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Theme: SET ELKOL - ست الكل

Alexandria, Egypt
December 1st, 2012

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تيد اكس TEDxWomen : في ديسمبر الماضي كان إنطلاق أول مؤتمر لتيدكس مختص بالمرأة ويعد الأول من نوعه وكان برعاية باتش ميتشل، والذي سلط النظر على المرأة من خلال مبادرات التغيير التي تبنتها، والفكر، والإبتكار والمنافسات بالأفكار الخلاقة وذلك من 26 دولة 70 متحدثة، منهن المتحدثة هيلاري كلينتون.

تيد اكس الرمل TEDxElRamlWomen ( ست الكل ) : هو أول فعالية تيدكس نسائية في مصر حيث تتكوّن الفعالية من مجموعة متحدثات من مختلف المجالات الأكاديمية، الاجتماعية، التجارة والأعمال، التقنية والعلوم. تركّز الفعالية على تنوّع الحضور والمستفيدين من الشريحة النسائية بين عمر ١٥-٥٠ سنة لتبادل الأفكار والخبرات.

TEDxWomen: last December was the launch of the first conference to TEDx specialist in women and is the first of its kind and was sponsored by Patch Mitchell, who highlighted consideration of women through change initiatives adopted by, and thought, innovation and competition of ideas and creative from 26 countries 70 spokeswoman, whom spokeswoman Hillary Clinton.

TEDxElRamlWomen (SET ELKOL): is the first effective TEDx Women in Egypt, where consists effectiveness from a spokeswoman of various academic fields, social, business and commerce, technology and science. Effectiveness focuses on the diversity of the audience and the beneficiaries of the slide women between the ages of 15-50 years for the exchange of ideas and experiences.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Sarah El Batrawy A.K.A “Batro”
    Sarah El Batrawy A.K.A “Batro” A 26 years old Creative puppeteer & founder of Batro puppets Graduated from faculty of Art education & Started at El Sawy Culture Wheel where she found her own passion in puppets. She worked in theater field since 2008 & has many experiences in storytelling, pantomime, plays acting, Theater makeup, Art Teaching & finally a 4 years Marionettes Making & performing expertise which made her start her own business with her own developing vision. Batro has started “phase I” of her own project in 2011 when she started to make puppets by order for beginners, demanders & professional performers who wanted special custom built up characters or an exact person’s look alike puppets. She applied with her “phase II” of her project “Batro puppet moving theater” To the AUC Fekrety competition on her own & competed with 43 teams, passed 4 stages till she reached the Finale & won 2 prizes. Batro aims to make a change in the world of puppetry & to deliver principles & rights to the Egyptian society once again.
  • Dina Soliman,
    Born in Alexandria, on April 24. She studied at faculty of Fine Arts, Graphic Department 2009. she works as a designer for newspapers magazines and book covers she Published a number of articles in newspapers and magazines, she is a co-founder of (Taa' El-Khagal) saloon in 2010 Previous works,, radio series entitled (yawmyat Fatakat & Gamalat) in 2009. She wrote a Collection of short stories enitled (Esh'aal zaty) for "dar dama" in 2009. she also wrote a play entitled "Al-Arayes" (The Dolls) and won the international award for authors "Internationale Autorenpreis" in Heidelberg Theatre Festival Heidelberger Stückemarkts 2012.
  • Carmen Hassan
    A professional Photographer and a founding member in "View Finders" Photography Club, 27 years old, qualified from Faculty of Commerce English department "Business section" Alexandria University. But this hasn't been the future she dreamed, she was more ambitious believing continuously that there is something deeply inside has to be discovered . In 2007, while she was working in one of the most important Audit and Accounting Office in Alexandria , she learned photography at Alexandria Atelier ,from this moment her life changed upside down and her dead decision to be a professional photographer . Then ,she has specialized in photographing food and products and has acted with many famous restaurants and advertising agencies for her excellence in this field. The main reason for her success was one reason " the Will" Her main goal is to be the best in this field .
  • Rania Hamdy
    Rania Hamdy Gaber, Known as Rania Hamdy Was born in Alexandria 2nd of July 1985 Working as training coordinator in Abu Qir Fertilizers Company since September 2008 till the present time. Has a book called " Ontha ma' wakf el tanfiz" Graduated from faculty of Arts Sociology department Alexandria University, 2008. Hold a Diploma in Human Resources certified from the International Financial Corporation, World Bank Group (IFC). Hold a Diploma in Marketing, Advertising and Sales certified from London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI). Registered in 3rd year of the faculty of Mass Communication, 1st semester. Working as writer and poet at Kelmetna Magazine for 3 years, since 2005 till 2008. Working as a writer and poet at Ba7l2a Magazine for a year, since 2007 till 2008. Working as poet at Abna2 Masr site. Working as poet and novelist at Dar AlKotob site since 2009 till now.
  • Amany Eid
    Amany Eid is a veteran of the corporate world, having worked in Microsoft Egypt and HP Canada; she has become a Marketing expert in the fields of IT & Telecom. She is also a published English writer in Egypt and in the US, for various business and women’s magazines. Her volunteer efforts and role to make a change in Egypt, have been recognized, through Amany being selected to represent Egypt, in the Fortune’s Most Powerful Women’s Program in the United States as well as be part of the Egyptian Women’s delegation for the Women’s Initiative in Dallas, TX. Amany is currently the Women’s Development Programs Manager at Masr El Kheir. Through her current role, her objective is to help Egyptian Women become more empowered, to help themselves, to help their families and to help Egypt. Having travelled the world, Amany’s heart remains in Egypt.
  • Dina Ali
    Studied at Faculty of Law, French Department. Had a diploma in diplomatic & consular relations. Professional in the art of etiquette & lifestyle. She works as a writer and a lecturer at the same field. Etiquette & life style foundation board of trustees chairperson. Author of (The Art Of Etiquette) book "copyrighted for Akhbar el youm" and she has other under publication books. Former Prime Minister Ali Maher Pasha granddaughter. Mohamed Ali Pasha,a member in diplomatic corps, granddaughter.
  • Shaima'a Abdel-Hamid
    Shaima'a Abdel-Hamid is an Alexandrian flute player. She joined the faculty of Specific Education; she is now a teacher at her faculty. She played in many bands and she took part in many festivals. She also played at Alexandria Opera House, Bibliotheca Alexandrina and Alexandria Center of Arts. She participated in the 4th edition of the International Festival of Music University Marrakech. She composed the music of “El Biet” play. She took part in the International Women's Day and she participated in “MAshro’ Koral”. she constructed her own band under the name of (solo-bent)
  • Ambassador Birgitta Holst Alani
    Ambassador Birgitta Holst Alani started her career within the Swedish Foreign Service in 1982. Before that she had spent about seven years in Baghdad working as a linguist researching on an Iraqi dialect of Arabic. She also worked as a lecturer at Baghdad University during the years 1975-77. Her work brought her to assignments at the Swedish Embassies in Egypt and Jordan and the United Nations in Iraq. She served at the Swedish Embassy in Cairo in 1985-89 and before returning to Egypt in 2010 Ambassador Holst Alani was seconded to the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) working with issues related to the reconstruction and development of Iraq and as a senior reconciliation expert. In 2010 Ambassador Holst Alani was appointed Director of the Swedish Institute in Alexandria which is a dialogue institute within the Swedish Foreign Service which organizes meetings on a variety of topics between Europeans and people from the Middle East and North Africa. In addition to her work as an academic and a diplomat for many years in the Middle East and North Africa, her command of the Arabic language has helped her to acquire genuine knowledge and understanding of Arab and Muslim thinking and traditions in the MENA region.

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Stadium Theatre of Alexandria University
El Hadra El Baharia Train - Abou Quer road - Ahmed Lotfy El-Sayed Alexandria, Egypt
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