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Theme: The Unfinished

Madrid, Spain
September 28th, 2013

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About this event

A day devoted to celebrate the quest. About the unfinished as a complex but creative state that allows ideas to improve by means of other people’s help and new discoveries. The celebration of the permanent beta, of the infinite sketches, of the never-ending. The pleasure of knowing that we don’t know. And keep searching all the same. Journeys to the end of the world, technologies more and more human, objects that change their meaning, collective creation and recreations. Delicious tastes, to feed the body and the mind, the epidemic of laughter, reality as something to be always questioned, and for the very first time in our event, the body will work just as much as the brain.
Healthy local food, cooked and raw. Short talks delivered by members of the audience. A self-managed hour offstage, Unlessons, in which the attendees can teach each other what they love most or what they explain better. An endless white canvas where all of us can paint. In addition to the TEDTalks shown below, we have shown the following TED ED Talk:

Confirmed Speakers

  • Daniel Fernandez Pascual
    Architect and researcher
  • Javier Diez-Ena
  • Jordi Claramonte
    Philosopher and electrician
  • Luz Rello
    Researcher of the dislexia
  • Gabriel Sebastian
  • Cristina Pato
    Gaiteira, pianist and producer
  • El Mundo Today
    The only news you will like
  • Barbarrio Street Workout
    Taking the streets with exercise
  • Guillermo G. Peydró
    Movie director and art historian
  • Ignacio Dean
  • Carlos Duarte
    Researcher of the oceans
  • Jose Maria Perez "Peridis"
    architect, cartoonist, social emtrepreneur
  • Origlam
  • Julio Obelleiro
    Designer and entrepreneur
  • Angelica Dass
  • Demodrama Faces
  • Sergio Alvarez Leiva
  • Javier Gallego "Crudo"

Venue and Details

Matadero Madrid
paseo de la chopera 14
Madrid, 28045
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This event occurred in the past.
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