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This event occurred on
April 20, 2013
11:00am - 3:00pm EDT
(UTC -4hrs)
Philadelphia, PA
United States

TEDxTempleU will take place on Saturday, April 20. TED celebrates “ideas worth spreading". This TEDx event will explore how scientists investigate the world, embrace uncertainty and discover new knowledge.

TEDxTempleU will feature some of CST’s most engaging and accomplished professors. Go on a deep-sea dive in a submersible, hear the patterns between our genes and music, and cross the divide between stories and statistics.

Howard Gittis Student Center
1755 N 13th Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19122
United States
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John Allen Paulos

John Allen Paulos gained fame as a writer and speaker on the importance of mathematical literacy. His book Innumeracy: Mathematical Illiteracy and its Consequences was an influential bestseller and A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper extended the critique. He also has written on other subjects, such as the mathematical and philosophical basis of humor, the vagaries of the stock market and the quantitative aspects of narrative. “Who’s Counting,” his long-running monthly column on ABCNews.com, deals with mathematical aspects of stories in the news.

Erik Cordes

Erik Cordes received his PhD from Penn State University and was a post-doctoral fellow at Harvard University. His research is focused on the ecology of deep-water corals and vestimentiferan tubeworms. Cordes’s lab combines ecological and molecular techniques to investigate a wide variety of questions centered on these organisms and their habitats. He has participated in 19 multi-day research cruises consisting of 58 weeks at sea including 33 submersible dives and 105 days of underwater remotely operated vehicle time.

Tonia Hsieh

Tonia Hsieh completed her undergraduate studies at the University of California, Berkeley, and received her PhD in biology from Harvard University. As an undergraduate she helped discover how gecko lizards stick to walls, which inspired over 300 publications since 2000 and an entire field of work dedicated to developing gecko-inspired adhesives. She is also known for her research unveiling how lizards run across water and how a small, marine fish walks on land. Her current research integrates biomechanical techniques with tools and concepts common to ecology, evolution, engineering, and physics. Her goal is to understand how animals move smoothly through the complex natural environment, adjusting their movements rapidly in response to unpredictable, and sometimes catastrophic, disturbances.

Rob Kulathinal

Rob Kulathinal is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology. He received his Ph.D. at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada and was a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University with joint appointments in the departments of OEB (Organismic & Evolutionary Biology) and MCB (Molecular & Cellular Biology), and briefly at the University of Florida’s Genetics Institute. His research focuses on how natural processes such as selection and drift generates the molecular and organismal patterns evident among populations and species. His work on speciation theory incorporates a broad spectrum of approaches including population, comparative and functional genomics. Dr. Kulathinal focuses on reproductive genes, especially those expressing dimorphic patterns of expression, in order to understand how divergence and speciation progress.

Michael Zdilla

Assistant Professor Michael J. Zdilla earned his Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry at Princeton University and then went on to do postdoctoral work at Purdue University. He came to Temple in 2009 and teaches courses in bioinorganic, inorganic, and general chemistry. His Zdilla Group lab specializes in the preparation of biologically inspired inorganic complexes and clusters and green chemistry, with a number of collaborative projects with researchers from across the university.

Laura Toran

Laura Toran earned her doctorate in geology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Before coming to Temple in 1997, she was a Wigner Fellow and research associate at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. In 2011-2012, she served as a program officer in hydrologic sciences at the National Sciences Foundation. A fellow of the Geological Society of America and a registered professional geologist in Pennsylvania, Toran has received funding from the National Science Foundation and William Penn Foundation.

Emily LeBlanc

In May 2013, Emily LeBlanc will receive her undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Temple University’s College of Science and Technology. After graduation, she will be pursuing her Ph.D. in Computer Science with a focus on multi-robot systems. From June to November of 2012, Emily took part in a research internship at the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. She worked in VeRLab, a computer vision and robotics lab in the university’s Computer Science department. In the summer of 2011, Emily was chosen to participate in Temple University’s Diamond Research Scholar Program during which she and two fellow CS students designed and developed an interactive tool for creative development with Microsoft’s Kinect 3D sensor.

Jae Hyeon Lee

A former high school dropout, Jae Hyeon Lee is a senior Physics major at Temple University. At Temple, he participated in various research projects under Diamond Research Scholars program, Undergraduate Research Program (URP), and Creative Arts, Research, and Scholarship (CARAS) program in the fields of low-temperature experimental condensed matter physics, computational physical chemistry, and theoretical nuclear physics. In addition, he revived Temple’s Physics Club and served as its President for two years. Jae will graduate in May 2013, having completed his B.S. degree in 3 years and will be attending either Stanford or Harvard for a Ph.D. in Physics.

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