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İstanbul, Turkey
April 25th, 2013

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Effect of printing press in French society was tremendous. A major transformation in the concept of society and intellectuality took place. As literacy increased and knowledge spread, “Salons” appeared as houses of discussion and knowledge transmission. Enlightened people of France visited and formed more and more Salons each day to debate, to learn and to teach. The structure of debate based form of teaching went on in many different forms, but one of the best ways to prove your argument was to show evidence, which was quite hard before invention of camera. The magical device, camera, was developed further so it could record videos and sound to prove statements more accurately. Later, it also became a tool of entertainment. The culture of Cinema was born in 1896, United States of America due to camera. It became a new environment of knowledge transmission. Some of the debates and topics of debates were also shifting to cinemas. In 1916 a new environment for cinema was introduced in Berlin “Outdoors”. New cinema was watched in an open air environment which was very favorable in warm weathers. The debates were also shifted outdoors. As TEDxSabanciUniversity group our new salon event will be shifted to outdoor just like knowledge shifted from closed environments to outside, from boxes of buildings to sphere of the planet.
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Sabanci University

This event occurred in the past.
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Can Aztekin
Istanbul, Turkey

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Nilay Düzen
Organization Coordinator
Selçuk Ercan
Organization Coordinator
Buğrahan Namdar
Organization Coordinator

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