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Theme: Il futuro non accade per caso

This event occurred on
November 10, 2012
11:00am - 6:00pm CET
(UTC +1hr)
Como, 25

Divided into three parts: the inevitable future, the history of the future, the open future, TEDxLakeComo put twelve leaders of science, technology and society on the stage who are and will be the protagonists of our present and our future.

Auditorium Politecnico Milano, Polo Como
Via Castelnuovo 7
Como, 25, 22100
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Matteo Motterlini

Philosopher and neuroeconomist. He studied philosophy, economics and cognitive sciences in Milan, the London School of Economics and Carnegie Mellon University. He teaches a combination of these at San Raffaele. He currently lives in Santa Monica, California where he is conducting some new neuroeconomics experiments at UCLA. He is studying human irrationality and how we make (or are made to make) our decisions. He is director at The Center for Research in Experimental and Applied Epistemology on learning how to decide better. He has written books translated and appreciated around the world (Emotional Economics, Rizzoli 2006 and Cognitive Traps, Rizzoli, 2008).

Pasqualino Loi

Embriologist. For over twenty years he has been working on the study of embryology and species production, with a particular focus on sheep. He has recently emonstrated that freeze-dried cells (totally anhydrous and therefore non-viable) can be "resurrected" if injected into egg cells of mammals. He has been teaching Comparative Biomedical Sciences at the University of Teramo ( ), where he is developing a freeze-drying process for the preservation of cells and gametes of mammals, which would preserve the many species in danger of extinction.

Silvana Arbia

Registrar. Born in Senise (PZ) gaining experience in Venice and Padua as a solicitor and later judge in 1979. She served as a magistrate, judge, and appellate judge before turning to international criminal justice. From October 1999 to April 2008, she served as an international prosecutor at the UN Tribunal for Rwanda and later Registrar at the International Criminal Court , where she currently works. She has published essays, including the recent one entitled "While the world was watching," Mondadori, 2011, winner of the Carlo Levi Prize, 2012.

Claudio Savaresi

Oftalmic surgeon. For more than ten years he has headed of the Ophthalmology Department. He has always been dedicated to technologically innovative systems and developing therapies that could increase vision and thereby significantly improve the quality of life. He is currently Head of the Centre of Excellence in Ophthalmology at the Casa di Cura San Pio X in Milan .

Carlo Rovelli

Theretical Phisycist. He is a theoretical physicist known for his work on quantum gravity. He has worked at the Università la Sapienza di Roma, Imperial College London, the University of Pittsburgh and Yale University in the United States. He is a Full Professor at the Aix-Marseille Université in the Centre de Physique, a Senior Member of the Institut Universitaire de France, the International Academy of Philosophy of Science, and Honorary Professor at Beijing Normal University. He has dedicated particular attention to the philosophy and history of ancient science and has recently completed a book on the Greek philosopher Anaximander "What is Science?" Mondadori 2011. He collaborates with the Sole 24 Ore and La Repubblica.

Dianora Bardi

Media education exper tShe introduced a new teaching method through the use of technology and mobile devices including iPads and Ebook Readers in the high school where she teaches. Soon over 30 high schools in Italy adopted her method. She founded the Center for Studies ImparaDigitale and she is coordinating the training in the schools of Lombardy for the project Generation Web that involves the distribution of over 30,000 tablets. She is considered an educator at a national level as well as coordinator of media education ENIS schools of excellence for the Ministry (MIUR). Since 2005 she has been Chairman of the International Olympics of Multimedia. In 2009 she was appointed by the UN, Friend of the United Nations.

Francesca Cavallo

Community Designer. She is creative director and co-founder of Timbuktu , an iPad magazine for children and parents, winner of the best Italian startup of 2012, Best Design Award at the Launch Conference and of Working Capital. It 'director and author of theater and founded the company Kilodrammi, which is touring Italy with a show dedicated to teenagers entitled "Donkey". She also directs the association "Sferracavalli" ( operating in her hometown, Lizzano to transform the province of Taranto into a laboratory of innovation and sustainable development.

Marc Horowitz

Artist and social experimentalist. Marc Horowitz is many things: a virtual cross country explorer, a comedic performance enthusiast, sheep shearer, social experimentalist, ex-shoplifter and one of People Magazine’s 50 most eligible bachelors. His projects engage in a dialog with a diverse range of subjects including entertainment, advertising, architectural environments, commerce and the quest for daily meaning. He is constantly making lists of potential inventions, neologisms, moneymaking schemes, jokes, drawings, websites, characters and impromptu videos. It is his hope that his work speaks to “the moment,” that reflects and critiques American idealism, expansionism, and capitalism; that it might parody pop culture so successfully it becomes re-appropriated by it.

Marco Delmastro

Physicist working on the ATLAS experiment at CERN in Geneva. He is part of the team that, in July 2012, announced the discovery of something that closely resembles the Higgs boson. When not chasing new particles, he is interested in spreading science, education, relationships between the world¹s North and South and ethical consumption, computer science and new technologies. His blog ³borborygmus, a reluctant physicist" (, wandering through fundamental research, particle physics, life abroad and other amenities.

Gualtiero Carraro

New media designer. Author and digital entrepreneur, Walter Carraro has worked on more than 150 projects, from CD ROM to DVD, from web portals to Mobile Apps. International Awards include the Emma Multimedia Awards at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 1995 with "The Gospels", Moebius in Lugano and Reunion in 2004 with "Wonders of the 21st Century”. In 2011, the App “Roma Virtual History" was ranked among the top by the app store in the U.S., Italy and many other countries, and was further presented by Steve Jobs during the iPad2 keynote. It went on to win the Unity Awards for best "not game” app and "Florence Virtual History" was named "best iPad App 2011" by Apple.

Irma Missaglia

Social Entrepreneur. Irma Missaglia has dedicated her professional life to social work driven by her strong desire to share in the challenges faced by those who refuse to give up hope and who insist on fighting. Working with people who have struggled with drug addiction and with others who have struggled with disabilities, she has been privy to radically different perspectives offering the same philosophy: even when everything seems to be suggesting that a “normal” lifestyle can’t be achieved, it can! Currently Managing Director of Sim-patia.

Lorenzo Cantini

DIY entrepreneur.Born in 1990 and fascinated at an early age by how things work and by constructing “working objects” with his own hands, from Lego to mechanical constructions, he is presently working on what he defines as the Makers’ family which involves his entire family. He is the cofounder of Kentsrapper, a Florentine company that develops 3D open source printers.

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