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Theme: Successful Failure

Seoul, South Korea
July 28th, 2012

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About this event

"Society obsessed about success, not appreciating real value of failure"

The sentence above tells us about the dark side of Korean society. Korean society is too harsh to one's failures. Although it remains a valuable experience at last, people say "Failure is just failure." Even the venture businesses where failure is necessary abhor failures. Failure causes fatal losses in the representative's life. How about sports? Although it is getting better, all the spotlights and supports seem to exist just for the medalists.

Such an environment of Korean society is now an unbearable burden to many people. People do not challenge to do uncertain things because they are afraid of failures. Stabilized lives with low risks of failure is what people desire and endow the most value. The fact that only 12% of people aged from 20s to 30s, who were supposed to be the most active in challenging new businesses, found their own company shows us people are afraid of failure and also challenge. And is even making our future hopeless.

We the So V.I.P. members have long been searching for some practical methods that could change such atmosphere of Korean society. And holding a TEDx conference is what we chose. The 3rd TEDxSinchon conference is about 'Successful Failure', like those of two previous events, and will be our continuous step to change society.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Nam Hoon Kim
    – pro wrestler, wrestling commentator. Born in 1974, author of Youth Manual Factory He was a WWA pro wrestler when he got caught in an accident that left him paralyzed from waist down. But he used this as an opportunity to become a wrestling commentator who talked about what the audience was really wondering about. He wrote a bestseller Youth Manual Factory based on his experiences to motivate others.
  • Yoon-Jin Huh
    Drama lecturer at Korea National University of Arts, editor of Literature Center (문예중앙 – literary magazine). Born in 1980, author of <5:57> (collection of critiques) She won the Rookie Literary Award for Critique in 2003 at the 3rd and was appraised as a genius by experts. She debuted as a literary critic in the same year at the tender age of 23. Her critique, which is well-known for its profound insights on female gender socialization, can be confirmed in her collection, <5:57>.
  • Min Soo Kim
    Video and Stage Designer, Media Artist, Creative Director, Student at Korea National University of Arts. Born in 1986 He began his career as a media artist and a creative director at Seoul Collection when he was accepted to the Korea National University of Arts. At TEDxSinchon’s 5th event, he will be presenting a performance of light and video, by attaching a sensor to an actor onstage.
  • Hyun Jin Hong
    Insurance salesperson. Born in 1985, author of She was only 24 years old and in her first year of employment when she achieved the highest level of insurance salesmanship, the Insurance Master. Samsung Life’s previous record for youngest Insurance Master was 29 years old. But what makes Hyun Jin Hong more noteworthy is that she didn’t rely on fancy resume or good grades but sincerity and confidence – traits that the majority of Korean society would overlook.
  • Eun Joo Noh, Hyung Nam Lim
    CEO of Studio GAON, married architect couple. Author of and 6 other books. The couple has graduated Hongik Univeristy, Construction Engineering Major and CEO of Studio GAON since 1998. Architecture in Korea has been running after Modernism and the sleek contemporary style, until the couple came and made a trend of adding an element of humanism. The couple emphasizes unpretentious and comfy buildings. The couple has been awarded the Korea Space Design Culture Minister award in 2011 for their influence in Korean architecture scene, and was introduced to the general public when they appeared on a popular Korean show, “Qualifications of Men”.
  • Seung Soon Park
    Singer-songwriter, Director and leader of SNS band “yozmband”, Label CEO. He has graduated from Korea National University of Arts, now working as the leader of social network rock band named “Yozeum Band”, which he planned on his own. Literally, SNS band means a band that communicates with the public, making sogns for them. He is gaining experiences as a singer-songwriter and producer by establishing his own label “IDEAN” and releasing electronic music “Cosmos” after that. He is pursuing “3.0 Generation of Music”, which he defines “A generation in which music is not only listened by the public but also created by the public”.
  • Jae Hong Kim
    PCA Korea Life deputy head of Security & Risk department, IT Security Specialist. Born in 1971 Currently in charge of Risk Security at PCA Life Korea, he is an expert with 13 years of experience in the rapidly-changing IT sector. Numerous successes and the failures he went through during the 13 years, and the personal experience of studying abroad and working at non-Korean companies is a story worth listening for today’s struggling youths.
  • Ji Hyun Kim
    Dancer, Student at Ehwa Women’s University. She will perform an interpretative dance of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, which is the visual concept for this event, and will ponder what ‘success’ and ‘failure’ entails to dancers.
  • Swings (Ji Hoon Moon)
    Singer, Student at SungKyungKwan University. Born in 1986. When he debuted in 2008 with [Upgrade] EP, he was nominated for the Public Music Award, Hip-Hop Artist in the same year. He has collaborated with various artists including Jong Sin Yoon, Jay Park, Hyo Sin Park, Taeyang, G. NA, DJ DOC and Jo PD. His Korean and English rapping skills as well as his witty punchlines are what set him apart from other rappers.
  • Lesean Thomas
    Illustrator, Writer, Character Designer. Born and raised in Bronx, New York, he jumped into the animation business after completing high school, and has been working at various studios including Hollywood. Currently he is working as the producer and director of The Black Dynamite (TV series), and is well known for his storyboard art work for The Legend of Korra. LeSean Thomas came to South Korea in 2009 to learn more about the animation industry, and was hired by a Korean animation company to create an American cartoon. During his stay, he has also been busy outside of work, creating and airing ‘Seoul Sessions’ on Creative Control (online TV network). The multi-talented animator will share his thoughts on the differences between Korean and the American industry he found, and his Korean life at TEDxSinchon.
  • Andrew A. Newton
    International Speaker Trainer Coach, Member of John Maxwell Team, Training Instructor for Korean and non-Korean companies. How do you prepare for a debate, or for a speech? What kind of attitude is needed? These tips would come in very handy for anyone looking to work to be heard in an international setting with myriad of opinions and voices. Andrew A. Newton will talk to us about the successful failures he personally experienced in Korea.
  • SeiHwan Lee
    Sony Music Korea Promotion Director. Hip-hop changed his ordinary life into an extraordinary one. His love for the music genre eventually made him organize a ‘hip-hop university club alliance’ that lasts even today, and got him a job as the promotion director at Sony Music Korea that lets him distribute and promote indie musicians after graduating Kyung Hee University, mechanical engineering. He wants to create “a society where you can enjoy a chance to live off making music” and he puts in his best efforts to give the talents musicians the chance they deserve. He is currently working as a TV personality, emcee, content creator, and rapper.

Venue and Details

Seodaemun Art Center
Hongeun3-Dong San26-155
Seoul, 120-851
South Korea
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