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Southampton, Bermuda
October 13th, 2012

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About this event

"Xtraordinary Ideas" We use the TED global platform to allow a two way exploration of ideas that can change society. We feature 4 local speakers along with 6-7 overseas speaker in an effort to share the great ideas hatching in Bermuda with the world, and to bring some fresh outside thinking to our small Island nation.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Norman Seeff
    Renowned photographer who has photographed the who's who of influential artists including the Rolling Stones and Steve Jobs. Since moving to the United States in 1969, his work as a photographer and filmmaker has been focused on the exploration of human creativity and the inner dynamics of the creative process.
  • John Scully
    Former CEO of Apple and Pepsi spoke on the future of wearable technology and the role of the "cloud" in medicine.
  • Jessica Lewis
    Bermuda's Paralympian spoke on her journey that lead to being at the London games in 2012
  • Ross Stein
    Ross Stein is a geophysicist with the US Geological Survey in California, who studies how earthquakes interact by the transfer of stress. He wants everyone to be able to learn what their seismic risk is.
  • Hanli Prinsloo
    Hanli is an 11-time South African freediving record-holder, filmmaker and avid ocean adventurer. She focuses on ocean conservation through human experience.
  • Peter Bentley
    Randomness can be good and bad, from cancer to the creation of life—but let's not be scared of it. Peter argues randomness should be a solution rather than a problem: it is reality, it is life and we must embrace it.
  • Eric Barnhill
    Eric is a Juilliard-trained concert pianist and the creator of Cognitive Eurhythmics music movement therapy. He is pursuing a PhD in medical physics at the University of Edinburgh.
  • Sossina Haile
    Sossina is a professor of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering at the California Institute of Technology who is working towards a carbon-neutral world by turning CO2 from the air into fuel.
  • K Gabrielle
    In 18 months, a young singer went from singing in the shower to being one of the most memorable performers at the 2012 John Lennon tribute concert in Bermuda. With focus and determination, she has found her voice.
  • Felix Todd
    Felix is a record producer and BAFTA-nominated composer for TV and film. He offers a fix for the ills of the 21st-century digital music industry.
  • Alan Burland
    Alan is one of the founding forces and Chairman of the Bermuda Sloop Foundation. He talks about using history and the natural environment to enhance education for an Island in which sailing is firmly a integral part of its legacy.
  • KASE
    KASE began rapping at 15, a rhythmic progression from childhood tap dancing. His infectious rhymes are regularly heard on Bermuda radio and he is a staple on the local Bermuda music circuit.

Venue and Details

10 Southshore rd.
Southampton, SN02

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John Narraway
Hamilton Parish, Bermuda

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