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Theme: Further Your Mind

大连市, China
November 14th, 2012

About this event

TED is not very popular with DUFE. So we can't make the theme too limited. We will make the first DUFE TED talk a little easy. So more people can join us. Another reason is that our students are too busy with their exams, going abroad issues, or career issues as to forget the power of ideas. This TED talk will tell us we need to do more reading, thinking ,and discussing to make us full of ideas in our treasurable colleges times.
Our first speaker is Wang Shijun.He is a advertising teacher in our university.He talked about whether photograph can make us peacockish? The second speaker is Xue Jingyu.He is crazy about The Book of Changes. So he talked about The Changing world ,The Changeless Us. The third speaker is a teacher from Singapore.He talked about how to management AIDS patients with diversity management. The fourth speaker is Li Aowen. He likes debating. So he talked about debating. The topic is debating: a required course in a civil society.The fifth speaker is a student director.He has made many films. He talked about tell a story of life with camera. The last speaker has much experiencing helping university students. He found a pattern in the growth of university students. So he talked about four curves of university students growth.

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大连市, 116023

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大连, China

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