x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Tomorrow Starts Today

This event occurred on
November 16, 2012
4:11pm - 8:11pm CET
(UTC +1hr)
Warsaw, MZ

Second edition of TEDxYouth@Warsaw - a sibling of TEDxWarsaw organised, quite surprisingly, by and for Warsaw's youth!

Batory High School
Myśliwiecka 6
Warsaw, MZ, 00-459
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Karolina Partyga

Secretary General at Warsaw Model United Nations. Future Polish PM or Foreign Affairs Minister. Currently an IB student at Batory High School, already keen and experienced debater. Karolina will talk about the value of public debates and advantages each of us can gain from taking part in them.

Antoni Krowicki

young traveler, adventurer, trekker, volunteer, Kochanowski High School student. Driven by the dream to explore the wildest places on Earth. Just returned from Nepal, where he lived in the buddhist monastery and trekked the High Himalayas. Antoni will talk about his trip and try to explain what travelling really is for him.

Alicja Newman

volunteer at UNICEF and at the animal shelter “Azyl”. Co-ordinator of the Earth’s Day and Science Picnic at Ingmar Bergman High School where she is currently an IB student. After school she practices Ashtanga yoga. Alicja will tell us why in the future we may run out of excuses to be a vegetarian.

Adam Anyszewski

off-road rallies navigator, keen mechanic and technology lover. Currently studying at Batory High School. Optimist, dreams to make our world a better place. He will talk about direct link between economy and ecology in order to raise awareness about simple, but significant interactions which affect our lives.

Wojciech Kowalski

aviation enthusiast, keen sailor, volunteer at Amnesty International. Currently studying at 2 SLO in Warsaw. Enjoys writing and other creative work. He also loves plaing the piano. Wojtek will tell us about his experience, that has changed the perspective on how he sees problems and finds outstanding solutions.

Piotr Arak

Project Coordinator at UNDP. Interested in measuring everything that counts. PhD candidate at The University of Warsaw; works on evidence-based policy for the Polish government. Piotr will talk about the complexity of today’s youth based on the research he conducted in the PM’s office for the “Youth 2011″ report which he co-authored.

Jarosław Szulski

enterpreneur, publisher, geography teacher at Reytan High School, author of the “Zdarza się” novel. Jarek will talk about “thinking differently” and people who manage to change our world. What are they characterized by, what is the point that they stand out of the crowd? And finally, what we can change at school today, to educate more such changemakers.

Organizing team


Warsaw, Poland
  • Anna Urbańska
    PR Manager