lighting your way home or a pixel in a media wall. PLANET LED documents how the world has accepted this technology, in all its forms, from infancy to being a major player in just a few years. His talk filled with examples demonstrate this fact and displays both artistic concepts as well as design solutions, taking us in a new direction towards a more visually compelling and intuitive reality.
  • Mr. Nicholas W. Yang
    “The Secret of Soft Tech” - Every year, the world seems to be more full of cool new software, hardware, gadgets and gizmos. Checking it all out is great fun. But while we’re doing that, are we in danger of missing something important? Yes, because the truth is that the unique element which will guide the human race to a truly amazing future is nothing to do with machines. It’s something called Soft Tech. Find out about it from Mr. Yang, one of Hong Kong’s leading futuristic thinkers.
  • Mr. Scott Robinson
    “Creativity Starts Local” - Over the course of its history, the United States has become one of the world’s centers for creativity and innovation. What elements have influenced the development of American creativity? Are there particular choices the United States has made to encourage creativity and innovation? In his remarks, Mr. Robinson will discuss the historical, cultural and other factors that have helped to drive the U.S. creative culture industry.
  • Mrs. Phyllis A. Marwah
    “NO CHOICE: Young, Single and Pregnant in Hong Kong” - Crisis pregnancy among teenagers is a massive problem in this metropolitan city. Most young girls feel they have no choice, and no hope for their future. Parents, teachers and the whole community need to join together to educate young people, not just about sex, but also about relationships and self-esteem. We need to empower young people to make choices, end cycles of hopelessness and give them HOPE.
  • Mr. Oscar B.W. Venhuis
    “Think INside the box” - If innovation is so important, why are so many companies unable to create new products and services? Business owners and managers realise the need for innovation. The problem is that many just don't know how to encourage and adopt innovation. To innovate, people first need to understand what it is. Innovation begins here...
  • Ms. Yedan Huang
    "Inspirations from within: How to live a creative life"? - Everyone was born with the talent of creative expressions, may it be in the form of singing, dancing, drawing, etc. The major challenge for most of us is: how to keep your passion and develop your creativity throughout the lifespan? In this talk, Ms. Huang will share with you how she’s created an artistic life enlightened by her inner thoughts, emotions and wisdom from her interaction with people, nature and the Universe.
  • Mr. David Hong
    “Little Bit of Love” - Regardless of one's intention, one's actions always influence the surrounding environment. Little Bit of Love is a project that shows how a student was able to positively impact his community using a cardboard box-knitting technique. Mr. Hong will explain the innovative procedure he used to knit each scarf, how it challenged and changed his school community and the project’s underlying message.
  • Mr. Donald Chan
    “Barriers Don't Stop Us But Rather Help Us” - Barriers will never stop us from doing anything nor stop us from making a change. Barriers will rather help us identify our flaws and our weaknesses. Through any barrier we'll be able to find our identity and define our lives. Come find out what happened when Mr. Chan’s introverted personality was challenged in our interactive society and what we all might learn when faced to champion life’s obstacles.

Venue and Details

Charles K. Kao Auditorium
No. 2 Science Park West Avenue
Sha Tin
Hong Kong Science Park,
Hong Kong
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