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Theme: "Have an idea..."

This event occurred on
October 20, 2012
3:30pm - 8:00pm FET
(UTC +3hrs)
Kaliningrad, KGD

The event aimed to unite all active people of the region and all together create a huge positive impact to a society by creating, running and developing projects in and for Kaliningrad region.

Museum of the World Ocean
Petra Velikogo 1
Kaliningrad, KGD
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Sergey Rizhikov

In 1998, Sergey Rizhikov founded Bitrix and remains director to the present. Under his management, Bitrix has evolved from a website design outsourcing studio to a top Russian software development company, specializing in Internet applications. He has personally managed the development of the company’s software solutions including Bitrix Site Manager, Bitrix Intranet, and the E-store For Rent. Today, Bitrix firmly holds the leading position in the Russian market among commercial content management systems. In 2006, the company was awarded the prestigious RUNET prize in the category of Technology and Innovation. Since 2001, Mr. Rizhikov has been the director of Bitrix, Inc, a US-based company which sells Bitrix products internationally both directly and through a reseller network. In 2007, Mr. Rizhikov became director of OOO “1C-Bitrix”, a joint-venture between Bitrix and 1C, a very popular Russian ERP system. This company develops, promotes and supports 1C-Bitrix: Site Manager in Russia and Russian-speaking countries. The company also maintains a large reseller network which markets, supports, and implements the product. Sergey Rizhikov has had leading roles in the development of large-scale billing and e-commerce projects which have been recognized internationally for their excellence. In 2001, under Mr. Rizhikov’s direction, Bitrix designed and developed one of the most successful financial web projects in the Russian Internet, Softkey.ru, the largest software registration system in the Russian market. 1C-Bitrix participates in various social projects, professional associations, major tenders, and specialized conferences. With his experience in development of banking applications and high-level knowledge in the fields of financial technologies, workflow design, web security, and high-traffic web projects, Mr. Rizhikov is sought after as an expert and participates regularly in events such as the Russian Internet Forum, the ISDEF annual congress of independent developers, InfoSecurity, the Russian Internet Technology conference, the St. Petersburg Internet Conference, the Corporate Intranet forum, and various international PHP Conferences.

Kirill Kazakov

Designer, art director and brand producer. He comes from Slavsk, a small city in Kaliningrad Region. Now lives and works in Moscow. Worked with such advertising agencies as Ogilvy, BE!MA (Media Arts Group), Shemanoff visual communications. Now he is co-founder of Sinegretik - young brand communication agency . Got working experience with Volvo Trucks, Amway, Rosneft, MARS, MTS etc. He is going tell about «story principle» in brand development.

Andrey Kuzmin

KranX Productions, CEO/Founder Andrey Kuzmin made his first game in 1987. In 1992 he put together a team of enthusiasts to research real-time graphics and technologies. In 1995 he founded a company to develop computer games. Being the leader of the team Andrey inspired and designed several PC games featuring innovative concepts and smart technological decisions, which were published worldwide. In 2004 he founded a game production company KranX Productions with an emphasis on producing and developing innovative game products for modern platforms. With Andrey Kuzmin as the head of the company, KranX team and its game projects were nominated for a plenty of industrial awards, and Andrey Kuzmin personally was awarded Industry Acknowledgment Prize at Russian Game Developer's Conference KRI 2008. Company’s flagman project today, multiplayer online 3D game service has been launched on several platforms including Facebook and iPads and consolidates gamers all over the world in one game universe. As a bright visionary Andrey Kuzmin is looking forward to using his successful game development experience for creating online mobile services of a new generation, that promote human evolution.

Vitaly Knyazev

Postgraduate student of the Kaliningrad State Technical University (KSTU), software developer in MAPILab Ltd., chairman of the KSTU’s scientific student community, one of the top graduate in KSTU 2011. Despite his young age, has already received diverse life experiences, starting with the establishment of the university community and work with large projects in the IT-industry. Constantly engaged in self-development and self-improvement, through various courses at the world famous universities. During his academic and professional investigations encounters with imperfection of current concepts in the IT industry, one of which hopes will be corrected by sharing his performance.

Max Gerasimov

20 years. Was born in Kaliningrad. The 4th year student of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Cybernetics and Information security), the student of Open University Skolkovo.

Maxim Mikhailov

1976, was born in the most western Russian Ctown Baltiysk. Having financial management background Maxim now is active member of grass-roots civil initiatives in Kaliningrad region. He works for Kaliningrad tourism cluster initiative as a facilitator/clusterpreneur and also for several Nordic-Russian cooperation projects as an expert and project leader. Maxim teaches marketing in Immanuil Kant Baltic Federal University. Maxim`s focus is to bring to region new ways of thinking and collaboration, making Kaliningrad really livable city.

Konstantin Orlov

During his training at the University of Konstantin created and led a youth public organization (implementing projects in the field of youth education, the environment, youth policy). Parallel to graduate school he worked as a journalist. Then came the era of IT career: first marketing director of the regional IT company, then the regional representative of Microsoft, then Executive Director of the Regional Association of IT companies. All the time from the university he spent courses, seminars and trainings on the territory of Russia. Now leads educational project for innovative managers and project formation and development of the IT cluster in the Kaliningrad region (Russia)

Anna Popova

Born January 14, 1984, town of Dmitrov, Moscow region. 1994 moved to Kaliningrad, studied in school № 16. 2000 -2002 years “Italian language courses for foreigners” Italy. I worked as a model in Rome and Milan. 2001 graduated Russian school with advanced study of foreign languages at the Russian Embassy in Italy, Rome. 2002-2007. studied in Kaliningrad Institute of Tourism, Department of "Management of hotel and restaurant business." 2002 - 2006 years. Worked as a teacher of Italian in the language school "Expert". 2007 - founded own company – Bureau of translations and language school "AMICI." Today I manage my enterprise and work as a teacher and translator of Italian. Performed consecutive and written translations for the Government of Kaliningrad region, as well as various companies. 09/17/12 – 12/10/12 –“Course for teachers of Italian as a foreign language”, DILIT - Rome.

Margarita Grishechkina

I was born on March 9, 1975 in Nizhny Novgorod, where I graduated from high school. I have higher education and in 2000 graduated with honors from the Russian Institute of Textile and Light Industry specialty engineer garments. The same year in Nizhny Novgorod I was introduced for the first time to activities of the “third sector” in Nizhny Novgorod NGO "Institute Social and Political Psychology. After three years I changed place of residence because of marriage, but I remained true to non-profit organizations and continued to work in newly established a charitable foundation of the community "Kaliningrad", first in Deputy Director, then Director of Development, and from 2009 to the present in the position of Executive Director. In 2006 I gave birth a daughter Arina. Work in the nonprofit sector also gave me rise to a professional development. I have been growing my skills each year by taking part in various workshops, conferences and training both in Russia and abroad. Over the past ten years I has passed retraining program management training for national economy of the Russian Federation (President's program), education in Moscow School of Policy Research. I participate in programs to study the experience of Nordic countries technologies about Energy efficiency and renewable energy and also in "Open World" program - a study visit to Washington and Chicago (USA). I become acquainted with the work of community foundations State Columbia (Vancouver, Canada) during school visit. My development have started with distance learning courses "General Management NCO," "NCO Financial Management", "Protection of public interests", "Attracting resources" NGO Support Centre, School of NGOs and the course "Relations public in the third sector" in Nizhny Novgorod State Linguistic University of N.A.Dobrolyubov. In addition I passed more than 30 various seminars and training sessions for coaches, including: * Professionals seminars Tacis Local Support Office in Kaliningrad; * Business training "Leadership in emotional economy"; * "Building the future of the organization" (Keith Coates, Durban, RSA Consulting company "Tomorrow Today"); * "Consciousness coach" (George Lakey, Philadelphia, USA, Training for change); * Multi-level training courses for Trainers Training Centre "Dove" (Moscow), the Center for Civic Initiatives (Voronezh); * The Youth Directorate of the Council of Europe; * Russian children's associations; During my work at the community foundation "Kaliningrad" there was 20 million rubles attracted to the region implementation of various socially oriented programs in the field of culture, housing education, NGO support, financing of rehabilitation and treatment of children and Support the poor, individual support to charitable aid vulnerable groups. And more than 3 million euro was attracted to the project implementation in ecology, culture and housing to municipalities, public institutions and HOAs. Selecting a charity and "third sector" as a profession, I try to find time for social activities, not income. In September 2012 at the Public forum Kaliningrad organizations selected the Public Council under Chapter, the Kaliningrad, where he eventually became vice-president. In September 2012 at the Public forum Kaliningrad organizations I was elected to the Public Council at the head of the city of Kaliningrad, where I eventually became vice-president.

Ksenia Fedorova

She's a flamenco dancer and inspirer of dance club "Milonga". Ksenia dancing professionally for over twenty years, for almost her whole life. She started dance since she stood confidently on the ground. Even her everyday movements are graceful.

Marat Kuchushev

graduated from the University of Culture and Arts in St. - Petersburg. In 2006 he graduated from the College of Music for classical guitar. In 2006, he studied at the school of flamenco "Taller Flamenco" Sevilla and El Pulga was his music teacher. In 2008 he received the first award in the guitar competition (St. Petersburg) in the category of flamenco guitar. Marat participates in competitions and festivals held in Russia, Lithuania, Poland, and Spain. In 2011, he studied at the Academy of flamenco "Cristina Hereen" (he had a great teachers: Nino de Pura, Pedro Sierra, Eduardo Rebbolar, Javier Gomez, Paco Cortes). Now Marat is amazing flamenco guitarist who actively performs in Russian cities in solo or band.


is a romantic folk band from Kaliningrad - the western city of Russia. A young musician Evgeniy Brodsky is a writer and singer of all the songs. He used to be a front man of a quite well-known Kaliningrad indie band Ramriders, and now he’s performing beautiful and touching songs on guitar and other string instruments. Almost all of the Brodsky songs are in English, except a few charming tracks in Russian. Although every member has great musical experience and education, the band exists only for a year and so far they have recorded an EP. Brodsky performs “grand” concerts with alto, percussion and contrabass as well as the acoustic ones for small audiences.

Organizing team


Kaliningrad, Russian Federation
  • Anna Khan
  • Diana Jarovskih
  • Elena Martynenko
  • Natalia Meleschenko
  • Maxim Kondratenko
  • Liana Rasulova
    Volunteer's coordinator
  • Igor Lyulyukin
    Technical and advertisment support
  • Pavel Yurkov