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Theme: Dream! Move! City2.0

This event occurred on
October 13, 2012
12:00am - 12:00am KST
(UTC +9hrs)
South Korea

Imagine. Put ideas in action. City2.0
The city we imagine comes in great diversity.
Very much funnier things are happening in our cities. Those are beyond our expectation. More beautiful and helathier.
It might be able to come true only in our imagination, but that makes our event be a lot worthier.
Even if the attempts for realizing our imagination will end in failure, it has its own value and we are excited.
This time, TEDxDaejeon's City2.0 is supposed to tell the stories of those who are putting their imagination in real action.
We will encourage people to participate in this small but integrated event together. we will let them to know that small voice can also make a great resonance.

South Korea
Event type:
TEDxCity2.0 (What is this?)
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Won Man Park

He is a senior researcher at Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute. He is also an author of the book, Encyclopedia for vegetable garden. Atomic Energy might not be easily matched with farming. The thing they shares is that both of them are necessary for a city. He lectures on a ‘city farming’ where he emphasizes vegetable garden as the perfect example to connect convenient cities and comfortable environment.

Eun Duk Seo

She is a co-host at a ‘San Ho’ inn. She also has been doing various kinds of culture and art activities around Dae Heung Dong. She looks a little lazy or slack in some ways. However, she is one of the least lazy grasshopper living life hard as fully as possible with passion. She raises her voice to young people who are establishing ‘cultural ecosystem’ to give a boost for this city, Daejeon. “We have to set up our own philosophy to face present complicated problems in objective point of view.”

Yun Soo Ko

He is one of researchers at ‘Daejeon Modern Archive's Forum.’ His main workplace is around So Jae Dong. He works with a a lot of experts, public officers, Cultural Artists, and citizens to let other people know the local identity of Daejeon. For this, they have been discovering cultural heritages of the city, which has been remained as a form of photograph or building. He says the main role of their community is to uncover the uniqueness of Daejeon and show this for those who do not know well about it.

Jae Il Lim

He is a professor and the director of the ‘ O Neul Environment&Sculpture Laboratory.’ He has been doing public art projects for local people since 2007. He says this; ‘I want Art not only change the urban landscape but also heal people’s mind in the cities. Through the communication, we can find the best alternatives.’ He is the one who gives hope for cities.

Wung Rae Cho

He is a CEO of the company, Sun-Yang. He is also a ‘preacher’ famous for walking on bare feet. The reason is that he has set up the red clay road around ‘gyejog’ mountain. He has been doing other Eco-healing activities for the citizens including campaign walking along the red clay road and planning regular outdoor concerts. Some people think it is very ironic to hold these Eco-healing events for his company where they produce alcohol ,Soju. However, he simply puts like this; “One day I went to Gyejog mountain and walked on bare feet. This experience got me in very comfortable condition. So I just wanted to share this feeling with everyone. That is all.”

Organizing team

Roy Younghwan

Daejeon, South Korea
  • Hye young Hong
  • Jinsan Kim
  • Sunjin Jo
  • Miae Hong
    Chief Advisor
  • Jaehyung Lee