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Theme: Entrepreneurship: The Idea Bakers

This event occurred on
December 21, 2012
9:00am - 9:00pm EET
(UTC +2hrs)
Cairo, C

Entrepreneurs launch ideas same way bakers bake a pie. Just as a delicious pie needs a skillful baker who can actually make it, grand achievements need persistent doers. We believe that baking an idea is more crucial than the idea itself; think of the huge amount of thinkers you meet every day, but clever bakers are very rare to find. Think of how many ideas bombard your mind and you never find the courage pursue any of them. If your idea is not well-baked, then it doesn’t exist. You could have a million ideas, but they are all worthless if you don’t get them done.

This event will feature the most inspiring success stories of Egyptian entrepreneurs and persistent go-getters in all fields, not just in business. Speakers will give us an insightful look from the day they got their ideas till the know-how of baking their ideas with the perfect ingredients.

Idea bakers will be a meet up of successful entrepreneurs and others whose ideas are still in the baking phase so they can network together and get their ideas well-cooked with more ingredients and in the shortest time possible. If you have ideas you want to bake, this is the perfect chance to taste what others have cooked and learn how to bake something as tasty!

The American University in Cairo
American University in Cairo, Helwan, Egypt
Cairo, C, 00000
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Ahmed Aboulmagd

Ahmed graduated with a Computer Science degree from the American University in Cairo and now is a technical Evangelist for Microsoft Egypt. Ahmed has been working in the IT/education sector for 4 years. His experience with college students and educators came from his deep passion to spread knowledge and help develop a new generation; this was his calling ever since graduating collage. Ahmed loves changing students’ lives drastically from typical college students to young adults who can dream big, achieve their goals, find their passion and realize their real potential. Ahmed continues to be a coach/mentor for Microsoft Student Partners until they realize their potential for starting their own business and becoming entrepreneurs. Ahmed has led teams of students in winning worldwide competitions such as Imagine Cup, which fosters entrepreneurship all over the world.

Ayman Rashed

Graduated from the faculty of Civil Engineering, Ain Shams University in 1990, Ayman started his career as a civil engineer acquiring his first masters in 1993. In the same year, he shifted his career to Information Technology. In 1995, he got his executive MBA in Information Technology Marketing. Having worked in different positions and gained wide experience in the IT field, Ayman started his first venture in 1999: - a food home delivery portal. was totally acquired just six months after its launch. After the acquisition, Ayman Started IT-Blocks, a professional software services firm, where multiple projects and businesses were created. Of these businesses are: Gates, an IT Training Center, Corsat, a brand of training management solutions,, a website for printing photos online, and, where you find all printed ads from all printed newspapers and magazines online.

Con O’Donnell

In his 18 years in Egypt, Con has worked in editorial, graphic design, publishing, sales & marketing, advertising, TV production, and website & application development & design. He is best known as the co-founder and CEO of Sarmady Communications. Sarmady pioneered much of the Arabic internet content in Egypt, with online media brands like,,, & (all highly successful publications in their own right). Sarmady was also the first digital media company to go totally mobile, starting with WAP and followed by media apps for all its flagship publications. Con sold Sarmady to Vodafone in 2011, and has, since then, been very active as a mentor to many of Egypt’s start-ups through organizations such as Flat6Labs, The Egypt Competitiveness Program, and Start with Google. He is now an advisor to Mercy Corps (MC Egypt), a fund for direct investment in start-up businesses in Egypt, which also provides significant entrepreneur eco-system support. Con is passionate about supporting entrepreneurs who are solving real problems in Egypt, and especially interested in a market-driven approach to social problems (impact investing).


“” is an interactive online video magazine, where young Egyptians can find entertainment, discover new experiences and connect with others based on similar interests. It is a platform for free expression, exploring talents and spreading inspiration. A one-stop destination for online videos, “” satisfies an array of interests and tackles a variety of issues in our everyday life. From culture and fashion, to food and travel, to politics and poetry, the shows are Fresh, Bold and Colorful - delivering entertainment that is current, relevant and informative.

Essam Sharaf

Essam Sharaf is a fifth-year medical student at Cairo University; he has been involved in student activities for 8 years, since he was in high school. Advocate for the open source and free knowledge concepts, Essam worked with the Wikimedia Foundation as a Campus Outreach Coordinator in 2012. Essam volunteered in several initiatives and NGOs aiming at community development. For the past four years, Essam has been actively participating in Enactus Cairo University. In Enactus [Entrepreneurs In Action], Essam developed a sense of Entrepreneurship and worked on several projects in six different areas all over Egypt for the aim of promoting and encouraging entrepreneurship as a way of developing our community.

Fairouz Omar

As Fairouz finished high school and moved to medical school, she chose a less demanding specialization so she could dedicate her free time to community work. After spending one year as a life-coach in a school in her neighborhood, Fairouz took part in online counseling on two websites and provided counseling on a television program. Interacting with youth and listening to their problems made Fairouz realize that social deviance was the dominant characteristic among them. To address this problem, Fairouz decided to work through public schools. Fairouz is revolutionizing the counseling system in Egypt to secure the emotional health of Egyptian youth and prepare them to be active and positive adults. Once school children are encouraged to express themselves, learn about and accept their emotions and build skills of self-control, she believes teachers will be able to teach better, parents better able to communicate and children allowed to focus on learning and succeeding in their own lives. Fairouz was elected as an Ashoka fellow in 2009.

Hayk Hakobyan

Hayk is a passioné for all things entrepreneurial, especially those with social impact, and startups. He has previously worked, in technology-, media- and consultancy-related industries for various regional and global companies, such as Hewlett-Packard, and Pernod-Ricard. Hayk is a believer in “democratization” of space. In 2009, he co-founded the first co-working space in Egypt. He co-founded MozMed, a web and mobile platform for health-related issues in Mozambique in cooperation with Ministry of Health of Mozambique and Mozambique Red Cross. In addition to being the regional ambassador for Board of Innovation, one of top European business model innovation firms, Hayk has been focusing on trends and methodologies of gamification and their application in various business contexts, aiming to increase customer/client engagement and satisfaction as well as performance efficiency. With few successful gamification experiments under his belt, Hayk currently advises some African (Zimbabwe, Mozambique) and MENA companies on business innovation, strategy and gamification.

Maha El-Shinnawy

Maha ElShinnawy is Professor of Management in The School of Business at The American University in Cairo (AUC). She is also the Director of Goldman Sachs Women’s Entrepreneurship and Leadership Program (WEL) at AUC. Professor ElShinnawy joined the faculty of AUC in 2004. Previously, she was a tenured Associate Professor at the Lowry Mays College and Graduate School of Business at Texas A&M University. She received her PhD from The Anderson School at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in 1993. She received her BA from AUC in 1984 with highest honors and her MBA also from AUC in 1986. Dr. ElShinnawy's research interests focus on leadership, organizational change, group dynamics, communication, and ethics in organizations. She has been quoted locally and internationally in Business Week, CNNmoney, Associated Press, Time Magazine, Voice of America, Herald Tribune, Financial Times, among others. She serves as the AUC liaison to the Egyptian Junior Business Association, the Beta Gamma Sigma Faculty Advisor, and is the AUC representative serving on the board of trustees of Cairo American College.

Marwa El-Daly

Marwa El-Daly established the first Waqfeya Foundation as a pioneering, not only revival of the autonomic civic waqf model since centuries, but as a modern application of the waqf model realized in the establishment of the first community foundation in Egypt: Waqfeyat al-Maadi Community Foundation (WMCF). In recognition of her efforts in the field of development, Marwa was selected in 2007 by Ashoka as a Social Entrepreneur for the Arab Region. In 2011 Synergos also selected El-Daly as an Arab World Social Innovator in recognition of her role in mobilizing youth-driven philanthropy. In 2012, El-Daly was awarded the Africa Philanthropy Award by the African Grant Makers Network (AFN). Marwa has a PhD from Humboldt University in Berlin in the field of Islamic Studies with a Thesis focusing on Waqf donor-advised funds, community foundations and sustainable development. Marwa El-Daly is a graduate of the American University in Cairo with a Master's of Arts in Professional Development.

Marwa Morgan

Marwa chose the photography career over pharmacy which was her major going for what she loves. Since 2008, Marwa has participated in more than 25 local group exhibitions and 5 international ones. She's also the winner of a number of local awards and two regional awards: UNICEF MENA photographer of the year 2011 and INDIAFRICA award for the North African sector in 2012. Marwa has worked for some local magazines and currently is an intern in an independent local newspaper. She also works on her own documentary projects.

Mohammed Al-Ayouti

Mohammed is an intrapreneur at Vodafone Egypt since 2008, where he is responsible for exploring new frontiers in the Internet space. He recently drove the launch of, and currently manages, “Vodafone xone Egypt”, an entrepreneurship and innovation unit that is growing the local Internet industry by supporting startups through: the Vodafone Ventures investment arm, tech startup incubation services, outreach program, and by promoting entrepreneurship to grow the ecosystem. Previously, Mohammed launched Vodafone's mobile Internet, and developed it into a mass-market product by launching data plans, smartphones, social networking products, and content services, and has maintained Vodafone’s leadership in this space through many initiatives and projects. An entrepreneur at heart, Mohammed has acquired 10 years of local Internet industry knowhow from launching two startups.

Mostafa Abou-Gamrah

Graduated from AUC 87’, majoring in engineering, Mostafa has a proven track record of building start-ups and opening markets for them. He is passionate about making digital media and social networks in the Middle East a reality. For 12 years, Mostafa held a range of positions with NCR/AT&T in the region, including National Marketing Manager for NCR/AT&T Egypt and General Manager for AT&T Oman and Qatar. He then moved on to become the Founder and CEO of TechnoFann company (producer of Mo3’amreen khamssa, Essam wel mesba7), and TechnoWireless, which specializes in Value Added Services (VAS) e.g. content aggregation, re-purposing, mobile services, interactive broadcasting solutions and Internet implementations. Lately, he founded TWDA, the first and largest independent digital agency in Egypt. Mostafa has also written two books of poetry, drama for M5 animation, and many articles in the printed media and the web. Mostafa is particularly interested in mixing creativity with engineering at work and mixing creativity with heritage at art. He believes that our fair share to innovation and our untapped reservoir of fantasy has not yet been discovered; he has created a creative process for both work and art.

Mostafa Nageeb

Mostafa works as a Social Media Evangelist for Microsoft where he works with startups and students to realize their potential. He graduated from Cairo University in 2011 with a bachelor degree in computer science. Prior to joining Microsoft, Mostafa co-founded Ekshef, a startup that builds a social medical directory of doctors to ease the pain of locating and finding doctors. He has been an active member in the software and startups communities since he was in college and he is also an active blogger. In his own words, “I am so passionate about people; I believe that everybody has the potential to grow and to do something regardless of their circumstances, or the environment around them. I love to meet, know, and help people whenever I can and that’s what I try to do all the time”

Natalie Youssef

Holding a degree in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and a degree in Finance from the Wharton School of Business, Natalie went on to join the Technology Media and Telecommunications Investment Banking team at Credit Suisse, New York Branch. Later, Natalie Youssef decided to move back to her homeland and began by founding an Import Export company, Zamia Designs, specializing in modern furnishings and architectural design. Soon later, Natalie joined the DARE’N’DEAL team in Egypt, heading Business Development. Now she spends her time as Chief Innovator heading Enova Digital Marketing and Advisory.

Omar Soudodi

Omar joined to jump start Egypt operations in 2009 to reach the number one e-commerce site in Egypt. Before Omar co-founded the first online loan origination website in the Middle East in late 2005 and sold majority of company to ORASCOM Development in 2006. Prior to going back to the Middle East, Omar served in various capacities in U.S. Banks to include consumer banking, business banking, International banking and commercial banking for Bank of America, California Bank and Trust and Sunwest Bank after studying Financial Management at California State Fullerton and obtaining a Financial Advisor Certification from the NASD. Omar is actively involved the Egyptian business community serving on: American Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneurship Committee and American University of Cairo School of Business Advisory board as well as mentoring at various organizations and incubators such as Flat Six Labs, Tahrir Squared, Injaz and Endeavor Global.

Shady Ahmed

Shady Ahmed is a singer/songwriter who has been around the Cairo music scene for the better part of the last 8 years. The 25 year old singer and guitar player has been known to front many Rock n' Roll bands like Kravin and the 19th Band, but is perhaps best known for his solo material which has taken the center-stage of his live performances for the last 5 years. He recently recorded an album called "Life Is Hard For Those Who Dream" and has just released it independently. Shady's melodic sensibilities have won the crowd over for the last couple of years during his live performances. The live shows are electric, filled with energy, and are hard to ignore.

Shady Barakat

Throughout launching his startup, The Homepage, Shady got exposed to Search Engine Marketing and Optimization together with content management for the first time; he and his partners have managed to create a unique advertising channel for the furniture and design exhibitors in Egypt to help them reach their target audience efficiently. He currently works as business consultant where he is responsible for developing the strategy and marketing plan to create a full-fledged medical chain. Before experiencing entrepreneurship, Shady worked in the telecommunication industry for 6 years.

Sherif El-Ghamrawy

Sherif was born and raised in Cairo where he received an advanced degree in civil engineering. As a student, he often spent summer holidays in Europe for both training and internships. Sherif became a passionate traveller, visiting many countries around the world. What Sherif experienced throughout his travels increased his interest and concern for the environment; this resulted in the foundation of Basata, Egypt’s first Ecolodge. Founded in 1986, Basata is a pioneer project in the field of sustainable tourism practices and ecotourism development. Lonely Planet has recently named “Basata” as one of the top ten Ecolodges in the world. With the foundation of the associated NGO “Hemaya” in 1997, Sherif took another major step towards his goal of supporting social development in South Sinai and protecting the region’s environment. He has also fostered greater cooperation and understanding between local communities, government authorities and the NGO sector. Sherif has been recognized, nationally and internationally, for his work in environmental preservation and social development. Sherif, an Ashoka member and nominated as the social entrepreneur of Egypt 2008, is also an active member of the Egyptian National Competitiveness Council.

Sherif Kamel

Kamel has been Dean since September 2009. He is leading a major restructuring and repositioning of the school by adopting a distinctive 3-tier thematic approach that includes entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership. The school of business is highly recognized in the Middle East and Africa. The school offers one of the most comprehensive executive educative operations in the Middle East and Africa with over 10,000 executives and middle managers trained annually. Kamel has a long and varied experience as an academic leader investing in human capital, building and managing executive development institutions addressing management, entrepreneurial and leadership issues. He holds a PhD in Information Systems from London School of Economics and Political Science (1994), an MBA (1990) and a BA in Business Administration (1987) from the American University in Cairo. Currently, he is pursuing an MA in Islamic Art and Architecture. His work in management of information technology, information technology transfer to developing nations, electronic business and decision support systems has been broadly published in IS and management journals. He is co-chair of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Committee at the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt and was co-chair of the Information and Communication Committee (2007-2010).

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