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Theme: Connect. Inspire. Act.

This event occurred on
October 20, 2012
9:00am - 5:00pm PDT
(UTC -7hrs)
Vancouver, BC

TEDxKids@BC 2012 was our main annual event in 2012. After the success of our first event in 2011, we wanted to build a bigger event and invite more kids, parents, teachers and caregivers to join us and listen to our youth speakers and their ideas. To turn the inspiration from their talks into action, we organized mini-workshops that were facilitated by the speakers themselves so the audience could connect with them and learn more about turning their ideas into actions.

Science World
1455 Quebec Street
Vancouver, BC, V6A 3Z7
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Youth (What is this?)
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Mary Jones

An avid animal lover, Mary can often be found taken care of her many animals: four fish, two ponies, two rabbits, two guinea pigs and a dog. In addition to her love for animals, Mary’s other passion is to help those who are unable to receive basic nutrition. She has been doing this by been raising money by selling lemonade, setting up a booth in front of her local grocery store, going door-to- door and doing presentations for large Recently her school Fraser Academy has been supporting Mary in her quest to raise funds.

Mathew Teoh

A human beatboxer, Mathew enjoys making weird noises. You might get tricked into thinking he swallowed an iPod, but his drum beats really do come from his mouth. When Mathew is not dropping beats, he is either toiling through his studies in Engineering Physics or teaching kids. A second year student at Simon Fraser University (SFU), Mathew has tutored, volunteered with and instructed children throughout high school and first year of University. His overall goal is to spread the love for learning. He believes that in every child, there is a desire to learn. And with the desire to learn, there is the potential to succeed.

Angela Sun

An International Baccalaureate student, Angela Sun’s greatest passion is social justice. This passion stems from her many travels, which have taken her to the peripheries of Asia, Europe and the Americas and have allowed her to witness poverty and oppression in many global contexts. She works with the City of Vancouver to run YouthPolitik and citizenU, which serve to educate youth on municipal politics and anti-discrimination strategies, respectively. An avid supporter of many organizations, Angela is a Kids Help Phone Student Ambassador, Vancouver Women’s Shelter volunteer, and Canadian Cancer Society campaigner to honor her mother, a breast cancer survivor). Angela is also an art enthusiast and has fervent interests in music, poetry, and film.

Miranda Andersen

13 years old, and a middle school student, Miranda has been making films with environmental themes and underlays since she was nine. In conjunction with public speaking, she does what she can to convey and broadcast her messages on saving the very planet we all live on. Some of her films and speaking topics have included saving salmon habitats, saving the ocean’s corals, reducing the use of plastics, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, deforestation, electronic waste reduction/recycling and nature deficit disorder. As a result, she is the recipient of many local and international awards for her films. Miranda’s passions revolve around saving the planet, with extra focus on the ocean waters and ensuring that others are educated on how they too, can help; a self-proclaimed educator, Miranda does not limit herself in her arts. She is also a competitive swimmer with aspirations to one day compete for Canada in the Summer Olympics. She has for the past four years volunteering at a local fish hatchery in the community and hopes to pursue her passion in combination with her love of the ocean and become a marine biologist at the University of Hawaii or in Australia and help save coral.

Sophia Vartanian

Sophia Vartanian is a curious and creative young urban farmer who loves everything about food – eating it, talking about it, cooking it and growing it. A student at Prince of Wales Mini School and a regular volunteer at University of British Columbia (UBC) Farm, she is involved in many initiatives focused on sustainability. Having been hired by the City of Vancouver to help organize the April’s 2012 YouthPolitik Conference, Sophia continues to explore a variety of ways to empower youth. She is very passionate about urban organic farming and firmly believes that agriculture will be what tips the scale in terms of our future and climate change.

Tim Krupa

A truth seeker, Tim Krupa first travelled to Zambia to help create clubs in rural communities for underprivileged youth; he was pleasantly shocked by how content and happy the children were despite their economic and health challenges. As a result of his findings, he returned back to Zambia to seek the answers he longed for. This project blends his passions for science, sports, travel and being outdoors. Tim is pursuing a Bachelor of Science at the University of British Columbia where works as a physics teaching assistant, residence advisor and event coordinator. He serves on the UBC Board of Governors, formulates policy at Model United Nations forums and leads a Young Liberals chapter. He intends to pursue graduate studies to continue building capacity and knowledge in developing nations through research, activism and policy.

Loretta Cella

Executive Director and Founder of the Passion Foundation has spent the last 11 years working with youth, families, and communities in various parts of the world including Metro Vancouver, Ontario, New Delhi, India, Kenya, Uganda, and most recently while working on a documentary in TIpperary County, Ireland. Loretta has a passion for working with people and providing them the leadership tools to live out their full potential, finding their own success in the world. As a result, Loretta best describes herself as the following: “Daughter. Sister. Auntie. Dog Owner. Friend. Coach. Artist. Dreamer. Passion Mapper”

Nick Zacchia

Born and raised in Montreal, Nick Zacchia is a new grad who holds his Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has a keen interest in robotics, physics and philosophy. When not traveling the world on one of his great adventures, Nick enjoys building things: everything from skateboards to robots, his possibilities are endless. Nick is currently pursuing his Ph.D. studies in the field of Nanoscience with a goal of becoming a university professor so that he can transmit his love of science and engineering to the next generation of researchers after him.

Jannika Nyberg and Tahia Ahmed

Jannika Nyberg and Tahia Ahmed are Co-Directors of ArtQuake, a local youth driven non-profit organization. As self- identified youth, the duo strives to be active members of their community where they engage their peers in creative leadership. With her dreamer-doer spirit, Tahia is able to envision a just world and actively pursue it. Complimentary to Tahia, Jannika energizes her community by cultivating meaningful connections between the arts sector and young change-makers to promote collaboration, in hopes of catalyzing sustainable change.

Kai & Lia Gronberg

Fiddlin’ Frenzy is a pair of B.C. sibling phenomenon’s who have taken the western competitive fiddle scene by storm. They are also one of the distinguished music groups to perform and represent Canada in the Vancouver 2010 Olympic games. This fiddling and clogging duet performs Celtic, Metis, French Canadian and traditional music at many events in different countries from Canafda to China, such as Celticfest Vancouver, Northwest Folklife and 15 of the 2010 Olympic games. Additionally, they were also featured in one of the many Olympic commercials. They started to perform at the age of five and have composed since they were 7. Kai and Lia have won many awards for their talent. They have won first place more than four times in various categories at the B.C. Provincial and Grand North America fiddle contest, John Arcand Fiddle Fest, Kiwanis (Classical) Music Festival and many other competitions in different provinces. Being from Bbbotsford, B.C., they are proud to represent the arts and culture of the city and have released two CDs. Their second CD, which was recorded with Canadian master Calvin Vollrath, contains nine of their own compositions.

Karen Flamenco

Karen Flamenco is a progressive learning dance academy, which emphasizes performance, stressing technique, strength, individual and artistic expression. Their junior band will perform the dance “Buleria” where children are immersed into the intricate rhythms and movements of flamenco. The dance has a strong foundation in traditional, clasico & modern flamenco forms

SKUD Zavichaj

Serbian Cultural Dance Association, Zavichaj, was formed on August 19, 2010 by Dragan and Isidora Markovic who are the choreographers and have been performing, dancing and teaching for more than 30 years. Their goal is to encourage young people to make a connection with their homeland through dance and music. Although this dance form relies heavily on footwork, a well-performed piece incorporates proper posture, head positioning and hand placements. The beauty of our culture resonates through the costumes, but the heart of their culture shines in the discipline and hard work of every completed step.


Freshh is a hip hop dance crew based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. They focus all their passion into making crisp tight routines that they love to share with people. FRESHH are the 2011 Canadian National Hip Hop Champions and Hip Hop International Grand Finalists. They represent Canada each year at Hip Hop International Las Vegas. The core dancers at The Closing Ceremonies for Vancouver’s 2010 Winter Olympics, they have performed on stage with the likes of Shaquille O’Neal and Shawn Desman.

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