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Theme: The Start of Fantastic Things

Pune, India
March 7th, 2012

About this event

The theme of TEDxSIBMPune is ‘The Start of Fantastic Things’, because that’s what we believe an idea truly is – the beginning of something new, something great, that sets the ball rolling for even better things ahead. Be it the first composition of a to-be musical genius, the first struggle against oppression that results in victory, or an inventor’s ‘Eureka’ moment that has potential to improve millions of lives worldwide. We believe the start of fantastic things could be a thought, an impulse or an idea that goes beyond the status quo; that is not limited to an individual but aimed at contributing to the lives of many; it is not imperative for it translate into success in its original form, but it eventually becomes the source of origin for many a life changing innovation.

TEDxSIBMPune brings together stories of how fantastic things that exist began; celebrating the promise of how innovations today will turn out to be fantastic tomorrow. We raise a toast to all the thinkers, innovators, dreamers who dared to take a different path with their passion guiding them and to their ideas which gave rise to the start of many fantastic things.

TEDxSIBMPune, in its very first edition, aims to bring into the spotlight, ideas and innovations from various fields, industries, and walks of life. With some of the finest thinkers from across the globe, we look forward to providing an enriching experience for everyone who is a part of this event.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Anand Chulani
    Founder of the LOL method - which empowers leaders in sports and business to optimize their talent and perform at their peak consistently - Anand has worked with motivational guru Anthony Robbins. This certified Robbins Madanes life-coach was hired by the UK government to handle the youth riots in London. Anand packed a powerful talk at TEDxSIBMPune with his inimitable style and humour. Spreading immense positivity and motivation through his talk, he made the audience introspect their childhood dreams and ambitions. Anand had the audience hooked on to his every word and action as he quoted interesting examples from life and how one must always look ahead and move forward.
  • Dr. Vijay Bhatkar
    Padmashri and Maharashtra Bhushan Awardee, Dr. Bhatkar is best known as an architect of the PARAM series of Supercomputers. He has spearheaded path-breaking initiatives like C-DAC, ER & DC, IITMK, Techno Park and I2IT, and has led the development of innovation-based systems like ETH, MKCL, Divinet, Dishnet, Multiversity and Know-IT. Dr. Bhatkar has been awarded the FICCI and ELCINA awards, the Government of Maharashtra Information Technology Awards in HRD and the Global E-Biz innovation award. In his highly invigorating talk at TEDxSIBMPune, Dr. Bhatkar sailed through the complex concepts of hexascale computing with great ease. As he discussed his insights on the new era of technology and computing, he made the audience realize the paradigm shift in the scientific ecosystem and left the audience with a whole new perspective on science and education.
  • Warren Mendonsa
    A guitarist, composer and record producer - Warren formed the band ‘Zero’ which released two albums and an EP – Albummed (1999), Hook EP (2002) and Procrastination (2005). He recorded and released numerous instrumentals like Christmas in July, Spitleaf, Evil and his solo project Blackstratblues. He has been involved in much online collaboration with musicians like Adam Martin, Ed DeGenaro and Zorran Mendonsa. A highly sought-after recording engineer and session guitarist in Mumbai, Warren has worked on numerous film soundtracks, ad jingles and other albums. At TEDxSIBMPune, Warren Mendonsa presented an interesting narration expressing music as a cause-and-effect relationship. The spellbound audience resonated with each chord of the guitar that Warren struck. The talented musician left the audience with the belief that music emerges from thoughts, emotions, actions and behaviour.
  • Kartik Desai
    Talk about social entrepreneurship, and ‘What’s up Bharat’ immediately comes to mind. Kartik founded this social enterprise which is developing an integrated platform and network for art, new media and programs relating to social change in India. Prior to this, Kartik was Vice President at Lok Capital – a social venture capital firm focused on the base of the pyramid. He has also worked with firms like Merill Lynch, BTS group, UNDP and the Rockefeller foundation. At TEDxSIBMPune, Kartik began his talkby posing some thought-provoking questions to the audience - including one about the sheer reason behind pursuing a career path such as an MBA - and urged the audience to answer those questions. He elaborated on the demographic divide of India and the bottom of the pyramid which presented the most pressing need for social change. Kartik’s talk reflected his staunch belief in freedom, inclusion and unity which needs to be driven by the youth of today.
  • Jayesh Sachdev
    Hailed by India Today as amongst the Top 35 Game Changers in India under the age of 35, Jayesh is the founder/creative director of Emblem - a contemporary art & design studio - and the co-founder of Quirkbox - a fashion and lifestyle label. He holds a national record for having painted India’s largest concept artwork - ‘Tyre-Art concept’. Jayesh has had his works featured at the Cannes and Pune International Film Festivals. He has also showcased his work alongside original works of legendary Raja Ravi Verma. During his talk at TEDxSIBMPune, Jayesh narrated his journey of becoming an artist. He spoke about his inspiration and his key motivators in life which compelled him to give up his mundane routine and pursue his passion. In parallel, Jayesh presented his contemporary art creations to the audience. This talented artist truly came across as an ideal role model for young entrepreneurs aspiring to pursue their passions.
  • Rahul Verghese
    Founder of Running and Living Infotainment Pvt Ltd - Rahul has run 37 marathons across 6 continents, his fastest run spanning 3 hours 41 minutes and his longest being the 89 km Comrades Marathon 2010. He has donned regional, national and global roles at organizations including Unilever, Nestle and Motorola. At TEDxSIBMPune, Rahul Verghese stood tall as a living example of someone who left a successful corporate career to follow his heart. He started his talk with a discussion on how people advised him against turning his hobby and passion into his business, based on the argument that in such a situation, emotion gets the better of economics. Undeterred, Rahul plunged headlong into his own venture - a brand activation platform that gets millions of people running as well. He captured the attention of the audience by quoting examples of how running ignited him, influenced him and changed his life. Rahul’s mantra is - “Think different - focus on solutions not obstacles, focus on what could be, rather than what is not, and with passion - anything is possible.”
  • Pavan Soni
    Pavan is an Innovation Evangelist by profession and a teacher by passion. He has pioneered the concept of Let Sparks Fly - a student-creativity workshop. He has created novel tools for enabling workplace creativity and an innovation culture at organizations. Pavan’s work on innovation bagged him the ‘On- the-job-Achiever Award’ by CII at Lakshya in 2007 and the Innovation Excellence Award at the 5 th Indira International Innovation Summit 2012. His talk at TEDxSIBMPune began with some rather unique and interesting perspectives, stressing on his belief that every individual is capable of being creative. Through his series of activities, Pavan was able to elicit an overwhelming response from the audience and in turn he instilled a sense of achievement in the audience.
  • Arhan Bezbora
    Arhan is a dynamic member of Teach for India - a nationwide movement of college graduates and young professionals who teach full time in low income schools in pursuit of equity in education. A burning desire to serve his country brought him back to a classroom in Loknete Yashwantrao Chavan Vidyaniketan in Yerwada, Pune, where he strives to give his students the same education, opportunities and life choices that are available to those from privileged backgrounds. Being passionate about sports, Arhan started a football program for children called ‘Just for Kicks’. This inspiring young gentleman added some intensely emotional moments to TEDxSIBMPune as he played some touching videos featuring the children that he teaches. Arhan spoke about how his belief in using games as a fun means to build character, teamwork and sportsmanship worked as an inspiration to form ‘Just for Kicks’. Making everyone realize how they could extend a helping hand to innocent children in need, Arhan left the audience with some valuable food for thought coupled with a smile.

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Symbiosis Institute of Business Management Pune
Symbiosis Knowledge Village, Lavale
Pune, 412115
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