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Theme: Inspiring Hope

This event occurred on
December 31, 2012
8:00am - 8:00pm AST
(UTC +3hrs)
Sanaa, SN

TEDxSanaa is the first TEDx event in Yemen and has been an anticipated conference for a long time. It aims at exposing the talent, creativity, and ingenuity of Yemenis. The event will bring the brightest, most creative, most influential Yemenis together to inspire and remind the world of the potential that Yemen has to be a good world citizen. It comes in a very critical time where Yemen, which is one of the Arab Spring countries, entered a transitional phase towards becoming a democratic, modern state.

Facts about TEDxSanaa 2012

First TEDx event held in Yemen
Full day event
4 sessions
19 speakers
4 performances
3 guest interviews
35 crew members/volunteers
108 speaker applicants
63 speaker nominations for 33 speakers
110 volunteer applicants
250 guests at the main event
800 people on the ticket waiting list
Over 300 people watched the webcast

Mövenpick Hotel Sanaa
Berlin Street
Sanaa, SN
Event type:
Standard (What is this?)
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Abulla Faris

How can a society flourish and an economy revive in any country without it being able to identify and encode all locations within its territories? Research & development scientist Abdullah tells us about how this issue may alter our perceptions, create different realities and generate better opportunities in Yemen where it is currently impossible to locate any site in a scientific and systematic way.

Emad Alsakkaf

Because a large segment of people in our country work in agriculture, making Yemen globally famous for its crops, Emad, who is a researcher in renewable energy, thinks that using a water-saving technique in agriculture will make for a perfect solution to the shortage in water resources. He dreams of starting his own project in this respect and to put several other ideas related to better utilization of the natural resources in action.

Boushra Almutawakel

Instead of constantly being afraid of what life may bring your way, there is no better solution than to actually do what you are afraid of and see how things turn out. As a professional photographer, Bushra believes that this rule represents a motive to success and will focus her talk around it.

Maad Sharaf

The concept of "Life is the biggest educator" is true from Maad's point of view as knowledge may not be derived from mere specific sources. Maad, who studies business administration, believes that walking to school every morning may, for example, be an enlightening experience as long as the student maintains an actively thinking mind.

Khalil Bamatraf

Inner peace, true self understanding and making peace with yourself are key factors to ditching the frustrations of life and attaining success. Social activist Khalil has an inspiring experience where she managed to conquer self and community impediments and embark on a truly inspiring journey.

Munir Daair

The underlying problem with each of us has never been about failure but rather the fear of failure. Businessman and philanthropist Munir Daair tells us that as long as failure remains a possibility in every job we undertake then we shouldn't be surprised when it happens. First, we have to beat our fear from failure to reap the desired fruit.

Amad Almsaodi

The Internet is not a luxury or a pastime activity. Entrepreneur Amad introduces new ideas he believes are somehow missed by the youth for tackling the world wide web. He further reveals ways of optimizing the internet to make for a better future.

Amr Gamal

As a writer and acting director, Amr elaborates on theatre and its role in the society and how theatre can raise awareness through sending direct messages to the people. He will talk about the role he played in reviving this art in Yemen.

Ali Taleb Almarrany

No matter how beginnings were tormenting and severely miserable, endings can be much brighter as long as you have determination and persistence. Media program developer Ali presents an uncommon success story that will undoubtedly inspire hope.

Zeriab Alghabery

Designer, film maker and photographer Zeriab offers his own outlook of Yemen's identity through his work as a professional photographer. He works on a project he thinks will depict Yemen as never before. Through the lenses of his camera, he will give us a glimpse of this project.

Faizah Alsulimani

No matter how massive the challenges are, you can overcome them as long as you believe in your ultimate goal and set your eyes on achieving it. Taking a successful figure as a role model enables you to unleash your hidden bravery towards achieving your beliefs and ambitions. This is what Trainer Faizah believes in and would like to give you a sense of it.

Dr. AbdulKareem Nasher

Biologist Dr. AbdulKareem defends his personal image of Yemen as a not-so-poor country. Toward this end, he provides examples and models through his extensive work on natural resources in Yemen. He claims such resources may alter the face of Yemen in the long run. He also warns against the irresponsible handling of these resources.

Jamal Alhanesh

Education is the backbone of renaissance in any country. Social activist Jamal Alhanesh presents a brilliant idea on how to eradicate the prevalent phenomenon of illiteracy. Not only that, but Jamal believes that his idea is doable!

Zuha Al-Hammadi

University student Zuha will take us on an imaginary journey into space to showcase some ideas related to the characteristics of planets that can be projected on our life and how we should learn from such characteristics since our planet is part of a huge universe and is therefore affected by whatever affects other potential worlds out there.

Dr. Kaled Alamarie

Water wars are real wars that are raging internationally in public and in secret. Sana'a is a city threatened by drought and depletion of its water resources as indicated in several alarming studies. As an environmental protection scientist, Khalid has a substantial experience in the field of water and the pertinent problems and solutions. His talk will enlighten us about possible ways out of this dilemma for the best interest of the present and future generations.

Ibrahim Mothana

Activist and writer Ibrahim believes that community engagement in shaping the present and future through sharing ideas and aspirations is vital. He, as a start, shares his distinctive idea and project to build bridges of communication between the society and the executive leadership.

Mohammed Al-Basha

Yemen has historically been associated to a crop that has long been ignored despite the potential of introducing it as an intrinsic GDP contributor. This crop is simply coffee. Businessman Mohammed tells us more about coffee and sheds light on how magnificent this forgotten wealth may become if optimally utilized. It is bitter that Mocha consumers around the world have no clue that such product is originated in Yemen.

Dr. Akram Alomainy

Science fiction does inevitably have a way of materializing on the ground. Electromagnetic scientist Dr. Akram speaks about his experiments and research in electromagnetism and how breakthroughs may happen if they become applicable.

Abdulrahman Jaber

Design leaves a direct and indirect print in our lives. As a visual communication consultant, AbdulRahman feels that no adequate attention is being given to this realm as many still consider it a luxury. AbdulRahman will reflect more on this matter on the backdrop of his unique experience in design.

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