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Theme: The eye of the fish

This event occurred on
November 18, 2012
4:30pm - 9:25pm GST
(UTC +4hrs)
Dubai, DU
United Arab Emirates

This youth event focuses on the global theme "dream big, then do it". The eye of the fish is taken from a story in the Baghdad Gita where a Master archer teaches young apprentices to aim at their target. Having their focus only - and only! - on the eye of the fish is the only way they can centre the target. Similarly with our dreams.

Emirates International School
Al Thanya Road
Dubai, DU
United Arab Emirates
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Dana Bazzari

Age 11, Palestinian, born in Al Ain, brought up in Dubai, Dana Bazzari is a student in grade 7 , with a passion for public speaking.

Amulya Shanker

Age 15, Indian, brought up in Dubai, in grade 11, would like to become a pilot, has a passion for playing the piano and debating.

Neil Tanna

Age 15, Indian, brought up in Canada and Dubai, in grade 11, has a passion for tennis and diving.

Aastha Parekh

Age 16, Indian, brought up in Dubai, in grade 11, has been pursuing ballet for 12 years and would like to help her father in running his business.

Sergey Chsherba

Age 17, Russian, brought up in Kazakhstan and Dubai, an IB1 student (grade 12), with an interest for Japanese Pop Culture and writing novels.

Yassin Abdel Moneim

Age 16, Egyptian, brought up in Spain, Egypt and Dubai, is an IB1 student (grade 12), hoping to study hotel management and hospitality, with a strong passion for motor sport.

Adam Chakar

Age 19, Moroccan, brought up in London, an IB1 student (grade 12), would like to become a pilot, has a passion for boxing and football.

Ali Ardakani

Age 16, Iranian, brought up in Iran and Dubai, Is an IB1 student (grade 12), hoping to study medicine in the future, has a hobby of practicing Mauy Thai (martial arts)

Rohan Khurana

Age 17, Indian, brought up in Nigeria, an IB1 student (grade 12), would like to pursue football as a career, his hobby is playing football.

Sonja Schnorrer

Age 16, German & Chinese, brought up in Dubai, an IB2 student (grade 13), would like to study medicine or pursue music, her hobby is singing. Sonja hopes that she won’t stop discovering new ways to look at the world and new things she can give to the world. And she hopes she will keep remembering that what she does, like what all of us do - can really matter, and can really make a difference. And she hopes you’ll agree that life ain’t half as bad as they paint it to be.

Mohammed Al Medfa

Medfa is an EIS graduate who believes in young people, creativity, storytelling and the power of technology to unlock and unleash our humanity. He is currently involved in making a feature film called Miracle, which re-imagines filmmaking for the digital age. He’s here to tell you a story, a story about our generation.

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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    TEDxYouth@EISJ Team Leader
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    Head of Auditioners
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    Head of PR
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