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Theme: Communication

Andorra la Vella, Andorra
May 2nd, 2012

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About this event

"The value of communication" A message goes from A to B, many interferences may cause a change in it, a deep dig into what involves communication and experiences related to our theme. Different point of view and a outstanding production to motivate and bring food for thoughts to our community

Confirmed Speakers

  • Ana Aldea
    Ana Aldea has worked as a journalist in TVE, TeleMadrid, Tv Castilla y Leon, before joining the world of the Internet and especially on start-up’s. After two years leading Business Development Media and Networks, founded with Fernando Tellado her own company, Semanticae. She is also responsible for Agoramusic, AgoraNews’ musical project. Her daily work reconciles with her other passions: teaching and training at Telefónica Learning Services, IAB, INESE, Unidad Editorial, etc.. In her talk "The support you", she will discuss how social networks are breaking down barriers between advertising and information and how users have become the new advertising media.
  • Daniel Closa
    Doctor in biology and CSIC researcher, has been working for many years now at the Biomedical Investigation Institut of Barcelona where he manages a research group in the field of inflammatory diseases. In 1994 won the prize of scientific novel with the novel "Tots som parents". He is also the author of works of fiction such as "Setembre de passió” and "El Secret de l’almogàver”, and scientific spreading as "Blocs de ciència” and “100 mites de la ciència" among others. As well known scientific writer, he has participated in several debates, lectures , radio and television shows. Since 2005 he publishes the blog "Centpeus" focused in scientific matters, winning in 2011 "Blocs Catalunya" awards, in the category of professional blogs of universities, research and science.
  • Juan Francisco Delgado
    Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Diploma in Pedagogy from the Universidad of Granada, Master in Management of Social Services by “Universidad Complutense de Madrid” and Doctoral studies in Social Psychology. He is currently CEO of the “Consorcio para la Sociedad de la información y del Conocimiento por Andalucía “Fernando Ríos", holds the position of President of the Association of community network Telecentre and is a member of the Board of Telecentre Europe. He is a collaborator of the radio program "Hoy por Hoy” of Cadena Ser with a space dedicated to psychological problems and author of the blog "Ayuda psicológica" (psychological support)
  • Rosa Gili Casals
    Education professional with extensive dedication to national politics. General Counsel (2009-2011) and member of various legislative committees. She has also been part of the Andorran delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and the Andorra section of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Francophonie (APF). Her talk is named: "The new towers of Babel".
  • Alex Lliteras
    Previous statement: I am one of those which enjoys very much of his work. And now that job has become something like a luxury is a double privilege. I was going for lawyer, but I left it when I realized that the work day by day wasn't exactly like the movies. Having played all kinds of functions in the communication bussines, with better or worse fortune, I have no doubt this is what it fills me more. Forever, a devotee of the Radio. With capital letters. Final statement: the program Director "Ara i Aquí" in Ràdio Nacional d'Andorra. 10 seasons on the air. My presentation will take the title: "The (responsible) word"
  • Yago de la Marta
    International Expert on Oratory & Public Speaking and Media Training. Executives and spokespersons coach. Political Candidates trainer. Debate Coach.He is a Pro lecturer and has provided courses in a dozen countries spread across the United States, Central America, South America, Spain and Portugal. Founder of the International Debate in Spanish Counsil,has coached debate teams from prestigious universities and has been champion and runner-up in various forms of debate. Yago de Marta will speak on "The need to communicate."
  • Albert Riba
    Albert is an entrepreneur, coach and communicator, Dynamic Partner, Co-founder and partner of Kinetical inPreneur Business. He combines his entrepreneurial role with his role as communicator and popularizer of the disclosing attitude within any kind of organization. Collaborating with different catalonian media as Rac1, RNE4 and Catalunya Radio. Co-director at "Postgraduate d'Emprenedoria" of the UPC. JCI Senator 70537 and Honorary Member of the Foundation INLEA # LinktoStart. Blogger and Twitter user.
  • Laura Rojas-Marcos
    Laura Rojas-Marcos (New York, 1970) Positive psychologist. She has a degree in Psychology from New York University and Master's Degree in clinical psychology by Albert Einstein of Yeshiva University. On 2001 after September 11th attacks, she volunteered for the Red Cross and collaborated on "Project freedom", a program created by the U.S. federal Government to provide psychological assistance to the victims of the attacks. She currently maintains a private practice in Madrid and is a specialist in disorders of anxiety, depression, stress, domestic abuse and psycho-Oncology. She has published the books "Talk and learn," "The feeling of guilt" and the forthcoming "We are change". Laura is a great professional with psychology in her blood. Admirably manage issues relating to the human mind and emotions. She likes to talk about the ways to deal with adversity; she believes that any situation can be improved. She speaks of optimism with optimism, hoping that those who listen to her also will see that light which she sees. She defenses strength, change and serenity from a realistic Prism. She is interested in everything associated with positive psychology, the pursuit of happiness and interpersonal relationships. As psychologist her focus is mainly emotional, her way of communicating is close and informal, known to involve the audience and get a connection with them by her human quality and its professionalism.
  • Assumpta Casanovas
    Presentadora del TEDxAndorralaVella Membre del grup de teatre Assaig.9 de la Massana i directora de formacions escolars, infantils, juvenils i d'adults. És una de les actrius més carismàtiques del país. Protagonista d'alguns dels títols més recordats de l'escena andorrana dels últims anys, es distingeix per la seva implicació entusiasta.

Venue and Details

Centre de Congressos d'Andorra
Andorra la Vella, AD500

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