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Theme: Building Understanding

This event occurred on
May 17, 2013
10:00am - 4:00pm PDT
(UTC -7hrs)
Seattle, WA
United States

Building Understanding: Forge an idea, craft a theory, build consensus, form an opinion. Making and the mind are linked through our actions and our metaphors.

TEDxEastsidePrep 2013 seeks to construct a conversation exploring the link between what we think and what we make.

Central Cinema
1411 21st Avenue
Seattle, WA, 98122
United States
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Education (What is this?)
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Paul Doherty

Paul Doherty is a Senior Staff Scientist and Co-Director of the Teacher Institute at the Exploratorium. He received his PhD in Solid State Physics from MIT in 1974,where he specialized in laser light scattering. He is an expert on atmospheric optics and the discoverer of the shape of the Martian carbon dioxide snowflake. At the Exploratorium he shows high-school science teachers how to make science class relevant and interesting. In 2003 Dr. Doherty received the Faraday award for excellence as a science communicator from the National Science Teachers Association. In 2012 he participated in a program to bring science to Buddhist monks at the request of his holiness the Dali Lama. He has written several science books including the Explorabook which has sold over a million copies, and the book Color of Nature. His website features hundreds of science explorations. He is a mountaineer and was the navigator on the first ascent of the 20,000 foot high Sierra Nevada de Lagunas Bravas in the Andes.

Edward Jiang

Involved with technology since a young age, Edward now uses his passion to encourage other students to get involved in tech. Edward runs StudentRND, an organization that inspires students to work on tech projects in their spare time. At StudentRND, he works to change students’ mindsets from “I don’t know how to do something, so I won’t do it” to “I don’t know how to do something, but I can learn.”

Tay Siang Hui & Val Tan Xin Hui

<h4>Help Tay and Val find a house sitting gig in Seattle this summer!: <a href="http://www.TEDxEastsidePrep.com/files/2013/02/Housesitting-Tay-and-Val.jpg">Click Here</a></h4></br>Award-winning film-makers and inspirational story-tellers from Singapore, Tay and Val, are living examples of dreamers who have cycled and traveled across the globe on project, “I Believe That Dreams Can Come True”. Having set off in March 2010, they aimed to cycle to as many countries as they can, walk into the lives of local people, and then document their personal stories about their dreams on videos. These videos are then posted on their website as short stories and shared with the world. With the intention of “One Dream Shared, One Dream Inspired”, their stories have inspired many to seek out their dreams and achieve them. For the last 3 years, they have created a chain of dreams inspiring dreams across 12 countries. They have conducted numerous sharing events in schools and to the public empowering people to do the things they truly want to do and be the person they want to be. They have collected at least 2600 dreams and inspired countless lives. </br></br> Tay is a storyteller who has 12 years of experience working in the film and TV industry as a Director. She has won a World Gold Award for Best Direction at the New York Festivals for Documentary Feature “Little Big Dreams” which was distributed internationally and numerous other awards in South East Asia. </br></br> Val is an actress and TV Producer/Director. She has 5 years of experience working in the digital media industry and 13 years of experience in film/TV industry. She won the iJudges award in Asia’s first multi-country online talent competition, iTalenstar; and has contributed to various marketing campaigns that have won the Webby Awards (Oscars for the internet). </br></br> The duo is currently working on a series of multi-media books and a full-length documentary about their journey.

Dale J. Stephens

At 20, Dale Stephens founded UnCollege.org because we’re paying too much for college and learning too little. It’s no secret that college doesn’t prepare students for the real world. Student loan debt recently eclipsed credit card debt for the first time in history and now tops 1 trillion dollars. And the throngs of unemployed graduates chasing the same jobs makes us wonder whether there’s a better way to “make it” in today’s marketplace. </br></br> There is—and Dale Stephens is proof of that. In Hacking Your Education, Stephens speaks to a new culture of “hackademics” who think college diplomas are antiquated. Hackademics abandon society’s linear path to success and bend institutions to fit their own reality. Stephens shows how he and dozens of others have hacked their education, and how you can too. You don’t need to be a genius or especially motivated to succeed outside school. The real requirements are much simpler: curiosity, confidence, and grit. </br></br> Stephens is a sought-after education expert appearing on major news networks including CNN, ABC, NPR, CBS, Fox, and TechCrunch. His work has been covered by the New York Times and New York Magazine to Fast Company and Forbes. </br></br> He has spoken around the world at high-profile events, from debating Vivek Wadhwa onstage at TED 2012 to lecturing at the New York Times to speaking to C-level executives at NBC Universal. He works frequently with universities who realize their model of education must change to survive in the 21st century. </br></br> In May 2011 Stephens was selected out of hundreds of individuals around the world as a Thiel Fellow, a program recognizing the top twenty-four entrepreneurs around the world under the age of twenty. In addition to leading UnCollege, Stephens advises education and technology companies. </br></br> Rejected for being young or inexperienced, he has risen above skepticism to do what many said he couldn’t. Because he bridges the gap between teens and adults, he doesn’t just relate to both but shares their experiences, fears, and challenges. Stephens’ energetic, informative and down-to-earth presentations draw on his own experience to address generation-specific issues most relevant to people in their 10s, 20s, and 30s.

Khalid Smith

Khalid Smith is an entrepreneur and a designer of experiential events that teach educators to lead in the development of technology enhanced education products. Khalid and his wife co-founded LessonCast Learning in 2010 based on an innovative professional development process she used to turn around a restructured school as an assistant principal. As chief product officer, Khalid builds tools for teacher preparation programs to engage teaching candidates in assignments where they apply the same skills they are trying to build in 21st century learners, by creating and sharing artifacts that demonstrate real world teacher effectiveness. </br></br> Khalid’s search for a community of education entrepreneurs in his native Baltimore led him to participate, organize and ultimately assume a founding role as education leader of the StartupWeekend Education sub-brand. From September 2011 to December 2012 Khalid helmed the global 501C3, facilitating dozens of events, igniting the passion of hundreds of educator entrepreneurs and producing start-ups with innovations currently being evaluated in thousands of classrooms. More importantly, Khalid learned of the need for an experiential education process that aims to bridge the chasm between the education reform and entrepreneurial/innovation movements. </br></br> In addition to LessonCast, Khalid and Nicole are dedicated parents to their two children Elijah (6) and Nala (4), and tirelessly push for reform in the PreK through 2nd grade educational system and for better models of personalized instruction for all learners. </br></br> Prior to his founding roles with LessonCast and StartupWeekend Education, Khalid had a 10-year career as an engineer and brand manager for Procter and Gamble. He also founded a non-profit management consultancy and worked as a community organizer during the Obama for American campaign of 2008. Very, very long ago, he earned degrees in chemical and bio-medical engineering that today gather a lot of dust but taught him a lot about grit. Shorter musing can be found on twitter @KhalidRudo and longer ones at KhalidRudo.com

Joanne McEachen

Originally from New Zealand, Joanne works with school systems to affect change. Large-scale change can overwhelm, but Joanne works to elevate the conversation above the politics and the trivial details. She has led national education change initiatives by focusing on the most important outcomes and the fundamental values driving the change, regardless of the obstacles. Articulate and persuasive, whatever project she has worked on ultimately equated to success for students. In addition to her national level work at the New Zealand Ministry of Education, Joanne has on the ground experience as a school principal and a superintendent.

Judy Lee

Judy is a Senior Project Leader and Principle Product Designer in the IDEO Palo Alto office. She is passionate about using human-centered methodologies to bring compelling new offerings into the world, from design strategy and conceptual development through implementation.</br></br>Her work has spanned a variety of industries and organizations, ranging from consumer packaged goods to medical products and from government agencies to small communities in Kenya. Her background combined with her experience in rapid prototyping and creative design exploration makes her versatile in both design thinking and multidisciplinary projects across private, social, and public sectors. </br></br>Outside of IDEO, Judy is a co-host of a kids PBS series called Design Squad Nation. The show teaches kids how engineering can be a part of your everyday life. The show aired January, 2011. She continues to integrate her interests in education with community outreach around IDEO.</br></br> Before joining IDEO, she worked as a Mechanical Engineer for Underwriters Laboratories designing and building automation equipment. Judy studied at North Carolina State University, where she earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and Masters in Industrial Design. Her graduate research studies focused on children’s flexible, unpredictable play patterns and created transformative toys to stretch the imagination of a child. As a grad student, one of her designs was accepted for 2006 production by IKEA.

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