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Theme: Share to transform.

Tucuman, Argentina
August 10th, 2012

About this event

Our idea is given place to speakers perhaps unknown, but with great topics to share. Because we know that TEDxTalks are followed by many people wich are going to be the actors of the transformacion.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Federico Bonilla
    Biochemical and Proffesor at Biology Department in National University of Tucumán. He studies infertility and male factor (sperm analysis). Work with a team of professionals in two clinics of Human Reproduction Assisted.
  • Andrés Mauricio Jaliff
    Lawyer and Doctor of Philosophy. Teaches at the Universidad Austral and trainer promoting leadership development through creativity and innovation. Recently became president and a Gold Millennium Group and has designed its own Conflict Resolution Workshop for Mental Models.
  • Leila Abdala
    Bachelor of Arts. Founder and president of Minka Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the integration of people with disabilities and creating a culture solidarity.Winner of the National Award "Bearers of the Argentina Solidarity in 2011".
  • Agu de Marco
    Industrial Engineer, college professor at University of Buenos Aires. This serial entrepreneur is the Co-creator and teacher of EmprendING matter of degree from the Faculty Engineering.
  • Marcelo Gerez
    Civil Engineer. Specialist in eco-buildings and a passionate about sustainable development.
  • Francisco Martinez Luque
    Andinist who achieved four times the top of Aconcagua Highest Mountain in America. Has Been two times at top of Kilimanjaro the highest Mountain in Africa. Actually he perform as mountain guide. climbing the highest mountains 2 Africa, Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya. Trekking performed with groups of more than 50 people made in the province (C ° Negrito, C ° Pavilion, Lake of the Amaicheños, etc.).

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Venue and Details

Federación Económica de Tucumán
San Martin 400
Tucuman, 4000

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David Alfonso Dentice
Tucuman, Argentina

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María Ituarte
Alvaro Astudillo
Felix Minchilli
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Technical issues.
Santiago Fernandez Rey
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