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Theme: Leaving a Mark - Dejar Huella

This event occurred on
July 5, 2013
9:00am - 3:00pm ECT
(UTC -5hrs)

TEDxQuito 2013 will the be place to leave a mark, on the stage, the audience, the city itself. What has marked your life?, what mark do you expect to leave?
TEDxQuito 2013 sera el sitio para dejar huella, en el escenario, el publico, y la ciudad misma. Que ha marcado tu vida?, que huella esperas tu dejar?

Teatro Mexico
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Adolfo Macias

Born in Guayaquil, Adolfo currently works as therapist, conducting group therapies for overcoming addictions, couples therapy and individual psicotherapy, using Integrative Gestalt Therapy. He is a Profesor of Personal Development Theory at the Instituto Cre-Ser de Desarrollo Humano. He has worked as assesor in political communications for various political figures. As a writter, Adolfo won the national prize Premio Nacional Joaquín Gallegos Lara for his storybook El Examinador (1995). Later he ventured into novels with his book Laberinto junto al mar (Editorial Planeta, 2001), El dios que ríe (Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana, 2007, El grito del hada (Eskeletra, 2010. His second story book, Cabeza de Turco, was published in 2011by Editorial El Antropófago. For Adolfo's bio in spanish please visit www.TEDxQuito.com

Gabriella Gomez-Mont

A native of México, Gabriella divides her time between parallel multidisciplinary projects, converging at several points. As visual artist she has collaborated in exhibitions in Europe, Japan, the U.S, and Mexico. Her work has been published in various magazines and books. She has developed creative work for MTV, Nike, Benetton and the WWF. As writter she has collaborated with several national and international publications. Founder of Toxico Cultura, laboratorio curatorial 060, in May 2009 was selected TED Fellow and is currently a TED Senior Fellow 2010-2013. For Gabriella's bio in spanish please visit www.TEDxQuito.com

Roberto Troya

Roberto is Vicepresident of the WWF and is regional director for LatinAmerica and the Caribbean. He is an expert in international environmental policy. Before joining WWF, Roberto was director of International Government Relations for The Nature Conservancy (TNC). From 2004 to 2006 he was director of External Affairs for South America of The Nature Conservancy . Under his leadership the Fund for Water Preservation of Quito (FONAG) was created. Roberto holds an LL.M from Harvard, and is a Doctor in Law Doctor from the Universidad Católica de Ecuador. For Roberto's bio in spanish please visit www.TEDxQuito.com

Nelson Garcia

Nelson studied music at the Berklee College of Music, Boston and the Hochschule der Künste, Berlin. He divides his time between art projects - some of them with the art colective Artes No Decorativas S.A. – and music composition and production for cinema, theater and contemporary dance among other multiisciplinary projects in Ecuador, USA and Europe. He has composed various soundtracks for acclaimed Ecuadorian movies such as En el Nombre de la Hija, A Cielo Abierto: Derechos Minados, De cuando la muerte nos visitó, Zuquillo Express, Qué Tan Lejos, Mejor que antes. For Nelson's bio in spanish please visit www.TEDxQuito.com

Andres Sacoto

Composer, producer and performer, Andres was born in Argentina and at the age of 18 opted for the Ecuadorian citizenship. At the age of 16, he created the rock band “Cruks en Karnak” with his brother Sergio Sacoto; "Cruks en Karnak" would mark a era in Ecuadorian music, with 6 records co-produced. After Kruks en Karnak, Andres begins composing with other artists the concept of "Chaucha Kings", exploring he limits between rock and folk music. In the past years he has been working in the composition and performance of his own, more intimate music, “Proyecto Santacoto”. For Andres' bio in spanish please visit www.TEDxQuito.com

Maria Consuelo Tohme

Maria Consuelo studied at Facultad de Bellas Artes from Universidad Complutense in Madrid with a major in art restauration. She holds a masters degree in Art Education, Culture and Citizenship from the CAEU (Centro de Altos Estudios Universitarios)-OEI (Organización de Estados Iberoamericanos) and the University of Valladolid. She is founder and director of the ARTEDUCARTE program since 2000. Since its creation, ARTEDUCARTE has provided more than 10.000 boys and girls from Ecuador access to art through innovative educational techniques. In 2006 she co-authored “ARTEDUCARTE: Arte Ecuatoriano para niños” with Marilyn JS Goodman. For Maria Consuelo's bio in spanish please visit www.tedxquito.com

Narcisa Mashienta

Narcisa is a Shuar leader, working with her community for the preservation and protection of their ecosystem and identity, territory and culture, from the threat of the oil industry since the 1980's. Nuis. her name in Shuar, is currently the coordinator for the Inkiama Nukuri Program, Jungle Women, a program that assists and aids women and families in the Amazon for the improvement of their birthing conditions, reducing child and mother mortality. Nuis has a clear vision of the role of women and their empowerment within the Amazon communities. Through her work and effort she has helped increase participation of women and men alike, in the defense of their territory and in preserving their culture for future generations. For Narcisa's bio in spanish please visit www.TEDxQuito.com

Maria Del Carmen Guarderas

Gifted with a strong spirit and energy Maria Del Carmen has been able to overcome all of life's challenges. She is maried to Raúl Guarderas. Currently she spends her days between the city and the countryside, where she finds time to write in order to accept life-changing challenges, such as her husband's condition. Maria del Carmen has learned to cope with the changes Alzehimer has brought to her life while taking away her husbands memories, inviting her to embrace difficulties and to even develop a new language to achieve communication with a loved one that is affected by such a disease. She works as a volunteer assisting families with loved ones also suffering from Alzheimer. For Maria del Carmen's bio in spanish please visit www.TEDxQuito.com

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