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Theme: Discovery - The Journey So Far

This event occurred on
June 18, 2013
5:00pm - 10:00pm BST
(UTC +1hr)
Lancaster, LAN
United Kingdom

It all started with a walk with 2 of my friends around our University and the spark that helped the ignition of this event was the question "Why don't we have TEDx at Lancaster?" and from there we started and more students, lecturers, staff and individuals joined our cause... to share "ideas worth spreading".

Our event theme is about the Journey we've all been through to reach a Discovery and realising that the Discovery we've reached is not the final destination and each one of our speakers had their own unique Journey to share.

Lancaster University
Lancaster, LAN, LA1 4YW
United Kingdom
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University (What is this?)
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Doyin Olaniyan

Doyin muses on various facets of life and living. She writes for and shares at various literary events. Both her academic and literary works have been previously published. She is currently an MA Human Resources and Consulting student, Postgraduate Ambassador and Course Representative.

Janet Ross-Mills

Janet Ross-Mills graduated from Lancaster University in the 70s. Her career path took her into Special Education but was interrupted by a diagnosis of cancer in the bone marrow. A grueling regime of chemotherapy left her physically and mentally exhausted and forced her into early retirement but Janet worked towards regaining her health by signing up for the Senior Learners Programme at Lancaster University. Her studies led to the discovery of a distant family member, Sir John Ross, who despite being trapped in the ice for 4 years led his crew to the discovery of the magnetic north pole. Janet’s researches into this forgotten hero have inspired her to write a book about him and to take up Kayaking with the Students Union Canoe Club.

Jim Wild

Jim Wild is a scientist studying the space environment and links between the Sun and planets. He is interested in the physics behind the northern lights, the impact of space weather on human technology and the exploration of the solar system. As Professor of Space Physics at Lancaster University’s Department of Physics and a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, Jim is also interested in exploring the links between science and society.

Kerstin Karu

Kerstin is 22 years old and see’s herself as an entrepreneurial thinker with a great passion for marketing and a relentless thirst for adrenaline. She loves the world that we are living in today because of the countless number of opportunities that are available and the amazing people that surround us. She believes that it is hard to think of something that gives her a greater kick than the opportunity to inspire people around her and encourage them to achieve the unachievable, which is why, as part of the future projects she will be working with, she wants to be able to reach out to her fellow human beings and encourage them to take action. Kerstin sincerely hopes that her talk will help you get closer to your dreams and give you an incredible boost of motivation!

Linda Woodhead

Linda Woodhead is Professor of Sociology of Religion at Lancaster University. She researches religion around the world, and tries to explain how much it has changed since the 1980s. Between 2007 and 2013 she directed a £12m national research programme called the AHRC/ESRC Religion and Society Programme, which involved 240 academics and researchers. She runs the “Westminster Faith Debates” with Charles Clarke. Her books include Religion and Change in Modern Britain, A Very Short Introduction to Christianity and The Spiritual Revolution. Why Religion is Giving Way to Spirituality. She is a regular commentator and broadcaster on religion and society.

Oli Monks

Oli Monks is a second year Management and Entrepreneurship student at Lancaster University. Growing up with an autistic and chronically ill brother has inspired Oli to become involved in fundraising and social enterprise. This has led to a particular commitment to effect social change. He will explore the ways in which levels of connectivity have progressed in society and what we can do better.

Rachel Cooper

Professor Rachel Cooper OBE is Professor of Design Management and Policy at the University of Lancaster, she is Chair of LICA and Director of ImaginationLancaster (a centre for research into products, places and systems for the future). She is also co-director of Highwire, Digital Economies Innovation Doctoral Training Centre, bringing together doctoral students from design, computing and management. Professor Cooper’s research covers: design thinking; design management; design policy; new product development; design for wellbeing; design in the built environment; design against crime; and socially responsible design.

Sam Fitton

An award winning magician and mentalist, Sam became interested in magic at an early age and quickly learnt the tricks of the trade. After obtaining a degree in Biology and serving 2 years as a police officer Sam decided to pursue his dream of performing magic. Sam now specializes in close up magic and mental-ism and has entertained thousands of people across the UK.

Tony McEnery

Tony McEnery is Professor of Linguistics and English Language at Lancaster University and Director of the ESRC’s Centre for Corpus Approaches to Social Science. He has published numerous research articles and books nearly all of which have dealt with corpus linguistics: an approach to the study of language which harnesses computing power to allow linguists to study millions, even billions, of words. He has corpus linguistics to sudy a wide range of topics and to a wide range of languages, including Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Hindi, Panjabi and Spanish. When not peering at words Tony, as a keen amateur astronomer, peers at the stars.

Community Roots

Community Roots is comprised of both undergraduate and postgraduate students from the Environment Centre and Management School of Lancaster University, united in the belief that a sustainable food production system is achievable in a global capacity through local changes, ensuring food security for future generations.

Lenny St Jean

Lenny St Jean, of More Training Solutions, is a deeply experienced youth worker and trainer based in Lancaster. He has for a number of year been heavily involved with Lancaster University: Delivering outreach activity, training volunteers and running various events to empower and develop our student officers. Lenny strongly believes that to learn you must first enjoy and engage with an activity. This is reflected in his energetic, thoughtful and creative delivery. Lenny will be taking to the stage to talk about why we abandon ‘learning through play’ when we get "too old" for it and how beneficial it is for us to carry on exploring our environment and learning from playing. Lenny has also provided some ‘play time’ activities for the breaks this evening.

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