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Columbia, MO, United States
June 28th, 2012

About this event

We will be gathering the community together June 28th at 9am to discuss what the people of Columbia would like to see in the upcoming TEDxCoMo. After our brainstorm/discussion, we will show a session from TED Global to expose the community to new fresh ideas from around the world.

Venue and Details

Ragtag Cinema
10 Hitt Street
Columbia, MO, 65201
United States
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Event Type (what is this?) TEDGlobal2012 Simulcast (TEDxLive)

This event occurred in the past.
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Organizer Df6bc331b9809fe0118ba10739f7c6bae4c96333_165x165

Cale Sears
Columbia, MO, United States

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Organizer C1e8d6893ea406bfcd952c4caf2a2510796ebb89_165x165

Keith Politte
Columbia, MO, United States

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