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Theme: "Em Fusão" / Fusion

This event occurred on
April 13, 2013
9:00am - 7:00pm WEST
(UTC +1hr)

We wish to explore the richness of the open-source cultures and the mash-up trends in several areas: artistic, cultural, scientific, sociological... how sharing, collaborative projects can create innovative concepts, and how understanding the past can help us project into the future through reinvention. We aim to get together 20 speakers who can give us their personal testimony of the power of creating value by bringing together a variety of subjects or people from diverse backgrounds into multidisciplinary teams.

Rua Nova Alfândega
Porto, 4050-430
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Catarina Mota

Co-founder of openMaterials (a research project focused on open source and DIY experimentation with smart materials) and altLab (Lisbon's hackerspace); member of NYC Resistor; co-chair of the Open Hardware Summit 2012; chair of special projects at OSHWA; TED Fellow.

Miguel Gonçalves Mendes

"José and Pilar" Movie Director, following the last years of the Nobel Prize winner José Saramago and his relationship with his resolute wife, Pilar del Río. José and Pilar was portuguese submission to a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film in 2011.

António Muiños

Antonio Muiños is currently the spanish national authority on collecting, transforming and distributing edible marine algae. Under the company Porto Muiños, based in Galicia and its algae-rich coasts, Antonio has been a pioneer in defending and promoting the nutritional and culinary values of these sea vegetables, such as sea lettuce, nori, kombu, wakame, and many others.

Maneesh Juneja

CEO and Founder, MJ Analytics. Health 2.0 London Chapter Leader. Quit corporate life to follow my dreams. TEDActive 2012 delegate. FutureMed 2013 Alumni.

Catarina Lente

Product developer. With her sister and designer Luísa Lente managed to launch puxxle - an international and acclaimed business, with less than 500€.

Simon Schneider

Simon is General Manager, Grand Challenges Business Unit and leads InnoCentive's operations in EMEA.

Catarina Portas

Former journalist and entrepeneur, founder of the concept store "A Vida Portuguesa". In 2009 Monocle Magazine names Catarina Portas one of its "heroes" for 2010, worldwhide people who "deserve a bigger stage."

Luís Rasquilha

CEO of Ayr Consulting, a global trendhunting consultancy firm based in São Paulo, Brazil. Sneaker fanatic.

Ana Rita Ramos

Journalist, Gingko Magazine Director, Sustainability expert and supporter of the "Verde Movimento/ Green Movement" in Portugal.

Pedro Caride

Pedro Caride is the owner of the "Por Vocação" store, the trendiest menswear store in Oporto, and is the designer and creative mind behind one of the most beautiful, controversial and surprising window shops Oporto ever had!

Rui Tavares

Rui is a Historian, MEP (Member of the European Parliament and the Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance Vice-Chair), newspaper columnist and a writer. His most recent book is "The Irony of the European Project".

Jorge Crespo

European Public Speaker champion on 2012.

Zachary Mainen

Neuroscientist at the Champalimaud Foundation, Zach's group's research focuses on the brain mechanisms for decision making.


Nilton is a nationally recognised comedian. He will co-host TEDxO'Porto and will wrap up the event using his best humour!

João Paulo

LGBT and human rights activist, João Paulo co-founded Porto's gay pride parade and well founded PortugalGay.pt, Portugal's leading LGBT website.

Jonathan MacDonald

Jonathan co-founded "This Fluid World”. He is a talented entrepreneu with two decades' experience and supporting over 100 companies worldwide by creating and executing commercial and digital strategies.

Tanya Ruivo e Rafael Polónia

This couple made an epic voyage from Ovar, near Porto, to Macau, in China, in a period of19 months. They will share with us some insights about their adventure.

Ana Capicua

Hiphop performer.


Professional scratcher.

Teresa Branco

Social volunteer and changemaker, Teresa created the "Aconchego" program for the Porto municipality.

André Dias

Specialist on smart mobility (e.g. city traffic).

Luis Feijó

Demo of 3D photography of human faces with iPad app.

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Porto, Portugal
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