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Theme: Now What?

Ahmedabad, India
January 21st, 2012

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TEDxMICA shares the same passion as TED. Spreading Ideas. Our mission is to inspire minds and spark discussions and introspections among the people at large. We seek to invest in ideas and unravel a whole new world of possibilities.

TEDxMICA is the first TEDx Event conducted by a Communication Management School in India.

Theme: "Now What ?"

“Human beings have never been more interconnected. The rapidly changing technology is increasingly impacting and shaping human lives. Notions of privacy have undergone a phenomenal change. Advertising has found a new media, the social media and there is a constant attempt to engage with this platform in newer and better ways. Instead of being handed menus in restaurants, we are handed I-Pads which make waiters redundant. Music is made using softwares, which don't require the constant presence of musicians while recording. We thought mobile phones with audio features were it. What followed were mobile gadgets equipped with innumerable features like cameras and push-button e-mail.

"Now What ?"
Whenever there is a sense of ‘This is it’ there comes along another change, another shift, another way of doing things and compels us to ponder over a magical question - ‘Now What?’ This year, at TEDx MICA, we pause time to say ”Now What?”

Venue and Details

Mani Iyer Auditorium
near BOPAL
Ahmedabad, 380058
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This event occurred in the past.
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Noor Salam Khan
Pune - Maharashtra, India

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