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Daejeon, South Korea
April 24th, 2012

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About this event

Unlike other TEDx conferences, TEDxDaejeon’s salon event idea comes from the culture that has been passed on from ancient Greece’s ‘Agora’, and ‘Forum’ from the Roman times. It’s an event that lets less amount of people create deeper networking, which makes it a ‘smaller but deeper communication’ event.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Youngha Joo
    Professor Young-Ha Joo; emphsizing one thing, 'Let's make a family receipe.' Main speaker, Young-Ha Joo, a cultural anthropologist, has researched more than 30 years and he spend over 28 years to study food culture and history not only in Korea but also east Asian food. We eat and drink what we do not choose but instead of our own chioce. The answer of the way to consume food or to think about it is in our mind. In 21st century, when the wave of fast food has been pouring in, we have to take back our history of tables keeping our grandparent's receipes. Do you want to get back broken families' gathering time on tables? Then, let's write a receipe right now!
  • Kyung ja Lee
    Living as a 'Urban-farmer' over 4 years announcing to the young, "What are you going to leave to your descendents?" Citizen speaker, Gyoung-Ja Lee, it has been four years since she farmed in urban areas. She has lived in a town, but has tried to do a lot of afforts for revival of our agricultural industry. Thriving civilization in cities gives us a lot of benefits for comfortable living however, at the same time, we are facing problems including crowded indigenous farmers due to big grain companies, soaring prices of other products caused by skyrocketed grain prices. She raises her voice to the young, 'The key to solve the problem is returning to farming.' In this society, where the unemployment rate is reaching over 8%, let's join with him to find the new hope, new society.

Venue and Details

100 Dunsan-ro, Seo-gu Daejeon, korea
South Korea

Event Type (what is this?) Salon

This event occurred in the past.
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Roy Younghwan Cheon
Daejeon, South Korea

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