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Theme: ‘Ideas that will change the world.’

This event occurred on
November 17, 2012
9:00am - 12:45pm GST
(UTC +4hrs)
Dubai, DU
United Arab Emirates

If we wish to live in a 21st century world that is compassionate, creative, and scientifically literate then we need to encourage the youth to start challenging old notions and questioning traditional ways of doing things. The system needs repairing, and the best people to fix it are the youth. The young speakers at this event are encouraged to approach the theme from any angle: economics, art, literature, science, personal experience etc. They are encouraged to speak with passion, sincerity, and conviction to entertain, educate, and enlighten the audience.

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The Winchester School, Dubai
The Winchester School
Jebel Ali Gardens
Dubai, DU, 38058
United Arab Emirates
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Youth (What is this?)
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Teresa Francis

What if the world was free from the extrovert bias? Do we all have to be extroverts to be successful? Does the best speaker always have the best ideas? Teresa invites us to imagine a world without the extrovert bias.

Zara Zaman

What if we made no excuses? Do we honour our commitments? Do we accept responsibility for our actions? Do we do the right thing? Zara reminds us that accountability rests with each and every one of us.

Neiha Lasharie

What if we were passionate about our passions? Are we passionate about something? Are we persistent about our passions? How exactly can we go about living passionately? Neiha shows us the way to live a life honouring our passions.

Jamal Ollier

What if I saved the world? Which countries are signed up to the Kyoto treaty? Do they follow all the Kyoto Protocol’s requirements? Can we save the world? Jamal reminds us that we are all in it together: we can all make the protocol a success.

Shennin Pieries

What if beauty were an illusion? What is beauty? How do we define it? How can we tell if something is beautiful? Shennin takes us on a journey to discover whether beauty is just sheer appearances, or if there is more to it than that.

Raya Bidshahri

Raya Bidshahri What if we could create infinite minds? Can we construct computers as intelligent as ourselves? Can simplicity beget complexity? Can human beings merge their consciousness with technology? Raya explores the wonders of a future where human minds become part the fabric of the universe itself.

Edeline D'Souza

What if our reality were a computer simulation? Once we discover that, can we hack into the programme of existence? Can we stop ourselves from being shut down? Edeline discusses the possibility of our reality being nothing more than coded information.

Monica Manoj

What if we colonized space? Could we live on the moon? How about Mars? What would we need? Can we make space habitable for humans? Monica explores how we can create a home away from planet Earth.

Priyanka Lopez

What if everyone knew they were artists? What is art? Do we live creatively? Can art become a way of life? Is any of this connected to being happy? Priyanka paints a world where imagination creates a future we want to live in.

Muwaffika Taj

What if we unleashed the potential of the mind? What are human minds capable of now? What will they be capable of in the future? Will we be able to remotely control devices with our minds? Muwaffika explores the power the human mind holds.

Shafah Shamsuddin

What if we reduced our dependence on fossil fuels? How would we live our lives differently if we used alternate sources of energy? What would these sources be? How would our world be different? Shafah invites us to imagine a world that runs without fossil fuels.

Ayesha Ahmed

What if we controlled our inspiration Ayesha offers her thoughts on what the world be like if there were no "unfinished tasks" abandoned by people due to lack or loss of inspiration.

Mehvash Khan

What if we were all truly one? Does it matter what part of the world we are from? What do we call ourselves if we are of multiple ethnicities? What if we live where we are not ethnically from? Does any of it matter? Do we limit ourselves with geographic labels. Mehvash invites us to really live “all for one, one for all”.

Faiza Syed

What if we had an economy based on abundance? Can all human beings have access to clean water? Can we make food abundant for all human beings? Can every individual get an education? Faiza explores the wonders and marvels of an idea that challenges our current mindset - the idea of abundance.

Tannya Jajal

What if celebrities used their fame for good? Can celebrities initiate positive change? Can music change the world? Can the youth make the things they believe in come true? Tannya explores a world where celebrities take up current causes and inspire the youth to create positive change.

Myra Adnan

What if we reduced the pace? New versions of gadgets, latest versions of software, updates galore and upgrades without end… Myra offers her thoughts on why it’s important to live in a world where we make time to appreciate the present.

Shafnaa Kassim

What if we took a cosmic perspective? How do we see our lives? How do we view our world? Is there space in our day-to-day lives to let the universe in? Shafnaa invites us to open ourselves to the wonders of the cosmos.

Yolany Aher

What if we didn’t need to sleep? Can we take sleep out of the equation? What can human beings achieve if we didn’t have to sleep? Yolany’s whimsical talk explores a world of always-wakeful humans.

Dilini Sumanapala

What if we could control the brain? What happens when we use chemical, electromagnetic and optogenetic means of manipulating the brain in neuroscience research? What would the consequences be for our species if we could tinker and fine-tune the way the brain works?

Jennifer Satish

What if the question were “What now”? Are we here just to share our ideas? Jennifer concludes the talks by urging us to not just voice our ideas, but to make them come alive.

Behshid Behrouzi

What if we obliterated standardised testing? Can we see beyond a student’s test grades. Why do we have to conform to cookie-cutter uniformity? Behshid wonders what the educational world would be like if one size does not fit all.

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