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Theme: Shadow of Now; Light of the Future

Charlotte, NC, United States
January 30th, 2013

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About this event

On January 30, 2013, a group of youth speakers and performers bring to light their “ideas worth spreading” to the Omni Montessori Activity Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. Youth are our future, let's get into the mind of the adolescent to hear and see their dreams, hopes, and fears.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Christopher Mogul
    Christopher was born in 1997 in Atlanta, Georgia. He has lived in California, Florida, and Charlotte. When he first moved to Charlotte, he attended Providence Day School and is currently a 9th grader at Omni. Christopher is an amazing student. In addition, he treats everyone with kindness and respect. He dreams of becoming an aerospace engineer. Next year, Christopher will be attending the Montessori High School in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Hannah Martin
    Hannah Martin was born in 1998 and is currently in 9th grade at Omni Montessori School. She has played on the field hockey team as a defender and has attended Omni since 7th grade. She enjoys eating and sleeping. Hannah also enjoys doodling and drawing. Next year, she will attend Marvin Ridge High School for 10th grade.
  • Dani Halbin
    Dani Halbing is a 13 year old in 8th grade at Omni Montessori School. He was born in Stratford, Ontario, and lived there until he was roughly three years old. Dani moved to Germany and lived there until he was about six, when he moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. In Charlotte, Dani entered the first grade at Omni Montessori School and has attended there ever since. Dani is very enthusiastic about presenting about aquaponics. His older sister, Amy, is also a presenter at this event.
  • Ellie Brown
    Ellie Brown is an 8th grade student at Omni Montessori School. She is a talented and enjoyable person to be around. Singing, piano, lacrosse, and field hockey are some of her many hobbies. Ellie has had many great life experiences including living in England for several years. Not only is Ellie a great friend, she is also a hard worker and a great addition to the Land Lab.
  • Dillon Moore
    Dillon was born in Orel, Russia, and soon came to Charlotte. Dillon has always been a great attribute to the school. He makes people laugh but at the same time he focuses very well and gets whatever task done that is placed in front of him. He came to Omni in the 4th grade and is now in the 7th grade. Dillon is definitely someone who is likable and interesting.
  • Lucia Wallace
    Lucia Wallace is a 7th grader at Omni Montessori School. She loves to give back to the community, her favorite thing to do is to volunteer at the dog shelter. She has been acting at Imaginon for five years. She is very caring and creative. A good adjective to describe her is passionate.
  • Gaige McGee
    Gaige McGee was born in Charlotte, NC., in 2000. He now attends Omni Montessori School and is in 7th grade. He has many interests, ranging from motocross, art, and acting to baseball, writing, and music. He is always concerned for others and enjoys being with friends.
  • Sara Kate Baudhuin
    Sara Kate Baudhuin is a 7th grader at Omni Montessori School. Sara Kate is part of the Omni Owls, the field hockey team. She volunteers to feed the homeless with Mel’s Diner, a non-profit organization. Sara Kate says that Omni has been a great learning experience and has helped her grow as a person.
  • Amy Halbing
    Amy was born in 1997 in Stratford, Ontario. She moved to Germany at the age of four and a half and lived there for three years before moving to America at the age of seven. She and her brother Dani then began attending Omni. Amy is currently in ninth grade. Amy loves music, reading, and writing. She is very creative and loves to express herself in many ways.
  • Andrew Pendergast
    Andrew is a talented, devoted, and accomplished student. He strives to help others and reach out to his classmates. Every student at Omni enjoys being with Andrew because of his positive attitude and strong work ethic. He is also a lot of fun to be around and is a great friend. He is one of the most intelligent, generous, and fun loving students at the Land Lab.

Venue and Details

Activity Center
9536 Blakeney Heath Road
Charlotte, NC, 28277
United States
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Nic Finelli
Charlotte, NC, United States

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