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Theme: The Hero's Journey

Alexandria, VA, United States
May 4th, 2013

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About this event

TEDxRockCreekPark is based upon the belief that every person on the planet is born with a purpose and our deepest desire is to fully express that purpose. Our theme, “The Hero’s Journey” was a metaphor for what our life calls us to do and the path that takes us on.

Joseph Campbell first developed the concept of The Hero’s Journey as a way to describe the common narrative he found among many of the world’s great myths and legends. We are borrowing an idea from his work: We are each the hero of our own life’s story!

During the conference the audience experience their own hero's journey and shared it with fellow participants. We asked "Where are you on your hero's journey?" during session 1 and "What must you learn to take the next step on your journey?" during session 2. Then over lunch, participants were given a super power and were asked "What would this super power give us and how would you use it?" After lunch, we took away their super power and asked in session 3, "How will you use your own talents to reproduce your super powers on your own?" and then finally in session 4 we asked "How will you be heroic?" What will you commit to do as a heroic leader?" and asked them to tweet their commitment to TEDxRCP.

TEDxRockCreekPark had a 100% curated audience of 275 which was sourced from accepted applications and invitations only. We curated a mix of entrepreneur/business owners, educators and professional coaches.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Alan Fine
    Alan Fine, author, coach, and speaker, began his career as a tennis and golf coach to some of Europe and the US's finest athletes. In 1985, Fine took his athletic coaching skills to business and started a consulting firm, InsideOut Development, LLC. Fine is the New York Times best selling author of You Already Know How to Be Great.
  • Patrick Solomon
    Patrick Solomon is an award-winning director and producer with more than 20 years behind the camera. His first venture into feature-length films produced the award-winning, Finding Joe, an inspiring exploration of famed mythologist Joseph Campbell, currently in DVD release. The film explores the concept of the hero's journey, a pattern that is found in every story from every culture. It explains that all humans are actually taking the same journey and once that's understood, we become the heroes and heroines of our own life's story.
  • Nistha Raj
    A performer and teacher of Hindustani classical and Western classical violin, Nistha has performed in the United Nations, and Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. She is a recipient of multiple grants from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities including the 2012 Artist Fellowship.
  • Scott DiGammarino
    Scott DiGiammarino spent 25 years as an award winning senior executive at American Express. His expertise is in identifying and developing leaders, helping people realize their true potential, and creating innovative solutions like using movie clips to help motivate people to do their best. In 2009, Scott left AMEX and started his new firm, Reel Potential, where they use Hollywood movie clips to help business leaders inspire, engage and communicate with their people. Today, they are the only company in the history of Hollywood, to have legal access to movie clips for business purposes.
  • Judson Brewer
    Judson Brewer MD PhD is a thought leader in the "science of self-mastery", having combined over 15 years of experience in mindfulness training with his scientific research. He has published numerous peer-reviewed articles and book chapters, spoken at international conferences on his work.
  • Julie Wilson
    Julie Wilson is the founder and executive director of the Institute for the Future of Learning, a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming the factory model of education. A graduate of Harvard's Technology, Innovation and Education Masters Program, Wilson has more than 15 years experience as a consultant, trainer and coach, and blogs regularly on the future of learning at
  • Javier Arguello
    Javier Arguello is the Executive Director of Cognitive Pro, which provide one-on-one cognitive training to students and adults to improve: memory, attention, processing speed, amount other mental skills.
  • Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD
    Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD, is found and chief director of the Center for Brain-Health at the University of Texas as Dallas and author of Make Your Brain Smarter: Increase Your Brain's Creativity, Energy and Focus. Dr. Chapman is committed to maximizing cognitive potential across the entire lifespan.
  • Gabriella Williams
    Gabrielle became an entrepreneur at the age of nine and an author and inspiration speaker at the age of 11. Gabrielle's passion for entrepreneurship at such a young age has inspired adults and children across the country to dream big.
  • Sam Goldstein
    Sam Goldstein, Ph.D, is a psychologist specializing in school psychology, child development and neuropsychology. He has authored and co-authored many books including Raising Resilient Children and Raising A Self-Disciplined Child, with Dr. Robert Brooks.
  • Jack Petrash
    Jack Petrash is Founder and Director of Nova Institute, which seeks to build a bridge between Waldorf Education and contemporary educators. Jack is an educator with over 30 years of classroom experience. He has written extensively on issue pertaining to innovative classroom instruction and is the author of Understanding Waldorf Education: Teaching from the Inside Out.
  • David Shenk
    David Shenk is an American writer, lecturer and filmmaker on genetics, talent and intelligence. He is a national bestselling author of six books, including the 2010 The Genius in All of Us, reviewed by the New York Times as "a deeply interesting and important book" and published on its "Best Sellers Non-Fiction" list.
  • Ayanna Gregory
    With the release of her debut CD, "Beautiful Flower", Ayanna Gregory introduced herself to the world. With penetrating depth, Ayanna's music is making audiences feel and heal. In a time so needing of real music, Ayanna is bringing to the world a most beautiful and meaningful brand of Soul Music.
  • Zarif Sahin
    Zarif Sahin lived in Germany and Turkey throughout her teenage years. She became a child bride at age 14. In her talk, she tells her story about how she survived and how thrives by overcoming powerful obstacles.
  • Phil Styrlund
    Phil Styrlund is CEO of The Summit Group an da recognized thought leader of strategic selling and business value transformation. His "go-to-market" strategies have been implemented by some of the world's premiere organizations.
  • Allison Shapira
    Allison Shapira is a former opera singer and the president of Global Public Speaking, a company that helps people give powerful and authentic speeches and presentations. Shapira teaches at Georgetown University and has taught workshops at Harvard Kennedy School and MIT Sloan School of Management. She particularly enjoys working with women around the world to help them find their voice.
  • Srini Pillay
    Srini Pillay, M.D., is an entrepreneur, organizational development consultant and CEO of NeuroBusiness Group. He is also Assistant Clinical professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, invited Faculty at Harvard Business School and former director of The Outpatient Anxiety Disorders Clinic at Mclean Hospital, Harvard's largest psychiatric hospital.
  • Chris McGoff
    Chris McGoff, founder of The Clearning, Inc., has spent the last 30 years helping governments and organizations to engender new, transformative possibilities for a better world. Prior to launching The Clearing in 2009, Mr. McGoff founded his first company, Touchstone Consulting, which grew to 200 employees and was bought be SRA International Inc.
  • Mo Fathelbab
    Mo Fathelbab is founder and President of Forum Resources Network, and served as executive director of Young Entrepreneurs Organization (YEO) for seven years. During his tenure with YEO, the organization grew from a start up to over 2000 members in 10 countries.
  • Rebecca Shambaugh
    Rebecca Shambaugh is an internationally recognized leadership expert, author, keynote speaker and President of SHAMBAUGH, a global leadership development organization. Rebecca is the founder of Women in Leadership and Learning (WILL), dedicated to the research, advancement and retention of women leaders and executives.
  • Marcus Sheridan
    In 2001, Marcus Sheridan stumbled across his first business and began installing swimming pools. Nine years later, with the help of incredible innovations through inbound and content marketing, Sheridan's company overcame the collapse of the housing market and became one of the largest pool installers in the US.

Venue and Details

Old Town Theater
815 1/2 King Street
Alexandria, VA, 22314
United States
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