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Theme: Sustaining Innovation

Allentown, PA, United States
November 17th, 2012

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About this event

Students will share the ways they innovate in their community, what inspires and drives their innovation and how this generation will cope with sustaining it.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Sarah Kim
    Sarah, a junior at Salisbury, will be speaking on a presentation answering the question "what if we embraced emotions rather then ignored them?"
  • Thomas Walters
    Tommy, a senior at Salisbury, will speak on the interesting and original idea: "why everyone needs a fat lady."
  • Makenna Lenover
    Makenna, a sophomore at Salisbury, will present "The Falling Victim" which discusses the dangers of taking competition away from our society which could force us to become complacent, the exact opposite of what innovation needs in order to be sustained.
  • Sinjon Bartel
    Sinjon, a junior at Salisbury, will be discussing "The Failure Paradox".
  • Gabby Maramag
    Gabby, a junior at Salisbury, will answer the question, "how does loss aversion affect innovation?"
  • Alan Mendez
    Alan, a senior at Salisbury, will discuss the importance of "Improv and Chaos" for innovation.
  • Casey Creveling
    Casey, a senior at Salisbury, will answer the question, "why can't we innovate?"
  • Alyssa Sipos
    Alyssa, a junior at Salisbury, enjoys challenges through learning and participates in a variety of activities including swimming, Model UN, SADD as well as other activities. A passionate individual, Alyssa would like to pursue her dreams and make them come true.

Venue and Details

Salisbury High School Auditorium
500 E. Montgomery Street
Allentown, PA, 18103
United States

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This event occurred in the past.
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Kel Wetherhold
Allentown, PA, United States

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Kel Wetherhold
Jennifer Brinson
Michelle Dang
Technical Assistant/Designer
Kevin Esslinger
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