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Theme: Dessinez votre fil

La Rochelle, France
October 5th, 2013

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About this event

Dessinez votre fil… ou comment notre liberté et nos choix influencent le fil de
notre existence.
Draw your path... or How our liberty and choice design our life

Confirmed Speakers

  • Amandine Duffoux
    Amandine Duffoux is research professor in Information Systems at La Rochelle, France. She focuses about educational innovation as a way of learning and is particularly interested in serious games in higher education and business.
  • Ludovic Leroux
    Ludovic Leroux works with high-level athletes (Coaching for optimizing athletic performance), business (Improving the quality of life at work) and entrepreneurs (business and leadership development). His passion for sports, travel and reading, has already helped hundreds of people achieve their personal and professional goals
  • Christine Lewicki
    Christine Lewicki, French based in Los Angeles, is the founder of O Coaching Inc and author of the bestseller I stop bitching. It runs on several continents a seminar entitled "Wake-Up! 3 days to stop living his life half asleep." She comes to speak to us with humor and realism of his daily "not always sexy" and the great lessons she learned the day she took a firm decision to no longer suffer!
  • Yoann Le Muet
    Yoann works tirelessly to awaken consciences and governments on problematics generated by an invisible nuisance that spoils our lives and our everyday: Noise
  • Niö Paiva
    Nio Paiva was born in Salvador da Bahia. He grew up between Salvador and Lençóis da Chapada diamentina. He arrived in France in 2006 in Paris and La Rochelle in 2008. He is a percussionist and professor of capoeira in Brasil dodged the association. His art and his philosophy of life allows him to bring together citizens throughout our history.
  • Frédéric Lippi
    Frédéric Lippi is a visionary, demanding, revealing talents by enabling people to express freely their competence. With great ability to listen and a watchful eye. An innovative boss.
  • Jean-Chistophe Charrié
    Jean-Christophe Charrié, general practitioner installed in La Rochelle since 1999. During his medical studies, an encounter changes his life and practice ... His office is always full, its objective is that there are more trained doctors like him.
  • Luke Archer
    Nothing intended to start this computer programmer analyst, Irish arrived in France in 1995, to become a specialist in education and conflict management. After a new start in education and training - his true passions - Luke Archer develops within his company Betterfly interventions, coaching and coaching-based midwifery education programs and verbal aikido he is the precursor.
  • Stéphanie Alran
    Behind the appearance of a serious and composed woman hiding a child fighting spirit and fearless ... Physiotherapist by profession, sports engaged since 8 years old, she discovered her passion for sailing late 30 years. But how did this woman from Tarn she acceded to the racing with so little browsing experience? Think outside the box, dare to ship with her to follow the thread of her story ...
  • Guillaume De Salvert
    After studying engineering in development and management of natural resources ....   a career cut short ... a detour through art, and finally turn to the alternative. He created in 2005 a manufacturing yurt, his job for eight years. His desire to share his passion and allow all those who wish to own inexpensively through the light housing ... One goal: Re-enchanting habitat! A proposal The yurt!
  • SOUK Souk Street Orchestra Ukulele Klub
    The Souk Street Orchestra Ukulele Klub is a street band ukulele, bass and lele lele battery. This street band plays and sings a unlikely directory covers the ukulele with lots of humor, derision and interactivity with public.

Venue and Details

102 rue de coureilles
Groupe Sup de Co
La Rochelle, 17000
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Matthieu ROBERT
La Rochelle, France

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Gilles Durouchoux
Marine Maingot
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