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Theme: Relentless Curiosity

Montreal, QC, QC, Canada
November 20th, 2010

About this event

TEDxMcGill is an event organized by student volunteers that features student speakers alongside faculty and professionals.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Brett Rogers
    Brett Rogers, documentary filmmaker, takes us on a journey down Cancer Alley along the Mississippi River
  • Henry Mintzberg
    Henry Mintzberg, prolific on the topic of modern management, tells us why managers need to be curious
  • Michele Morningstar
    Michele Morningstar discovers surprising differences in the rhythm of languages and its role in rehabilitation for aphasia patients
  • François Lacoursiere
    François Lacoursière, Executive Vice-President and Senior partner at Sid Lee Agency, journeys into multidisciplinary teamwork
  • Amara Possian
    Amara Possian tells us how traveling to the places our families have fled can have implications for moving forward from a conflict-ridden past.
  • Graham McDowell
    Graham McDowell shows, in pictures from the Arctic and Nepal, the human impact of climate change
  • Com Mirza
    Com Mirza, serial entrepreneur, turns his eye to how our time spent online can save one million lives
  • Bree Akesson
    Bree Akesson discovers just how important a “sense of place” is for children affected by war
  • Jonathan Emile
    Jonathan Emile, cancer survivor, composer-poet & performer, discusses social consciousness, art and the healing power of music.
  • Salma Moolji
    Salma Moolji shares an outlook full of promise as she opens a school for abused girls in the slums of Nicaragua
  • Jonathan Glencross
    Jonathan Glencross, the student behind McGill’s $2.5M Sustainability Projects Fund, tells us why making change doesn’t have to mean being miserable
  • Lili-Anna Peresa
    Lili-Anna Peresa, general director of the OneDrop Foundation, uses a new approach to raise water conservation awareness
  • Gregory Dudek
    Gregory Dudek explains why amphibious robots have a hard time with underwater vacations
  • Amruth Bagali Ravindranath
    Amruth BR demos a new tool integrating cognitive science and artificial intelligence that adapts to the way you learn
  • Lee Park
    Lee Park builds musical performances piece by piece
  • Derek Ruths
    Derek Ruths shows, with evidence from biological cells, Roman roads, and social systems, how understanding interconnectivity can help us predict behaviour

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Venue and Details

350 rue St-Paul Est
Montreal, QC, QC, H2Y 1H2
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Jan Florjanczyk
Los Angeles, CA, United States

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David El Achkar
Sponsorship and Finance Coordinator
Jennifer Rose Chow-Delgado
Logistics Coordinator
Jocelyn Murphy
Speakers Coordinator
Lindsey Simpson
Communications Officer
Tanya Mulamula
Attendees Coordinator

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