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Theme: The Feasibility of Dreams

Bangalore, India
November 10th, 2012

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Every person has a dream. And every dream comes with a scare tactic, an apprehension about its workability. People are scared that the pursuit of their dreams will end in failure. So they don’t make the journey at all. And all that they’re left with in the end is a heart replete with regret and a memory made up of ‘should-haves’ and ‘could-haves’.
People settle for much less than what they aspire for because they overestimate the risk of failure. Every unfulfilled dream portrays an unsatisfied life.
This initiative is to encourage you to walk your own path, because nothing is more deplorable than a dream which remains a dream. Most people realize too late that their life could’ve been entirely different if they had just believed in their dream. A little bit harder. And a little while longer.
At TEDxChristUniversity, we celebrate the fact that every dream is achievable. We embrace the possibility of walking the proverbial ‘road not taken’. So come, join us in our endeavour. Let no one tell you that your dreams are not practical, that they’re too unrealistic. To dream and have ambition is the essence of being human; for what is life if not a perpetual attempt at everything we wish to accomplish?
So go ahead. Let your passion persuade you. Let your dreams direct you.
Here’s to introducing a new measure of success.
Cheers to your dream.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Rita Panicker
    Ms. Rita Panicke is the founder-director of Butterflies, an organization that works with street and working children to lobby for their rights ad launch their own self-help organizations. She has also organized India's first trade union of child workers - the Bal Mazdoor Union
  • Akshay Cherian
    Akshay Cherian is the Co-Author of the book "Leadershift" and the founder of Alchemy Career Solutions which is a social enterprise focused on employability at the bottom of the pyramid. He's alsso the co-founder of Meta Results and Career Kraft - focused on accelarated learning and innvation. Akshay is a prized business coach and corporate trainer, and has designed and delivered programs for companies like Oracle, Dell, Nike, IBM, Seimens, Bank Of America. He's also a lead trainer for many youth and social organizations
  • Kiran Gulrajani
    Kiran Gulrajani is the founder of CoEvolve. His singular contribution has been facilitating profound learning for over 500 leaders at senior levels of the corporate world, professional training, education, health and social initiatives in India, Singapore, USA and other parts of the world. Through his signatiure program 'Tao of Facilitation' and his penchant for connecting with minds and hearts, Kiran has developed a growing ecology of more than 100 gifted facilitators, many of whom have been experienced senior trainers in the field. He's currently authoring a book about this experience.
  • Abhinav
    Abhinav is the managing director at Cardea Biomedical Technologies Pvt. Ltd and a former scientist at IIT Delhi and AIIMS. He designed, developed and lauched India's first ECG on mobile phone devices which can plot ECG in real time and send the date to doctor for consultancy during emergency. The USP of the device is the fact that it can plot ECG in real time on all affordable mobile phones(including the most inexpensive ones)
  • Illac Diaz
    Illac Diaz established Pier One, an affordable, clan and safe house for seafarers. This transient housing is for seamen coming form the provinces, looking for shelter and waiting for their next voyage. To help the women to manually shell off peanuts with simple pedal-powered machines, he established the "Peanut Revolution"
  • Harish Sivaramakrishnan
    A trained carnatic musician and violinist, Harish is the lead vocalist for Agam. With his interest spanning across the myriad forms of music from carniatic to Hindustani to ghazals to sufiyana to Asian undeground, his compositions are an amalgamation of canatic raahas with complex rhythm structures and time signatures that define the character of Agam's music. Harish has several years of experience as a solo musician and a studio artiste with innumerable radio jingles that he has lent voice for. With his soulful renering, Harish has an innate talent to add crative dimensions to a song without altering the intended theme and the expressions at ease. AR Rehman called his singing "Really fantastic!"
  • George Abraham
    George Abraham is a founding chairman of the World Blind Cricket Council (WBCC) and the Association for Cricket for the Blind in India. (ACBI) He is the founder for the SCORE Foundation, New Delhi.
  • Anoj Vishwanathan
    Anoj, the co-founder of Milaap; builds and maintains relationships with micro-finance institutions, social enterprises and funders from the development sector. A Starting Bloc Fellow for 2010, Anoj co-founded Milaap after working with SKS Microfinance in energy and water service. When Anoj witnessed first-hand impact of $5 solar lantern sold on credit, to the extremely poor in tribal Orissa, it sparked in him the idea of Milaap - to connect with ease the struggling 700 million of India with prosperous Indians and the Diaspora, this creating opportunities that change the playing field for the poor at an everyday level

Venue and Details

Christ University
Christ University
Hosur Road,
Bangalore, 560029
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