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Theme: ≥2 | Families

Nottingham, United Kingdom
November 24th, 2012

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About this event

How could we live together better? By living how, in what form or way, do we get the most out of our shared coexistence, do we perform better, do we enjoy life more? If we were to start over with the human race and societies, how would we better design the cells that form them?

Is family, this globally most well established social structure, the most efficient, the most loving, the most natural way to start our lives and, following this, spend most of our time in? If yes, in which of its forms? Family has been conceived differently throughout time and in different cultures. How can we support this institution better? If no, what is a different living proposition?

Furthermore, are the groups we spend our time in (i.e. schools, organisations, dorms, bands, neighborhoods, broader societies, the smaller teams we may belong, etc) the most practical, the most educational, or most sustainable ones as they stand in their current form, or could it be that by trying alternative propositions on any of these groups or environments, we could either absorb more external knowledge, collaborate more efficiently, experience more emotional stability and acceptance, or generally gain more in any aspect?
Because for a moment or a lifetime, these groups become our family.

Throughout 2011 and in 2012, we have been following people globally calling for new economic models and new political systems. Might it also be that we need to recalibrate the way we live?

We put the rarely questioned under the microscope; either to challenge or to confirm it. We call it the greater-than-or-equal-to-2 (≥2) question. How do we make life with more than or equal to 2 people happen better?

This TEDx will be an exposure to concepts and analysis on the topic of families and human coexistence, as well as an opportunity to be introduced to different living propositions, structures, stories, media, types, and ways with which people get along, get educated, do business, do art, do sports, take decisions, communicate, collaborate, ...are together.

[Last updated: 24/Nov/2012]

Confirmed Speakers

  • Franki McClure
  • Mark Westcombe
  • Paul Edwick
  • Marsha Smith
  • CC Chapman
  • Robert Howie Smith
  • David Severn
  • Laura Mae Brown
  • Blackwood Music Group
  • Laila-Elizabeth Risdon
  • Richard Hadley
  • Vanya Humphreys

Venue and Details

Nottingham Contemporary
Weekday Cross
High Pavement
Nottingham, NG1 2GB
United Kingdom
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Marios Perrakis
Nottingham, United Kingdom

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Caron Lyon
Nottingham, United Kingdom

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