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Theme: Follow your heart

Ljubljana, Slovenia
March 8th, 2013

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Confirmed Speakers

  • Maria Anselmi
    Successful business woman, general manager of international branch in Slovenia. An Italian who followed her heart to Slovenia. She overcame many ups and downs, to which she is reminded through her high heels collection, each shoe pair tells a different story of her life.
  • Erazem B. Pintar
    Businessman, musician, columnist and women-lover. Whatever he does, he follows his heart and always speaks what’s on his mind. This way he achieved many success in life, but still stays big hedonist, enjoying every moment.
  • Bogdan Knavs
    Father Bogan Knavs believes he is what he is by God’s mercy. Even before born, he was said he would not survive. In spite of predictions, he did survive and is dedicating his life to priesthood and children with special needs and hearing impairment. Through his life and work, he follows his heart, hoping his heart doesn’t conflict with God’s will.
  • Robert Miklavcic
    He is looking for answers how to improve life and our relationships by working with violent men. How their heart sometimes misguides them and how to change their heart on the right path?
  • Sonja Smuc
    As president of Manager's Association of Slovenia she has a lot of experience with men and women in management. How they both see their role and what is the challenge in equal workplace, where heart can be as important as brain?
  • Zoran Milivojevic
    Psychotherapist, lecturer, columnist and author of many books on the topic of relationships. He is especially known for his work on love – how the heart can misguide us, what are our love patterns and how we really see love. So he is more than appropriate to speak about heart matters.

Venue and Details

Lutkovno gledališče
Krekov trg 2
Ljubljana, 1000
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Ljubljana, Slovenia

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