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Theme: Reshaping boundaries- Reviving passions...

This event occurred on
April 26, 2013
5:00pm - 9:00pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)
Tirana, 11

Tirana, carries in its centennial DNA the multitude of shades, colors, smells and melodious echoing of its past; from its Ottoman influence to its communist architecture, from the ancient Illyrian roots to the nowadays duality between modernism and tradition. Tirana, in its sassiness and spiciness of a Balkan capital, embraces all sort of political, religious, ethnic and cultural communities, which makes it beautifully diverse to experience but equally challenging to survive it.
Among all this, in Tirana there is art, creativity, ingenuity, and passion that manages to pour out of its concrete armored neighborhoods and create positive change. With the energy of almost 1.0 million inhabitants, TEDxTirana aims to bring to the surface all the thinkers and doers that give life to Tirana's Ideas Worth Spreading.
Passion is the only driving force that brings TEDx to Tirana, and let it be passion the only driving force to make its IDEAS echo beyond its borders.

National History Museum
Skanderbeg Square
Rruga Ded Gjon Luli
Tirana, 11
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Adi Krasta

Both a radio and television journalist, Adi KRASTA is considered by many to be a unique professional with a straightforward approach.

Aidan White

Aidan White is a long time campaigner for the rights of journalists. He created the Ethical Journalism Network and was the General Secretary of the International Federation of Journalists from 1987 until April 2011.

Redon Skikuli

Redon SKIKULI. Born in Albania, Raised in Athens living in Berlin, Redon is a Mozilla Representative, board member of Open Labs, Design Overview co-founder, and back office at Indyvisuals.

Merita Rexha

Pianist Merita REXHA has been awarded several times “Best interpreter of the year” and played as a soloist with the most prestigious ensembles in Europe.

Emiliano Lule

Emiliano LULE is currently a PhD student in Psychology of Education. Loosing his eyesight in 1997, Emiliano kept fighting to ameliorate the lives of many others like him.

Altin Veshti

Heart surgeon Altin Veshti is one of the youngest doctors in the Albanian medical scene. Thanks to him, children with heart problems can now be treated and cured in Albania. As many refer to him "a superhero in a white coat"!

Jay Porter

Jay PORTER is currently a Political Officer to the U.S. Embassy in Tirana, Albania. Jay has been a programmes' director with HELP International, a NGO focused on providing college students field experience in Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

Aleksander Trajce

Aleksander TRAJCE, a PhD candidate at University of Roehampton and expert in wildlife preservation, has rediscovered the Balkan Lynx. His, is a story of passion and inspiration!

Altin Prenga

First representative of the Slow Food movement in Albania, Altin PRENGA is considered as one of the 4th best chefs in the world by the magazine Vogue. His story is all about encouraging and choosing local when it comes to food.

Astrit Ismaili

Astrit ISMAILI, born in 1991 in Prishtina. Astrit's provocative work using photography, video, installation, poetry and performance art has been exhibited all around the world. The project "Prishtina mon amour" has inspired and united an extremely divided society through the magic of art.

Organizing team


Elbasan, Albania
  • Helene Legay
    Media & Communications Coordinator
  • Jona Kame
    Fundrising Coordinator
  • Keida Qirko
    Operations Coordinator
  • Hoti Juncaj
  • Eva Shuka
    Graphic Designer
  • Andi Toci
    Web Designer
  • Ledio Devolli
    Architect/Scene Designer
  • Besiana Alikaj
    Marketing/Social Blogger