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This event occurred on
May 9, 2013
6:00pm - 8:00pm PDT
(UTC -7hrs)
Hacienda Heights, CA
United States

Seats are very limited as we can only accommodate up to 100 attendees. We are going to be located inside of Glen. A. Wilson High's little drama theater and will have 6 speakers and one special performance from our very own. We are the FIRST TEDx event to be hosted by a group of high school students in the San Gabriel Valley.

Our theme for this is EXPLORE: To be open-minded and EXPLORE new opportunities and different fields of studies and different interests that will ignite a passion of Discovery. From bringing on Second Chances to opening up possibilities of EXPLORATION to investigating various pursuits and finding that determination to thrive.

TEDxGlenAWilsonHigh ended successfully with 7 amazing talks! It was a highlight of the year and went beyond expectation. Though, through the highs and lows, this event led others to become inspired and in awe of the expectation of what high school students can do.

Little Theater
16455 E Wedgeworth Drive
Hacienda Heights, CA, 91745
United States
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Kim Somers Egelsee

Kim Somers Egelsee is an award winning inspirational speaker, life coach, hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, columnist and TV host. She is the author of “Getting Your Life to a 10 Plus; Tips and Tools for Finding Your Purpose, Being in Your Power and Living an Amazing Life, co-author of The Zoe Life Inspired and has a CD, “Living In Your Full Positive Power”. An award winner for the Visionary Entrepreneur of the year award with Today’s Innovative Woman Magazine and is featured on the cover of the November/December issue, leads mastermind groups, women’s monthly events and group called, “Willow Tree Women’s Circle in both L.A. and O.C. for nearly two years now where she speaks, hosts, interviews and leads roundtable discussions, regular workshops on Discovering Your Life Purpose, regular Women’s Exhilaration Day Retreats, Full Filled in Love Workshops, and is continuously speaking at upcoming workshops and seminars. She coaches individuals, couples, parents, and those with special needs, struggles, and life challenges. She is a columnist for The Scoop L.A. newspaper, Living Fit O.C. , AKA Mom Magazine, and MILPH World; Mothers in Life, Passion and Health. She loves to do outreach for animals and our planet, and has lived a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle for over 23 years. Kim has learned a lot about health and nutrition via this lifestyle and from seeing a holistic dr. for over 10 years. In 2013 Kim is thrilled to begin working closely with Shajen Joy Aziz and Transformational Inc. speaking at numerous inspiring events, being a co-host of an inspiring TV talk show, “Samira’s Show, that airs to over 150 million via satellite, You Tube and online, growing Willow Tree. Kim has been super happily married for over 13 years and has 2 beautiful daughters Nia and Noella. She enjoys public speaking, traveling the world, reading, yoga (practiced over 10 years), vintage shopping, event planning and meeting new people.

Virgo Handojo

Dr. Handojo is a phenomenal spirit-led psychology professor at California Baptist University and the founder/senior pastor of JKIA (Grace Indonesian Christian Fellowship) a multinational church located in Sierra Madre. He serves in the Hesston College Board, Hesston, Kansas and the Board of Directors of the US Mennonite Central Committee, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing relief efforts to communities in the US and around the world. Being a dynamic speaker and preacher who have presented in many seminars and workshops, and certified as a Family Life Educator, he was invited in a televised discussion and topic around marriage, psychology, and intercultural issues. He is also currently a member of the American Psychological Association and the National Council on Family Relations. Gifted at making people feel happier, his teachings inspire others in comforting and lasting ways. He is an amazing person to be around and is sure to make people smile. His hobbies include playing computer, reading books, traveling and fellowship with family and friends. He currently resides with his amazing wife Jeanne, and their two outstanding children: Andrea and Andrew.

Andrew Shu

Andrew Shu is an inspiring, motivated, brilliant designer, photographer, illustrator, casting director, producer, physical trainer, choreographer, acting and performance coach and founder of several different organizations whose amazing vision can lead up to a truly different and highly creatively world. He has a talent and extraordinary gift of designing and is more than ready to set forth and bring on a radical change. Currently serving as the Creative and Innovation Director of Designer Suites, he has directed several plays many of which have received outstanding recognition. As founder of the ASAP foundation, he hopes to bring about the best in people especially those who are seeking to perform and showcase their talents, hoping to achieve a new level of creativity and media of which will go above current trends. Also serving as the founder of JCT Ministry, he is dedicated to bringing media as means of evangelizing to the mass, used particular by churches all over Los Angeles county, his works have been notorious especially among the Indonesian Community. Andrew has many other innovative ideas and aspires to fulfill them. He enjoys designing, taking pictures, and ultimately being out of the norm and starting new trends. He currently resides with his wife and adorable daughter Andrea.

Justine Siegal

Justine Siegal is the Director of Sports Partnerships at Sport in Society, where she is responsible for cultivating relationships for academic program expansion, as well as enhancing existing relationships with Major League Baseball and other professional sports organizations. Justine is the founder and executive director of Baseball for All, an organization that provides meaningful opportunities and instruction in baseball, especially for girls. Justine, with the help of her board of directors and volunteer staff, are changing the gender landscape of baseball. In 2002, Justine formed the Sparks, the first all-girls team to compete in a national “boys” tournament; This team was the subject of the documentary Girls of Summer. She was the only woman coach in the collegiate baseball ranks. In 2009, Justine became first woman to coach first base in men’s professional baseball (Brockton Rox, CanAm League). Later and making history again, Justine became the first woman to throw batting practice to a MLB team when she threw to the Cleveland Indians on February 22, 2011. She then went on to pitch BP to the Athletics, Rays, Cardinals, Astros, and Mets. Justine serves as a Coach and Technical Commissioner for the International Baseball Federation. She has coached at the World Children’s Baseball Fair three times. In 2004, Justine sat on USA Baseball’s steering committee for the inaugural Women’s Team USA winning gold at the Women’s Baseball World Cup. Justine later served as a consultant to the International Baseball Federation during their bid, to include both women’s and men’s baseball in the Olympics. Justine is completing a PhD Candidate in Sport and Exercise Psychology at Springfield College (MA). Her academic focus is in performance enhancement, sport management, coaching, gender equity, and youth sports. Justine has taught as an adjunct professor at Springfield College and is a former Physical Education Teacher. When not on the field, Justine enjoys hanging out with Jasmine, her beautiful and free-spirited 13-year old daughter.

Marc Baum

Dr. Baum is the Senior Faculty and Founder of Oak Crest, a small, intimate research institute that is highly complementary to established large institutions of higher learning in conducting rigorous, productive, relevant science research while broadening the participation of underrepresented groups (by race, ethnicity, gender, and socio-economic standing) in science. His profound vision and passion for science particular in the field of chemistry, and bio-chemistry led to this and since then, programs have been added, some expanded, the number of staff tripled and the facility size has grown to match. Dr. Baum is a chemist with a growing passion to provide opportunities for everyone especially the minority and underrepresented younger generations such as teens and college students to conduct their own research and be interested in the field of science. Having originally been from London, he along with Dr. Moss joined institutions in forming oak crest and devoted their time and commitment in creating this unique opportunity to for students to research without having the huge license of a private corporation . Now serving as also a mentor and a huge help to students researching there, his principle research interest includes catalytic carbon dioxide activation and chemical fixation, co-drug design & synthesis for the prevention & management of infectious diseases Innovative & practical sustained release drug delivery systems, microbial ecology in unusual bio-geo chemical niches, bio-catalysis using a library of environmental isolates, and atmospheric inputs & processes.

Peter Woo

Dr. Woo is an ingenuous math professor at Biola University. He grew up in Hong Kong and from an early age developed a passion for mathematics. Throughout grade-school he persevered through a very rigorous system of mathematics taught in Hong-Kong. He later moved to America, earning a doctorate in mathematics and began teaching in colleges such as Biola University. You could say that Dr. Woo really knows the 'art of woo'; he has flair for engaging his students on almost any subject imaginable. For instance, he may open a class session by sharing of the blessing of memorizing hundreds of digits of pi, stories from his students' lives, how to learn by singing, or the joys and curses of having perfect pitch. Having traveled often, living in a variety of settings, and knowing much about different cultures he is adept at interacting with people from other countries. Every Christmas Dr. Woo's students get to enjoy wonderful piano music from their talented professor who loves to recite compositions by heart. All in all, it's difficult not to appreciate the breadth and depth of life that Dr. Woo has experienced and - most of all - loves to share with others. It's rare to find people of such faithful perseverance, well-rounded gifting, and thoughtful generosity.

Ryan Luong

Ryan Luong is Glen A. Wilson's very own prodigy who has a unique talent in acting, singing, and performing. Everything Ryan does involves a lot of creativity and it surprises and amuses others in many exciting ways. He creates his own music and songs that thrills and showcases a true talent of capturing attention and he is certainly not afraid to make an impression.

Organizing team


Hacienda Heights, CA, United States


Covina, CA, United States
  • Isaac Klipstein
    Publicity Director, Arcadia Area Representative, and on-stage host
  • Dana Ma
  • Kimberly Mitchelle
    Production Coordinator
  • Selinia Li
  • Danny Amador
    HLPUSD District Representative
  • Nick Casiano
    Head Technical Producer
  • Dylan Casiano
    Video Manager