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Theme: 行动派The Voice of Action

Shanghai, China
April 14th, 2013

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About this event

The idea of TEDxSJTU is based on the power of action. The theme of the event is the voice of action. We want to convey the idea that what really matters is what you have done, not only what you have said. If you got an idea, just do it, take action to realize it. Our belief is that"Idea wort spreading, and action worth spreading too". We have invited several speakers with different background ranging from technology, social sector, business, art, etc. to share their stories and ideas of action.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Irving Steel
    Irving艾文:美国人,国际最具权威的建筑LEED专业注册认证专家;推动中国环保技术“纯粹生活公司”的创始人;亚洲“鱼菜共生”科技传播联盟组织的创始人。也是“中国绿色畅饮”的创办人,以及中国绿色建筑专业合作伙伴 (GBPP China)的创始成员。精通中文、法文、英文。他曾亲手策划并组织了若干场有关经济、文化、环保、教育等大型国际会议和论坛,凭借良好的外交和沟通能力,以及遍布全球的人脉资源,包括对中国人文环境,以及中国诸多市场的研究,为中国政府、企业和高校成功架接了许多国际具有影响力的文化、商务上的合作与交流。 American, internationally most authoritative building certification professional, LEED, ignites indigenous innovation. He is the CEO of Original Life Ltd. and is active in the community as Founder of the Aquaponics Association of China, Co-Founder at Green Drinks China as well as a Founding Member of the Green Building Professional Partnership – China (GBPP China). Irving has led the expansion of innovation in conferences, forums and partnerships with countless organizations. Having already been in China for years, he clearly understands the needs of the market and has instigated relationships to create positive impact. As a result of the network, Irving has developed a breadth of contacts to ignite innovation in China and throughout Asia. Irving is fluent in English, French & Mandarin.
  • Jeffrey Parker
    Parker先生是一位精通汉语的记者和资深媒体人,他于1990年来到中国。2003年,他与合伙人共同创办了《眼科世界报告》杂志,该杂志后来成为亚洲最大的专业眼科杂志。该杂志以中英双语发行,读者大多是中国和印度的眼科医生,带来了空前的双边临床交流,并为成立Vision in Practice以满足中国大规模的白内障需求埋下了种子。在这个过程中,他发展了广泛的资源和人脉网络,他们现在与Vision in Practice合作,促进基层眼科变革。 Jeff Parker is a Chinese-speaking social entrepreneur, journalist and media executive who has resided and worked in China since 1990. In 2003, he cofounded Ophthalmology World Report, which became Asia’s largest professional eye-care magazine. Published in Chinese and English, it was read by most eye doctors in China and India. This innovative Sino-Indian enterprise led to unprecedented bilateral clinical exchanges and seeded the idea of Vision in Practice, formally established in 2011 to address enormous unmet need for blindness prevention and other medical services in China, especially in rural areas. In the process, he has developed a wide network of resources and collaborators who now work in partnership with Vision in Practice to catalyze transformation of eye care at the community level.
  • Ying Zhu
    朱颖热爱中国文化,研习中国古建史后赴美深造。为拓展国际视野,博士主修欧洲建筑史,论文研究中国对欧洲建筑艺术16-17世纪的影响,同时获Emory工商管理硕士。她相信生命是不断学习,成长和分享的过程,为探索如何将人文背景和商业理论通过实践结合,归国后以茶为载体,正筹建上海第一家Tea+女书店。 Ying Zhu is passionate about Chinese culture. After learning history of Chinese architecture, she went to the U.S. to gain global perspective. Her Ph.d thesis dwells on Chinese influence on European art and architecture in the 16th and 17th century. In the meantime, her interest in business prompted her to acquire MBA from Emory as well. Ying believes that life is a process of constant learning, growing and sharing. To explore how to combine humanity background and business practice together, she came back China and started the first Tea+Feminism bookstore in Shanghai
  • Yongjun Fu
    傅拥军:著名摄影师,现任都市快报摄影部主任。第52届和第56届世界新闻摄影比赛(荷赛)获得者,2007年获中国摄影金像奖。曾三次获得国际新闻摄影比赛(华赛)金奖,一次银奖。多次获中国新闻奖和全国摄影艺术展金牌和银牌,2011年获全国十佳青年摄影记者提名奖,2010年获浙江省邵飘萍奖。出版著作《镜头朝下》《那么西湖》《我很想你》《纪实摄影指导》和主编《快拍快拍——每天最有意思的照片》。作品被中国美术馆等机构收藏。 Fu Yongjun, a famous photographer and incumbent director of Photography Section of Urban Express, is the winnner of the 52th and 56th World Press Photo Contest and Chinese Photography Awards 2007. He has won three Gold Awards and one Silver Award of China International Press Photo Contest so far. He has also claimed many China News Award and gold and silver awards of National Photographic Art Exhibition. In 2010, Fu Yongjun won Shao Piaoping Award of Zhejiang Province. In 2011, he was granted Award nomination of National Top Ten Young Photographers. His published work includes “Camera Down”, “ the West Lake”, “I miss you so much”, and “Guidance to Documentary Photography” and he has edited the book “Snap---most interesting picture every day”. His work is exhibited by National Art Museum of China and other institutions.
  • Xinhua Zhou
    周欣华:中国三明治联合创始人 @欣华社非官方 是1999-2000年 AIESEC SJTU主席。经历:2008年毕业于沃顿商学院。先后任职于通用电气、贝恩咨询和大众点评网。曾周游五大洲,二十多个国家。文章刊登于《普知》、《风尚周报》等杂志。 Cofounder of China30s @ Xinhua News Agency(unofficial), has been AIESEC SJTU President in 1999 to 2000. Experience: She graduated from the Wharton Business School in 2008 and used to work in General Electric, Bain and .She has traveled across five continents,covering more than 20 countries. She has published articles in renowned magazines such as the general knowledge, fashion weekly magazine,Puzhi, Fengshang Weekly etc..
  • Adrian Cahill
    Adrian Cahill: Adrian是一个极具魅力的环球旅行家,有着超过八年的旅行经历,曾游历70个国家,激励了成百上千的人。Adrian也是一个成功的投资达人,因此他有足够的资金满足他在28岁放弃工作选择环球旅行直到今日。目前他在帮助一些小型企业并激发他们发掘自身的潜能。 Adrian is considered a charismatic world traveler by many definitions. He has travelled for over 8 Years, entering over 70 countries and inspiring hundreds of people along the way. Adrian is also considered a successful Investor, who semi retired at 28 Yrs old with enough passive income to see him travelling as far and frequently as he chooses to go. He now spends his time assisting small business and inspiring others to reach their potential.
  • Elad Baranga
    Elad Baranga,以色列建筑师,设计师,摄影师,现居住在中国。他自学摄影技术,透过手中的照相机观察世界。在过去的十年中他一直在为出版期刊提供专业照片。他的摄影作品反映了不同人的生活,风格独特,视角独特。 “家的元素”这套摄影集带着大家领略了一段旅程,我们都在这样的旅途中寻求温暖,经历成长。 Elad Baranga is an Israeli architect, designer and self-taught photographer who is hard to spot without a camera. For the past decade he has been taking pictures professionally with clients and publications all around the world. His photography ranges from underground music snapshots presented alongside street artists to mainstream art and media, all with a unique style and perspective. The collection "Elements of Home" invites viewers to catch a glimpse of a journey, similar to the way many of us are searching for comfort and growth.Baranga currently resides in China and is thinking of the next place to call "home".

Venue and Details

Mutifunctional hall of Guangbiao Building
Shanghai Jiao Tong Univeristy, NO. 800 Dongchuan Road,
Minhang District The multifunctional hall of Guangbiao Building on the first floor
Shanghai, 200240

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