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Theme: Driven by meaning

This event occurred on
November 16, 2012
9:00am - 9:00pm EET
(UTC +2hrs)
Bucharest, B

For the forth year running, TEDxBucharest makes the statement for community development, social, technological, economic and artistic progress. We tackle these issues by gathering and showcasing a collection of exceptional individuals on the TEDxBucharest stage.

We believe that people reach their full potential when they have strong motivators at work. This is why TEDxBucharest 2012 is Driven by Meaning. Meaning is the single, most important quest in our lives, but finding it is only the beginning. TEDxBucharest 2012 – Driven by Meaning comes to show the great extent to which brave people can create positive change while following their true desires, principles and values.

Palace of the Parliament
Strada Izvor 2-4
Al. I. Cuza hall
Bucharest, B, 050563
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Aurora Simionescu

Aurora is an astrophysicist who has already been widely publicized and awarded for her research so far, which mainly revolves around physics of the hot plasma in clusters of galaxies (the largest virialized objects in the universe). Currently being an Einstein Postdoctoral Research Fellow (at Stanford University), she comes to TEDxBucharest to give us her thoughts on how big the Universe really is.

Adrian Lobontiu

Dr. Lobontiu has more than 18 years experience in surgical practice in France and 15 years experience in the medical device industry in Europe. He is one of the fore-runners of robotic surgery and minimally invasive surgery and presently part of the Executive Management Team at EndoGastric Solutions, providing leadership and vision in pioneering less invasive incisionless surgery.

Oana Ghiocel

Oana is a documentary filmmaker based in Boston, USA and Bucharest. The natural world and the connection between man & nature has always been close to her heart and nowadays she is producing a feature documentary on the origins of the bear cult, together with fellow TEDster Cristian Lascu. Having previously produced a documentary about the old history of the Bucegi Mountains with Boston University professor Dr. Robert M. Schoch, she is already an award-winning media producer, consultant and screenwriter.

Andrei Pogonaru

After graduating from the University of Cambridge, Andrei returned to Romania where, driven by a strong passion for business and entrepreneurship, he founded a couple of the stronger Romanian Private Equity Funds and another company developing mobile banking services. He is currently within the Ministry of Economy, mainly responsible with attracting more foreign investments in Romania.

Nick Thorpe

Nick is an award-winning writer and journalist; a contributor to the Sunday Times, Guardian, Independent and BBC Radio among many others. His stories have included Russian elections, Bolivian coca wars, and a 2500-mile voyage to Easter Island on a boat made of reeds.

Florin Paun

Dr. Florin Paun is New Business Deputy Director at ONERA – French Aerospace Lab. He defines programs and new partnership policies focusing on complementary knowledge, cross supporting offers, mutual intellectual property valuation, joint-venture and spin-offs. With this strategy, he turned ONERA from a non-investor into an active partner for start-ups and SMEs, investing in patents and top technology and turning to partner companies to use this technology for creating products.

Ana Hogas & Ionut Florea

Ana and Ionut are two architects with a twist: they have recently become the first Romanian motorcyclists to complete a tour of Africa. 420 days, 55,000 kilometers, several cliff-hangers and many engaging human encounters later, they return to Bucharest with a much enriched view of the world.

Paul Dicu

Apart from his role as a martial arts teacher for children, Paul is also an ultra-marathon runner, having already completed the Sahara Marathon and Des Sables Marathon (the World’s toughest marathon) twice. Come and see why he thinks this lifestyle is addictive.

Tom Andreassen

Having started as a professional photographer, Tom is now deeply involved in social work, both in Norway, where he helps troubled children & youth, and in Romania through Hand2Hand, the NGO he founded back in September 2000. He is also devoted to bringing people together to leverage on the power of networking.

Chris Worman

Chris came to Romania as a Peace Corps Volunteer in 2006. Since then he has become involved in a variety of projects ranging from rural to community development and started Romania’s first community foundation – a model focused on developing local resources for local projects led by local people. He has established and built the Romanian partner to TechSoup and these days spends his time working on technology for social change processes which harness Romania’s amazing IT&C resources for the greater good.

Claudiu Teohari (aka TEO)

Teo is arguably the most popular Romanian stand-up comedian, having been together with Café Deko, in the past and with Club99 nowadays. He constantly seeks to raise the bar on his performances, while challenging his audience to go past the obvious and really use comedy and their sense of humor as a way of life. After all, as he says it: “we are all here to have a good time!”

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Bucharest, Romania
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