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Theme: RE-Imagine

Oakville, ON, Canada
January 12th, 2013

About this event

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines the world 'Re-imagine' as 'to form a new conception of' and this is what our event aims to do. Can we re-imagine a devastated country coming to terms with re-building physical structures while including educational technology as a priority for schools? Can we re-imagine second life - moving from several years of a successful professional life to perhaps something totally unrelated and making a budding success out of it? This Re-imagine event would like attendees to form a new conception of something that is not necessarily new and in so doing, come away inspired to re-imagine what we may have always taken for granted.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Steve Sider
    Steve is a professor of Education at Wilfrid Laurier University. He's passionate about technology use in Haiti.
  • Amy Lin
    Amy is a mathematician who loves nothing more than to turn her students on to the joys of math. She has worked with the Halton District School Board and is currently working on projects with the MInistry of Education.
  • Ohenewa Akuffo
    10-time National Champion, Ohenewa has re-defined women's wrestling ever since she accepted the dare to wrestle in high school. She is passionate about sports and women's role in it.
  • Joyce Li
    Joyce is a motivational speaker who inspires through her very life and experiences.
  • Brian Hayman
    Brian has worked in Corporate Canada and has come away unscathed...choosing to spend much of his 'free' time playing jazz and building community.
  • Roy Wahab
    Every student wants to take Physics in High School with Mr. Wahab; you'll know why when you hear Roy speak!
  • David Peck
    Humanitarian, Magician, Consultant and all around fun guy David Peck will close our TEDx event for a special way.
  • Aaron Murray
    Aaron is in his final year of the prestigious BCom program at Queens University. He is excited to share his vision for Ethics in Business!
  • Terence Young
    Terence is an MP from Oakville who is passionate about the rights of ordinary consumers. He wrote "Death By Prescription" after he tragically lost his daughter in what could only be described as a harrowing experience.
  • Father Pishoy Wasfy
    Father Wasfy was called into the Priesthood after training as a Pharmacist. How he sees his priestly calling in light of his previous training is illuminating!

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Venue and Details

King's Christian Collegiate
528 Burnamthorpe Road West
Oakville, ON,
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