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Theme: How to find the future of Seoul

This event occurred on
October 27, 2012
1:00pm - 6:00pm KST
(UTC +9hrs)
Seoul, 11
South Korea

TEDxSejongU 4th event, 'WeTOPIA'
'WeTOPIA', TEDxSejongU 4th event, is the compound word formed from the words 'We' and 'Utopia' meaning an ideal city we want to build. WeTOPIA came from our desire to change 'the city we live in' to the city we want to live in'. Through WeTOPIA, we want to share images of a city shaped by our thoughts and little actions and spread the idea of changing our city to a better place to live in. The speakers for this event are neither politicians who set up plans for a city nor people with great fame. They are just ordinary citizens who gave variety to the city with their own little thoughts and actions. By telling you the story it has, TEDxSejongU wants to show you that you are one of those who can transform a city.

Chungmugwan B01
Gunjadong, Gwangjin-gu
Seoul, 11, 143-747
South Korea
Event type:
University (What is this?)
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Han-Sol Lee

Quite a number of young people who live in Seoul are now faced with a variety of difficulties such as a high rent and poor dwelling and surrounding environment. With the story of the Slug Union organized to settle these problems and of its movement, Lee, Han-Sol wants to tell you how the Slug Union has been transforming the city of Seoul through its little actions.

Yoon-Myeong Oh

In our everyday life we consume a lot of produce yet still have no idea where it comes from. No matter who it is, anyone interested can farm and solve the problems mentioned above by thinking of doing so. Oh, Yoon-Myeong, with the story of previously derelict lands within the city and university campus where he now grows produce, wants to tell you that anyone can farm and that produce we eat unconsciously is priceless.

Geon Choi

Seoul Urban Art Project takes part in the activity of changing grey Seoul to the colorful city by bringing works of art out of the white cube to everywhere in Seoul. Through activities of Seoul Urban Art Project like this, Choi, Geon wants to shed light on the images of Seoul being transformed into the colorful city and tell you what the public art is in the true sense of the word.

Han-Bi Cho

OO College is the local community college where you can take fun and creative classes a formal college does not have. By telling you the story of his college life and of what he had gone through until he found OO College, Cho, Han-Bi wants to show you that a person can add variety to the community with what little he or she has.

Organizing team

Seung Keun

Seoul, South Korea
  • Joohyun Seo
  • Hyunho Choi
    Speaker manager
  • Kunhee Ye
    Finance manager