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Theme: TEDxVictoria 2012: Momentum

This event occurred on
November 17, 2012
10:00am - 6:00pm PST
(UTC -8hrs)
Victoria, BC

Ideas. Community. Action.

Conceptions existing in the mind as a result of mental understanding, awareness, or activity. Hope. Exposure of opportunities.

A social group sharing common characteristics, interests, relationships, or spaces. Resilient. Inclusive. Leading common lives according to ideals.

A process or state of acting or being active. Something done or performed. An act consciously willed that may be characterized by physical or mental activity. Conscious choices. Shining a light in dark places.

“Man is the lowest-cost, 150-pound, nonlinear, all-purpose computer system which can be mass-produced by unskilled labor.” –NASA, 1965.

Hi. We are TEDxVictoria. We independently organize idea-sharing TED-like events in Victoria, BC.
We gather and collaborate with leaders, thinkers, inventors, innovators, young minds, and wise hearts around Vancouver Island in order to offer them one day of engaging talks and unforeseen connections. We celebrate the challenge and inspiration that comes with new ideas, insights and innovations.

TEDxVictoria is created for and by Victoria, so we strive for inclusiveness and connection. Get in touch with us through Facebook and Twitter, follow along by joining our mailing list, or sign up to volunteer—there are many methods of participation. A community is only as strong and impactful as the people that make it.

Please join us in creating an event that can inspire action. Change is all around us, so let’s step into it with passion and intent.

Victoria Conference Centre
720 Douglas Street
Victoria, BC
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Alan Cassels

A drug policy researcher for the University of Victoria, Alan Cassels is a known for having a knack for finding and describing the chasm between what the market says and what science does in modern healthcare. Over the past two decades Cassels has spent much of his research energy studying clinical research and the marketing tactics of the pharmaceutical industry, turning some of that research into journalism and books, including an international best-seller.

Calvin Sandborn

Calvin Sandborn is a journalist, author, and environmental lawyer currently supervising the University of Victoria Environmental Law Clinic. In 2011 Sandborn received the top British Columbia award for environmental advocacy and was also named an Honorary Citizen by the City of Victoria. His book Becoming a Kind Father: A Son’s Journey was a best-seller in BC, and he now travels throughout Canada and the United States speaking on the topic of men and anger.

Carolyn Herriot

Carolyn Herriot is a food security consultant and regular columnist for the BC Home & Garden and CommonGround magazines, as well as the best-selling author of A Year on the Garden Path: A 52-Week Organic Gardening Guide, The Zero Mile Diet, and The Zero-Mile Diet Cookbook. Herriot grows certified organic seeds for “Seeds of Victoria” at The Garden Path Centre in Victoria.

Christopher Bowers

Christopher Bowers is an educator, a story-catcher, a videographer, and an entrepreneur. He won a Marshall McLuhan Award for Innovation in Education by helping implement computer technology across the curriculum. Bowers currently works with classes on Vancouver Island to help students understand the power of personal inquiry through ConversationWorks, where he also creates new tools and models of communication and collaboration.

Darcy Turenne

Darcy Turenne is known internationally for her athletics but also more recently as a filmmaker as well. She started working in television as a presenter for the globally syndicated travel/adventure show Ride Guide, and has been featured in hundreds of publications worldwide, including Rolling Stone and Men’s Journal. Darcy’s thesis film at Royal Roads Univeristy, The Eighth Parallel, brought her to Indonesia, where she documented the lives of five female action-sport athletes, and the impact sport had on their lives.

David Eaves

An expert in public policy, strategy, open government, open source, negotiation, and collaboration, David Eaves’ primary expertise lies in the realm of technology and transparency, making him an ideal speaker for governments and organizations interested in open data and social media. As a negotiation expert, Eaves advised on critical negotiations like the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement. He is also a prolific writer, contributing to The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star and publishing chapters in books like O’Reilly Media’s Open Government and EMP’s textbook The New Journalist.

Donna Morton

Donna Morton is an Ashoka, Ogunte, Unreasonable fellow, and a BC Ideas Thoughtleader. Morton began her career in Greenpeace, where she was frequently arrested in defence of our planet and future generations. She’s now the CEO of First Power, a company focused on blending business innovation and social purpose to put green energy technology (and the related jobs and economic benefits) into the hands of communities.

Genevieve von Petzinger

A PhD student in Anthropology at the University of Victoria, Genevieve Von Petzinger’s main area of interest is understanding the geometric imagery of European Ice Age rock art and how we can use this type of behavior to identify cognitive and symbolic evolution in modern humans. Her work was featured on the cover of New Scientist in 2010 and Science Illustrated in 2011, and she has also appeared on the Discovery Channel’s popular program Daily Planet.

Jaigris Hodson

Jaigris Hodson teaches communication studies at Royal Roads University. Hodson also develops and teaches digital literacy courses at Ryerson University—but that isn’t the most interesting thing about her: she’s also a former burlesque dancer who started her own burlesque troupe in Toronto called “The Cinnamon Hearts” after getting her start with Victoria’s own “Cheesecake Burlesque.”

Jamie Kemp

Jamie Kemp is an Educator in Residence at MediaCore Technologies (an education software company) and a Ph.D. candidate and lecturer at the University of Victoria. Kemp is tackling some of the oldest problems in education: her mission is to help the world learn more, do more, think more clearly, and manage knowledge in better ways by thinking about what tools, technologies, and situations make this possible—and sharing that knowledge with those who are transforming the educational landscape through technology.

Reid Gower

Reid Gower is a 26-year-old philosophy major who dropped out of university to promote science and space exploration using social media. His film project The Sagan Series combined stunning cinematography and a mesmerizing soundtrack with Carl Sagan’s narration from his hit television series Cosmos: A Personal Voyage. Gower spoke about The Sagan Series at TEDxVancouver 2011 with a speech entitled “The Frontier.”

Wes Borg

Wes Borg has been told he is smart at least twice. He has no documentation to prove this, but he is pretty darned good at puzzles. He has written and performed for the stage, screen, radio and internet. In fact, he remembers the internet before Mosaic came along and wrecked it. Wes has also been given awards for things, most recently it was decided by the people of Victoria that he is funny—in fact, “the funniest” two years in a row. Never been done before (unless it has... I’m not looking it up, you look it up.)

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